Saturday and rain

22 Oct

TrippDrawing1.jpgI think I will experiment.
It took me a half an hour to get that sail plan the way I wanted it here. I’m not good at this.
It’s fusterating, as my son Max used to say.

This yawl was my attempt at drawing a CCA type boat for a good client that is constantly in search of the “perfect boat”.
I was trying to Channel Bill Tripp but as you can see I fell short. My bow is not right. I should have added another 18″ of overhang forward to give it more grace and allow me the length to get in the complexity to that profile that makes Tripp designs so special. And NO, I am not talking about the current Bill Tripp III. I am talking about his father, Bill Tripp Jr. You can read all about him in my GOB article.

It’s funny, kind of. You work your ass off trying to get a boat looking good and you finally say, “That’s it!”. Then you take out the drawing three months later and say, “Oh, I can do better than that.”
I need to take some of the freeboard out of the bow too. I get carried away with sheer spring sometimes.

The rain continues to come down.

I caught a 10″ salmon this morning. Little bugger put up a hell of a fight by I bested him.
I’ll listen to the opera on CBC2 at 1pm.
I am going to watch the U of W play football at 5pm.
Max and Stacy have promised to come up today so that will be fun.

perry yawl 3.JPG

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