Boat Project Complete – Another Oxymoron?

30 Jan

Finished the chain painting project today. Oh, who am I kidding, I finished painting, but three hundred feet of chain is still laid out on the deck. Maybe day four will see that one day project completed. Maybe.

Crawled down in the engine room today and got to work. Installed the alternator and took a look at the refrigeration. Oh, who am I kidding, the alternator is hanging there with me one bolt short of completion. Store will be open tomorrow. As for the refrigeration, I did look at it. Looked at it and then walked away from it. I did buy a boatload of refrigerant and a cheap little gauge, so we'll see what I can make of that thing on my own once I read the manual and figure out just where the hell I'm supposed to hook that gauge up to.

Welder should be out tomorrow to nail down our plans for the new davits. I'm pretty excited about having that project complete. A proper davit system makes my life soooooo much easier when we're out at sea.

I took Ouest to the pool this afternoon. I've mentioned how much she loves the long and incredibly fast water slide there. Today she started trying to get me to let her go down it by herself. This is what I mean by fearless. I half relented and let her sit on the slide itself instead of my lap, but still between my legs with me holding her. Then right before we hit the water I lift her up on to my lap. She screams with delight the entire time. And the second we pop up from our dunking at the bottom she starts yelling, "Me, me, me! More, more, more!" The whole pool crowd is usually watching by our second trip down.

I'm already feeling anxious to move on. Paradise Village is a necessary evil, but once the boat work is close to done I just want to get out of here. We've got two weeks before another family holiday, so hopefully we'll have things wrapped up and ready to roll by then.




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