Kimball Livingston

Imprinted on the Sea

24 Feb
Eighty-three years ago, aboard one of the storied schooners of the age, a father was performing chores on the topmast rigging, up where the seabirds fly. Suddenly he discovered he was not alone there, with 60 feet of air between his feet and the hard. It was a heart-stopping moment. Read More

Love Letter to Sailing, Again

12 Feb
It’s such a common phrase that we take it for granted. The romance of the sea. Even those who dwell far from the sea are not immune to it. Red sails in the sunset. The very notion of sailing away to paradise. Those who heed the call, those who love the sea and sailing, will not find it strange that a sailor would choose to send a Valentine to the sport. Read More

Pearl of the Pacific

23 Sep
Story and Photos by Kimball Livingston Published September 23, 2015 At our shoreside celebration on Huahine, one bright gazelle of a female child dashed to and fro, to and fro, leaping to the beat of the drums, infectious joy trailing in her wake. Was she a French local, in from Papeete for Tahiti’s annual gathering Read More

Finns Go Deep on Rule 42

29 Jun
As reported by the Finn Class regarding a problem area of the sport of dinghy racing. Posted June 29, 2015 A three day Rule 42 clinic was run by the Finn Class just before the Silver Cup in Valencia. Around 20 sailors competed at some point including the Juniors preparing for the week ahead as Read More

Drought to Close CA’s False River

22 Apr
Posted April 22, 2015 by KL The long tidal slough known as False River is a popular, scenic shortcut for mariners traveling on the San Joaquin River in California’s Delta country. Its shallow spots are the stuff of legends, and having a personal (perhaps secret) route through is the mark of a river veteran. By Read More

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