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1 Oct

spike.jpgRobert Hogg was Spike’s doctor at Swedish hospital in Seattle. If he had correctly diagnosed Spike’s illness as bacterial pneumonia Spike would most probably be alive today. Bacterial pneumonia is easily treated but it requires antibiotics.
Spike was given an anti inflammatory drug, anti depressants and an anti nausea drug, no antibiotics. He was sent home to “rest” and died the next night.

I would appreciate it if you could visit this web site and look at Jill’s blog about Spike and bacterial pneumonia. I want to keep this blog active and busy.
I am not asking you to comment unless you want to.
I am not asking you to take sides.
I just want the hospital to see how many people are watching this.

I want the hit count on this blog entry to go sky high.

I know this is a bit weird but not half as weird as waking everyday with no Spike.
Thanks for your understanding.

The web site is:

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