April 15th

It’s a tough job as they say but someone has to do it. And since I couldn’t think of anyone better to do it, I figured I just had to do it myself. Poor me!

Cooper Island

Jeanneau Owners gather on the beach at the Cooper Island Beach Club for a group shot

I just returned from the beautiful British Virgin Islands where I spent a week sailing around with my family on a beautiful Jeanneau 409 chartered from Sunsail Yacht Charters. This was not one of our usual family sailing vacations but rather a company event that we hosted for the owners of our boats.…

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January 1st

A Winter Fire

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Fire, fire burning nice, warm my toes that feel like ice. Creep up my legs and to my thighs and make them both feel warm inside.

Quickly now up my spine that crackling heat feels mighty fine. Around to the stomach now and to my chest, that’s the spot that feels the best.

Drift up my neck and around my chin, let the heat soak deep within. Just a bit further now you’ve reached the top….. oh I can’t believe it, now I’m HOT!

A good fire on a cold winter’s day will soak deep to your bones and warm your sole.…

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December 19th

Uncle Walter and the Christmas Turkey

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Maine FarmSome time ago when I was just a boy, it was decided that we would spend the summer in Maine with our Uncle Walter. Uncle Walter was actually a great uncle or maybe even a great, great uncle but everyone, even the town-folk, referred to him as simply Uncle Walter. Uncle Walter was getting on in years so it was decided that we would spend the summer on the family farm with him and stay through Christmas and the start of the New Year.

Uncle Walter was somewhat of a local hero in town and a real jack-of-all-trades. In the summer, like most folks in Friendship, he would lobster.…

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December 3rd

Cycling Peloton

Anyone familiar with cycling understands the benefits of riding in a peloton or group of riders. Not unlike a flock of birds flying in formation, riders in a peloton save energy by riding just a few inches behind the rider in front of them, taking full advantage of the phenomenon known as drafting or slipstreaming. The reduction in drag is dramatic; a rider in the middle of a well-developed group can gain as much as a 40% advantage compared to being out there riding on their own. In other words, the riders in front are literally pulling along the riders behind.…

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November 28th


Now It all started a few Thanksgiving’s ago, that’s a few years ago on Thanksgiving (as Arlo Guthrie would say), when my cousin Tom invited my wife and I and our three kids to join his family for Thanksgiving dinner. Tom lived a few hours south of us near Norfolk, VA. He and I spent part of our summers together at our grandparent’s place on Canandaigua Lake since the time we could crawl, so we knew each other well.

We jumped in the car early Thanksgiving Day morning and blasted down Route 301 towards Norfolk. In addition to our three kids, we had with us our long-time, 4-legged companion, Alee.…

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November 22nd

I’m not sure if it’s a planned conspiracy or just dumb luck but have you ever noticed that just when you’re about to break free of the financial riptide that threatens to drag you down, everything you own suddenly up and dies leaving you with an assortment of outrageously expensive repair bills? Well I have and I am having one of those moments right now.


It all started on Monday when I managed to lose my last remaining key to my 2004 Toyota minivan. You wouldn’t think this would be a catastrophic event but because the key has a computer chip in it, I was told that I needed to have an entirely new key made with key fob and a reprogramming of the car’s computer.…

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November 15th

Social Media

One of the many things that come with growing older is the inability to accept new ideas and new ways of doing things. I never really saw myself as falling into this trap but nevertheless, a few years back I viewed the entire concept of “social media” as nothing more than one big gimmick, just a passing fad that would be gone faster than you could say bell-bottom trousers. So what if Facebook has 1.1 billion users, give it a couple of years and it will be out of here like a wet watermelon pit squeezed between two fingers.

Of course social media hasn’t gone away, in fact it’s only gotten stronger.…

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November 5th

DSC00515The other day I had a nice surprise when out of the blue, through my office door marched 6 very nice bottles of wine, sent to me by an old customer, Kim and Gary Baright. Kim and Gary had purchased a Prestige 46 from us back in 2007; it may have been the first one sold in the USA. I remember them well, they fell in love with their boat right from the start and named it “Our Three Buoys” after their three sons. My first thought was, wow this is a pretty nice gift, ideally suited for someone who firmly believes that life is too short not to finish the bottle. …

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November 1st


You really have to love Halloween, it’s such an American tradition. OK, maybe it didn’t originate here in the USA but it’s been here for a long, long time and for the most part, as far as I can tell, it’s pretty much the same as it was when I was a kid and I think the same as when my father was a kid and he’s 92!

This year I had one Soul-Taker, one Werewolf and one Veterinarian. I had to smile when they all elected to abandon their fancy pre-made trick or treat bags in favor of the traditional, DSC01538always-reliable, never-fail, pillowcase.…

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