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3 Dec

Busy day trying to get the last of the boat projects wrapped up for now. The last of the things that actually need doing, not the last of the projects. There is no such thing as the last of the boat projects. Ask anyone.

Of all the stupid projects I needed to do, cleaning the bottom of the dinghy has to be number one. That thing has been in the water for about five weeks. In that time barnacles claimed every square inch of it and grass grew on the waterline. Ridiculous. Took two hours to get that thing cleaned up.

Not much of interest around here right now. We're bored with Paradise Village. Painfully so. This place grates on my nerves more by the hour.

Notice in this picture there is a little heater on the steps. Yes, a heater. After all my bitching and complaining about how hot it was here this summer, in the course of a week the weather changed so dramatically that there is an actual chill in the air when we wake up in the morning. It's great.

Here is how I get work done with two kids under two on the boat. In the dark, on the dock, with power tools, by flashlight, in my underwear.


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