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22 Sep

jill.jpg“Bug” was my father in law’s nickname for my wife of the last 35 years Jill. She was the mischevious one of the four kids and she tells one story of her father pulling of the road on the way up to go sking so he could wash her mouth out with snow for saying something that was “innapropriate”.


Jill was/is an amazing skier. She skied on profesional demonstration teams and competed in freestyle events and once appeared on the WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS. But she fell. When she tried to teach me to ski at age 40 she said, “Just follow me and do what I do.” I was on my face in no time. “I can’t see you doing anything. ” I told her. “One moment your here. Then you are over there and I can’t see anything changing.” I finally hired an instructor and became a competant “intermediate” skier. She had Max and Spike skiing when they were 5 years old.


Jill is a 5th grade school teacher and a very dedicated and hard working teacher. I volunteer in her class room once a year teaching the kids to draw square rigged ships and often doing some music with them. They can drive me nuts but Jill takes it in stride.


She is a tough sailer and this summer had me teach her to take the boat in and out of the slip by herself. I have raced in rough weather when Jill was the only person on board along with me who was not seaasick and  still capable of doing what needed to be done. She likes working on the boat and is a wizz with sandpaper and varnish. Spike’s death has been, well, there just isn’t a word to convey how hard it has been for her. She cries often. She and Spike had a unique bond. They truly loved each other as much as you can sanely love another person. The loss of that love has left a huge hole in Jill’s heart. But she is a fighter and she is pouring energy into going after Swedish hospital and the idiot doctor, Robert Hogg, responsible for Spike’s death. She is a very hard worker and gardening, working on the boat and going after Swedish is her therapy. She has taken up playing the cello again. She had not touched it since Spike died until last weekend.


Jill is a beekeeper. We can’t keep the bees at the beach, the neighbors would object. But Jill keeps her hives about 4 miles away at her best friend Kristin’s house. It’s a lot more work than you might think and she has become quite expert at it. Friends line up for her honey.


I love her very much. She has supported my yacht design habit for many years. Her parents thought I was a bum without a real job. Maybe they were right. But she has stuck with me and I am lucky for that.


Spike came to Max in a dream shortly after he died and told Max “Make sure Mom and Dad stay together.”

No worries on that Spike.

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