Edging North

17 Jan

January 15, 2019

Day 103

Noon Position: 46 30S  82 58E

Course(t)/Speed(kts): NxE 6+

Wind(t/tws): W 15 – 20

Sea(t/ft): W 4

Sky: Overcast. Rain squalls before noon.

10ths Cloud Cover: 10

Bar(mb): 1009, steady

Cabin Temp(f): 59

Water Temp(f): 47

Relative Humidity(%): 81

Sail: Twins pole out full.

Noon-to-Noon Miles Made Good (nm): 148

Miles since departure: 14,309

Avg. Miles/Day: 139

Days since Cape Horn: 46

Miles since Cape Horn: 6,665

Avg. Miles/Day: 145

Longitude Degrees Made Good (degrees minutes): 3 35

Total Longitude Made Good Since Cape Horn (degrees minutes): 150 15

Avg. Long./Day: 3.27

Fog all night. ...

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On Fast Currents and Fresh Water Usage

16 Jan

January 14, 2019/Day 103

Noon Position: 46 35S  79 23E

Course(t)/Speed(kts): ExS 8, 9 and 10 knots

Miles since departure: 14,161

Avg. Miles/Day: 139


We worked through a small depression overnight with NW winds to 25 and 30. Rain. When I came on deck in the morning, Mo was creaming through nearly flat, ice blue water at 9 and 10 knots. Clearly, we had a whopping current with us, but for how long I can’t say. By noon, we’d racked up 176 miles (7.3 knots, hour after hour) since the previous noon, a number we’ve approached but a handful ...

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My Walker taffrail log, designed centuries ago and still working

16 Jan


I certainly agree with DownEast magazine’s choice for a top 10 iconic Maine image. Heck, I still remember relishing this photo of Captain Lincoln Colcord grinning his way around the Cape of Good Hope at the turn of the 19th century when I first visited the Penobscot Marine Museum about 72 years later. And the underlying story is bigger than any state.

Beyond the obvious thrill of fast reaching toward an Asian cargo port helped by big winds and seas, Capt. Colcord was racing against the steam engines that were fast ending his way of life — this ...

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100 Days

15 Jan

January 13, 2019

Noon Position: 46 26S  75 53E

Course(t)/Speed(kts): E 7

Miles since departure: 13,984

Avg. Miles/Day: 138

I woke to a W wind and doused the main in favor of the twin headsails before the second cup of coffee. There had been a persistent drizzle since first light, so the rest of the morning was dedicated to refining my water catchment system off the main sail cover. This entailed moving the drain on the cover all the way forward near the mast. By the time I finished, the drizzle had retracted back into the sky; a test of ...

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#254: Simon Borjeson Returns // ISBJORN’s New Skipper

15 Jan

254 Simon Art.jpg

#254: Simon Borjeson returns to the podcast as ISBJORN’s new skipper for the first few two-boat passages later this year. Simon & I became friends when we met during the ARC Europe rally a few years back, and bonded on our love of sailing, skiing and endurance sports. Back then he was sailing his dad’s X-42 EUPHORIA across the Atlantic, while simultaneously training for the 70km OtillO Swimrun World Championships. Simon came out to the farm in Sweden in December for a weekend of planning, and we sat down to discuss his love of sailing & adventure, the cutting-edge foiling ...

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Day 100 and Breakfast on Mo

14 Jan

January 12, 2019

Noon Position: 46 21S  71 14E

Course(t)/Speed(kts): ExS 7+

Miles since departure: 13,824

Avg. Miles/Day: 138


Up in the night, again. At about one o’clock, wind had finally found its way into the north. I gybed the poled-out jib and main by the light of a headlamp in soft and noticeably warmer winds. The sea felt relaxed. Above–briefly and between cloud–Orion marched his way across the sky, a rare sighting. I quickly reeled off the stars I knew: Betelgeuse, Bellatrix, Alnilam, Rigel. None more were visible. Then right back to bed.

We’ve been running on ...

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Spindrift Racing set to rumble

14 Jan

It has been a case of standing by to stand by for the crew of Spindrift Racing as they wait for a perfect weather window to slingshot them to the equator and beyond that non-stop around the world on a quest to set a new world record for the fastest circumnavigation time. However, it looks like their wait may be over as the team has ...
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Raymarine adds easy STng-to-N2K adapter plugs and a SeaTalk NG alarm

14 Jan


With the introduction of the Axiom MFD line Raymarine moved away from their proprietary SeaTalk NG cable/connector system and joined most other manufacturers offering standard DeviceNet cabling for NMEA 2000 networking.  Now they’ve introduced a helpful line of adapters to make that transition easier, and the little adapters above can solve a lot of installation headaches.

In 2007 Raymarine began offering its own SeaTalk NG ports and cables in lieu of the Micro (or Mini size) DeviceNet gear that NMEA selected as N2K’s preferred physical layer, though the underlying wiring remained the same and the two cabling systems could ...

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Anger Management

13 Jan

January 11, 2019

Noon Position: 46 08S  67 49E

Course(t)/Speed(kts): E 5.5

Miles since departure: 13,682

Avg. Miles/Day: 138


Strange weather day. We are riding the bottom of a small high. Winds have been due to veer from SW to W to NW and lighten significantly as the high moves over us and then on to the E. Accordingly, this morning I poled out the working jib, but left the main up, thinking I’d jibe around as the day developed. That combination, poled out headsail and main, can handle a wider wind range than both headsails poled.

Wind direction ...

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