Don’t Forget The Global Ocean Race

30 Jan

If you are tired of the coastal racing going on in Asia (where fishing nets can make or break a team), and long for the open ocean–the Southern Ocean!–then I'm glad to tell you there is an alternative.

For there is a race–the Global Ocean Race–which is, um, global, and, er, spans oceans and spends most of its time on the vast watery spaces of our planet. In fact, the five Class 40s competing, have just departed Wellington to start Leg 3, and even now are plunging toward the big winds and big waves of The South. Check out the tracker here.

These guys don't get a lot of attention, but in many ways the GOR deserves better. It is affordable, sailed in

one designs, and features sailors who are more amateur than top-flight pro. In other words, it is a race that lots of sailors can aspire to.

Here's what Leg 2 looked like. Nice, huh? Leg 3 is sure to be even wilder, so stay tuned.



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