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18 Sep

DSCN0502.JPGI have two dogs, a ten year old German Shepard mix mutt we found on the beach when she was 6 mos old, Freda and a brand new, 6 month old Portuguese Water Dog, Ruby Ree.

Ruby is our second Portuguese Water Dog (PWD). They are a real handful and the perfect boat dog. Ruby has an iron gut and eats things off the beach that give her what I call “low tide” breath.

She is smart as a whip and naughty as hell. She loves the boat, swims everyday and is very lovable. Freda endures Ruby. Ruby loves Freda. My old PWD, Piper, went to work with me everyday for almost 16 years. Then one day she just could not get up. I came home from work, my wife had spent the day with her, and I took one look at her eyes and I said, “I’m calling the vet.” She had not moved at all for the entire day. It broke my heart to have hjer puit to sleep but I know it was the right thing. Freda is big, maybe around 85 pounds and her time is coming soon. She has been an outstanding companion and guard dog. She too has gone to work with me everyday since we found her. She loved Piper and took care of Piper as Piper’s site and hearing slowly went. I think Piper just followed the smell of Freda’s butt around.


That is a pic of Freda and Ruby when Ruby was really young. She weighs almost 40 pounds now. Freda has that “Why doesn’t she sleep on her own damn bed” look. On very rare occasions Freda has snapped at her but she has never hurt Ruby just got her attention.


I’ll tell you about Pumpkin my incredible cat some time.

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