April 23rd

By Kimball Livingston Posted April 23, 2014

Suddenly we have anecdotal evidence in plenty that there’s nothing like a hot lime-colored wing on a sailboat to set people a’wondering, and we were able to address the collective WTF in our piece about Richard Jenkins’ prototype of a wing for a wind-assisted ferry of the maybe-future.

If you haven’t seen that story, and you want to, and if looking around the Home page is below your pay grade, you can find the story here.

Among reactions to the piece, there was a posting on the forum of BAMA, the Bay Area Multihull Association, by Oracle Racing wing designer Tom Speer.…

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April 22nd


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By Kimball Livingston Posted April 22, 2014

And not really, of course, but it’s not all that often that the Coast Guard’s Commander of the Pacific Area, Defense Force West, is promoted to the office of Commandant. That part doesn’t become official until ceremonies in Washington, D.C. a few weeks hence, but—

three-admiralsToday, the process began with a Change of Command ceremony at Coast Guard Island, Alameda, in which Vice Admiral Paul Zukunft, Commandant-to-be, handed off the Pacific Area command to Vice Admiral Charlie Ray.

(Go Razorbacks)

We’re in good hands. In the pic we see, left to right, Zukunft, Admiral Robert Papp, Commandant, and Ray.…

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April 21st

By Kimball Livingston Posted April 21, 2014

Eventually, someone is going to get “wind assisted” transport right.

Don’t bet against Richard Jenkins.

The same Richard Jenkins who spent his first ten adult years figuring out how to set a wing-powered landsailing speed record of 126.2 mph.

The same Richard Jenkins who recently, remotely, sailed a 19-foot, wing-and-solar-powered prototype drone from San Francisco Bay to Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, then to the South Pacific, and back, and who is now neck deep in developing his next generation Saildrone, capable of carrying a complete array of oceanographic research instrumentation to any coordinates on the blue reaches of the Blue Planet.…

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April 18th

Belle Mente Drops Rig at St. Barth

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Bella-MenteThings were looking good, and then they weren’t. Photo by Christoph Jouany. Posted April 18, 2014

No details. Just an announcement that the rig failed before the start of racing for the day at Les Voiles de St. Barth.

We do, however, have a word from Sean Doogie Couvreax.

The word is, “bummed.”…

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April 18th

Rolex China Sea Race 2014“The” Asian blue water classic since 1962, Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club’s 600-mile crossing to Subic Bay, Manila brings out the best hardware in that part of the world. Ever his own man, Aussie Syd Fischer is there, and “there” is already April 19 from a start on Wednesday, April 16. Here’s the word:

After 57h 31m 18s of racing, Syd Fischer finally steered his 90 foot Maxi, Ragamuffin 90, over the line to claim line honours for the 2014 Rolex China Sea Race. Having successfully maintained a boat speed of 9 to 13kts for
564nm, the boat hit a hole in the last mile to leave the frustrated crew sitting motionless for an hour within sight of the finish line.…

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April 17th

Artemis Racing Bumps up Design Team

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One of the questions I hear a lot goes, how many entries are we going to see for America’s Cup 35 – wherever it happens? My number for that is six, which is a bet that the French and the Brits both will get funding. Beyond that, I’m counting on the Aussies as challenger of record, New Zealand, the Italians of Luna Rossa, and the Swedish team of Artemis, which continues to operate out of its base in the East Bay of San Francisco Bay. Here is their latest—KL

ALAMEDA, 17th April 2014 – Artemis Racing announced today that it has signed Vincent Lauriot-Prévost, Simon Watin, Juan Garay and Matthew Davis, who will join the design team as Artemis Racing prepares for a possible 35th America’s Cup bid.…

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April 16th

By Kimball Livingston

Once upon a time I was invited to sail from Portland to San Francisco on a rather special ship.

And that raised the question, what do you do with 22,000 square feet of sail? The Captain of the US Coast Guard Cutter Eagle said, “It’s basic sailing, just a lot of it.”

We were at sea for three days, downriver on the Columbia to salt water at Astoria, then south along the Pacific Coast from Oregon to California and the Golden Gate. Being a small-boat sailor, I had my epiphanies.

Imagine a medium breeze near or forward of the beam.…

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April 13th

Canfield Takes 50th Congressional Cup

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It is the signature event for the Long Beach Yacht Club, their spirit builder, their team identity, and it works. Without the Congressional Cup, Long Beach Yacht Club would be a first class outfit, but with no place on the international stage and, most of all, much less to define its unique “family values.” Over 50 years, through the developments and innovations of the Congressional Cup match race series, the Long Beach Yacht Club has rocked our world.

A deep bow is in order—Kimball

By Rich Roberts Posted April 13, 2014

Sunday’s weather: Wind 10k SW; high temp. 62F.


The sound was heard by the spectators all the way up on the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier and over the lower part of the race course for the 50th Congressional Cup on the Long Beach outer harbor Sunday.…

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April 13th

The next generation will look much like this 2013 generation challenger from New Zealand, but they’re a new breed

By Kimball Livingston Posted April 13, 2014

Gino Morrelli believes the next generation of America’s Cup catamarans will revolutionize upwind tactics. He foresees the boats foiling through tacks without slowing down, and if there is no price for tacking, that’s a new calculus, isn’t it? A new game.

Smaller, faster, safer. It’s quite a package that Morrelli is talking about, and he knows a bit. His firm of Morrelli & Melvin wrote the design rule for what we will call, for now, the AC62.…

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April 11th

Bob Billingham Celebration of Life

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Posted April 11, 2014


Bob Billingham had one life, but he touched so many.

The accomplishments are one thing—Olympic medalist, trimmer on the 1992 America’s Cup winner, five-times a world champion in Solings, Etchells, J/24s and Maxis, facilities manager for America’s Cup 34, commentator for the racing—but those are things that can be represented by trophies on a shelf, or medals in a case. They don’t begin to tell you how much Bob gave of his wisdom and generous heart, every step of the way. Even as each step grew harder and harder.

On the tenth of May, at the St.…

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