Where did all the catamarans go?

31 Dec

Something we noticed way back when we were on the boat in California, and which has carried on as true right down here into Mexico, is that there are no catamarans on the West Coast. Of the U.S. or of Mexico. You just never see them. I'm sure they exist, but it's like a rumor that you can't quite prove is true. Right now there are nineteen boats in the lagoon, all monohulls. We haven't shared an anchorage with a catamaran, and back in the marina we only saw one or two languishing in their slips. In Florida you can't throw a rock in the water without hitting a catamaran. I suppose they are all built in Europe and Florida is where they land, but nobody sails them west I guess. Or maybe a more accurate statement is that when they go west they make it through the Panama Canal and then continue on their merry way west, not north. Whatever it is, it's certainly hard to have catamaran envy here in Mexico.

Back on the boat in Barra de Navidad lagoon. It took four trips in the dinghy to get everything back onboard. Cribs, bouncy chairs, so many kids clothes they couldn't wear them all in a month, new toys, a bike, a pool, and the list goes on. Don't think I'd want to attempt any backpacking style adventures while the kids were this young.



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