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30 Nov

Lowe is outgrowing his clothes at an alarming rate. It's pretty clear we're going to have big kids. We've cut the feet out of a couple of his six month-old pajamas to try and extend their life a bit, but mainly we're moving on to the nine month stuff. Ali is already having trouble carrying him for very long. Fortunately for both of us Ouest finally seems to be outgrowing the "carry me everywhere" stage and much prefers to run amok these days. Also, after a few days off Lowe went back into full rolling over mode again today.

We cleaned out the toy cabinet today. Ouest didn't realize we were cleaning out, she just thought it was fun to have all the toys out on the floor. Out went a few tennis balls, piles of random knickknacks that kids just somehow accumulate, and a couple of books that haven't fared very well. Not a lot of stuff to throw out, but always feels better when it's done. Most of the big stuff that we are getting rid of just gets left in the parking lot at night and is gone by morning. Just like back home when we'd set stuff out by the curb and turn around ten minutes later to find it had already been scooped up.

As if Ouest doesn't have enough issues, we were standing around watching the resort's tigers this morning when she suddenly grabbed her throat and cried out in pain. I took a look and could see a stinger sticking right out of her neck. It was big enough that I easily pulled it out. It left a little bloody spot and it swelled up a bit, but fortunately she didn't have any other reaction. That was her first sting, and what a place for it. Right in the jugular.

As for the shingles. It seems pretty clear from Dr. Google and the numerous e-mails we received that she does not have shingles. We're going back in on Monday and seeing a different doctor, so maybe we'll get a different diagnosis then.

Anybody know where we can get one of these? The little piece at the bottom of this one broke. Seems like it shouldn't be that hard a piece to locate but we haven't had any luck.


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