Minivan Aweigh

14 Jan

My dad and my brother had a very busy day at the Balboa Island Ferry, our family business in Newport Beach. Each ferry carries three cars, and for nearly a hundred years we've upheld a kind of social contract, which says that the cars will ride on the ferry to get to the other side. Today the social contract was broken.

A minivan with a Taiwanese tourist family inside was pushed off the ferry, into the bay, by an errant Mercedes. The minivan floated for several minutes, during which a few dinghies unloaded the family, their baggage, and their kid seat "without even getting their feet wet," says my brother. Then the minivan sank.

The merceded almost went in too, and was teetering on the edge until a tow truck pulled it back.

Police, sherrifs, harbor patrol, coast guard, EPA, and government organizations we've never even heard of overran our quaint little family business for most of the day. 

You can see the clip from the local news here.



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