Battery Woes

12 Jan

Well I thought we were running good again, but apparently not. The fridge is running great now, but the batteries aren't being charged properly. The voltage during the charging won't reach above 12.4v and drops to 12.0 when the engine is shut down after two to three hours. I've got two guesses at the moment. One, the starter battery is bad. That's the battery that the alternator is run through first. Two, that the alternator is bad. Seems more likely that the problem lies in the alternator itself, but seeing as I don't really know anything about the internal workings of an alternator I can't really say for sure. 

I believe that in addition to simply charging the batteries that it must have some sort of built in regulator that tells it when to stop pumping full juice in. So maybe that is the culprit. Again, I don't really know. Troubleshooting and Google should help provide some answers tomorrow. If I can't get it squared away in the next couple of days we'll have to make our way back to PV a little sooner than expected.
We set Lowe up with the Jenny Jump Up today. We couldn't find any good place to hang it so we eventually gave up and just screwed it right into the ceiling brace. While we were hooking it up Ali asked, "Why couldn't they just make this thing gender neutral." Answer being, of course, that most parents would rather go out and buy a blue one than put their boy through the embarrassment of a hand-me-down pink one from his sister. Sorry Lowe, I said most parents.


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