Banque Pop Smashes Circumnav Record

9 Jan

45 Days, 13 Hours, 42 Minutes, 53 Seconds. 

That's all the time it took for the 131-foot trimaran to circle the globe non-stop under sail, at an average speed of (c'est ridicule!) of 26.5 knots (almost 3 days faster than previous record-holder Groupama 3). It could have been even faster, possibly sub-43 days, if they hadn't been slowed down on the approach to Cape Horn and had to sail halfway to New York to skirt the Azores High as they asended the Atlantic toward the finish.

Banque Pop now owns the Triple Crown of ocean speed sailing: the Jules Verne Trophy for fastest round the

world, the West-East Transatlantic Record (New York to the Lizard), and the 24-hour record. 

Pretty damn impressive. Is there a boat afloat or on the horizon that can take any of those crowns away?



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