12.6.11. our life. daily. puerto vallarta. mexico

5 Dec

We're just sort of wrapping things up around here. Today the boat got one seriously hard core washing. The first, really, since we bought her. Feels so good I just want to roll around in the cockpit and rub my cheeks on the coaming. The covered wagon sunshade came down today, got washed, and put away. I crawled around in the engine compartment a bit to make sure everything was good to go in there. That included tapping my knuckles along the fuel tanks to see if we had enough to get us where we're going. I'm super high tech like that.

Ali's busy watching, feeding, and rocking kids to sleep, organizing the boat, and doing all those other things that need doing before we move along.

I'm just excited to move. We could be going anywhere, it wouldn't matter to me. I just need a new place to stretch my legs. A new beach to take my kids swimming. A new restaurant to feed me tacos. A new view from the cockpit.



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