Barra de Navidad

3 Jan

Turns out we sort of jumped the gun on the big grocery stock up the other day as we still have no strong inclination to leave. We like Barra. It's a nice local feeling town that is just the right size for walking from one end to the other with a two year-old in tow. We've eaten at at least ten different restaurants and despite none of them being overwhelmingly good none have been too disappointing either. Ice cream shop, French bakery, OXXO, and a couple of hardware stores and we're pretty well taken care of these days.

The anchorage here isn't half bad either. All the cruisers we talked to before coming here made it sound as if the lagoon was just a disgusting cesspool of bugs and mud. I think they all said the water was disgusting. And while I'm not really inclined to dive in the locals sure don't mind it one bit. They waterski, tube, and banana boat through here all day long.
Anyway, we're not putting down roots, but we're not exactly rushing out of here either.


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