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6 Dec

Ouest went to bed last night just fine. Two hours later she had a runny nose and woke up roughly every thirty minutes to moan for five minutes before drifting off again. Needless to say we did not get enough sleep. So today it was no big surprise to look down at her ten minutes after giving her her lunch and find her slumped over in her chair snoring. Poor little thing.

Just continued to tie up loose ends today. This morning we went in to the office to ask them to get our bill ready and they gave us some papers for the port captain to stamp. We went over and saw him, and he took one look at our papers and asked where our new boat registration was. Expired last month. New one is now sitting in Minnesota. I never could understand why the US Coast Guard felt it was necessary to have everyone renew their boat registration every stinking year. They are boats made of fiberglass. Our boat will still be floating somewhere a hundred years from now and somebody will still be scrambling around trying to keep their stupid paperwork all tidy and up to date. The port captain didn't care though and stamped us out.

We had our family forward our replacement credit card to us about six weeks ago. It never showed up so this morning I went ahead and called the bank and told them it never arrived. They cancelled it and sent out a new one. When we got back to the boat an hour later the credit card was sitting on our deck. Timing man, in life it's everything.

Tonight, after five months or so at this place, Ali was walking back from taking a shower. She opened the dock gate one last time and promptly dropped her key in the water. Gone. Seriously, if I were the superstitious type I'd have to believe we were being given sign after sign today.


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