Oh, That Smell

16 Mar

Hey virtual voyagers. You get an extra post today as we’re catching up with Randall. As you can see, he’s much closer to pulling into Hobart than this post suggests. Joanna’s heading to Tasmania Sunday night and looks to rendezvous with Moli and her Captian on Tuesday.

Day 119

Noon Position: 43 50S. 130 39E

Course/Speed: E7

Wind: W15-20

Bar: 1025

Sky: Overcast, occasional drizzle

Sea: SW6

Cabin Temp: 60

Water Temp: 55

Miles last 24 hours: 170

Longitude Made Good: 164

Total Miles: 16,449

Miles to Hobart: 775

I bought a selection of dry sausages in Ushuaia, the kind ...

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Sonar wars flare: Humminbird Mega, Garmin UHD, Lowrance FishReveal & more

16 Mar

Written by Ben Ellison on Mar 16, 2018 for Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub


This week both Garmin and Lowrance made major fishfinding announcements, but the overall Sonar Wars context most definitely includes the sharp Humminbird Mega high-frequency side imaging seen above. There’s also some good news for cruisers in the Navico MFD software update, plus an opportunity to preview a new press release feature coming to Panbo…

What, press releases on Panbo? Yes, I’ve long wanted a separate section that simply published important marine electronics releases in full with the often included high-resolution images. There’s no online site which ...

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Mochilas and memories in Colombia

15 Mar

girl holding a toucan

Posts about why Colombia is a great place to visit and a practical orientation to Colombia for cruisers were written to help others with decisions about Caribbean routing and destinations. But Colombia was more than that for us, and I blog for my family record as much as to help cruisers in our wake. Captured here are a stream of those favorite memories contributing to reasons this warm country left a mark on our family, like the time Mairen held a toucan, with a taste of the rhythm of cruising life.

We met online

When you’re new in an anchorage, ...

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DRINA Knockdown

15 Mar

Day 118

Noon Position: 43 58S. 126 51E

Course/Speed: E7

Wind: W20

Bar: 1029

Sky: High Fog Sea: SW8

Sail: Headsails poled out full

Miles last 24 hours: 169

Longitude Made Good: 150

Total Miles: 16,279

Miles to Hobart: 939

A note from my friends on DRINA, the green hulled ketch that is exploring those southern ocean islands now 2,000 and more miles astern of us. Last I heard they were just off the Kerguelen Islands. I presume they have since departed and are heading east, because the not read… “Knocked down. Recovery mode. More later.”

I met Matt, Roscoe ...

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The Mens Sana Project

15 Mar

I know that I often use my blogs to rant and rail and I get quite a bit of flack for it so today I am going to write something very different.  I am going to use this space to bring to your attention an inspiring story and I hope that you will dig into it a little deeper and see what you can
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How to Throw Away a Boat

14 Mar

boat hole
Now that I’ve been overseeing a boatyard for ten months, I’ve run into the problematic issue of throwing boats away. Boats sink, catch fire, are abandoned, get too far behind on maintenance and repairs, and boats just get old. In these situations, the economically sensible thing to do is dispose of the boat.

Unlike the old days, intentionally scuttling a boat offshore now comes with heavy fines and maybe some jail time.

The cost of throwing away a boat varies widely. Some municipalities have programs for disposing of a boat for free (to the owner, not the taxpayer), but it ...

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Be Angry at the Sun

14 Mar

Day 117

Noon Position: 43 50S. 123 23E

Course/Speed: ENE7

Wind: WSW17-32

Bar: 1031 Sky:

Overcast Sea: SW8

Cabin Temp: 60

Water Temp: 55

Miles last 24 hours: 162

Longitude Made Good: 152

Total Miles: 16,110

Miles to Hobart: 1090

Part I

Slate gray the sea,

Slate gray the bird,

Slate gray the sky,

And the wind blows.

Slate gray and ice blue the sea crashing;

Slate gray and white the bird passing over;

Slate gray and ash the sky,

And the wind blows its empty howl in the rig.

Slate gray and ice blue the sea crashing,

its endless, ...

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Quick Report…

13 Mar

Before we launch into today’s report a quick thank you to Mark Gibbens who created the awesome sketch of Randall after watching the Seeker Video about Randall. If you haven’t seen it take a look. It’s got some footage from Randall’s departure day. They certainly ramped up the drama. 🙂


#team F8

Day 116 (56 days since Ushuaia)

Noon Position: 44 08S. 119 51E

Course/Speed: E7

Wind: WSW25+

Miles last 24 hours: 168

Longitude Made Good: 152

Total Miles: 15,948

Miles to Hobart: 1240

Quick report tonight as the day has been long and the night may be … eventful....

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228: Liz Karamavros // 1st 59 North Apprentice

12 Mar

OTW #228 Artwork.jpg

#228: Liz Karamavros is 59 North’s first-ever apprentice. She came to us at the 2015 Annapolis Sailboat Show, and made such a good impression when we basically made up the apprentice position for her! Since then she’s continued to carve out her own path towards her dream of professional ocean racing. Liz has recently signed onto her first big gig and is headed to the Caribbean to race onboard a Volvo 60!

Show Notes

  • Andy’s first job: https://www.schoonerwoodwind.com/

Support the Show – Contribute

On The Wind is the evolution of 59º North, and is, quite simply, long-form conversations with ...

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Panama Canal: the cost for a big shortcut

12 Mar

Totem enters the Pacific

Totem rocks gently at anchor on the Pacific side of the Panama canal. There’s more to share about our transit, but “how much does it cost?” comes up frequently. Here’s what we paid to transit the Panama canal, with a breakdown of fees to help estimate what it could cost others.  It’s a lot of money, but let’s face it: Cape Horn and the Northwest Passage present inconvenient alternatives for sailing to the Pacific.

Fees levied by Panama’s canal authority, the ACP:

  • Transit toll: $800 (all boats up to 50’ pay $800)
  • Inspection by an ACP Admeasurer: $54 (fixed
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