Clark Beek

The Truth About Watermaker Membranes…

24 Jun
…is that they’ve gotten pretty cheap. In not-too-distant past replacing a single membrane on a small watermaker was a $600-$800 hit. Now, as with so many other things, you can go online and buy a membrane for $150-$220. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re replacing a 20-inch membrane or a 40-inch – the two most [...] Read More

New Cooling System on Perkins 4.236

16 Jun
This upgrade is common to all older Perkins diesels (the Perkins 4.108 is probably the most common Perkins found on boats). Bowman, the company that made the marinizing equipment for Perkins, has re-engineered things over the years, so that instead of having a combination header tank and heat exchanger on one part of the [...] Read More

The Future Is Here: Bottom Cleaning Nanobots

1 Apr
With copper-based antifouling paints just being banned in Washington state, the writing is on the wall. We’re going to have to figure out an an environmentally-friendly way to keep the critters from growing on the bottoms of our boats. That’s where BottomBot comes in. Dan Stein, BottomBot’s CEO says, “We took our technology from the [...] Read More

Human Arm Found Floating At Olympic Sailing Venue

26 Feb
I’ve have tended to downplay all the press about the filth in Guanabara Bay, the 2016 Olympic sailing venue. I spent a few months living aboard there, and it’s on par with many large ports around the world. Finding a dead dog wouldn’t be out of the ordinary many places in the world, especially [...] Read More

After Twenty Years, Naval Academy Brings Back Celestial Navigation

18 Feb
After removing it from their standard curriculum for nearly two decades, the navy has decided that the threat of cyberterrorism, electrical pulse attacks, lightening strikes, and other potential blackouts of the GPS system warrant reinstating the age-old art. The US Coast Guard, which stripped it from their curriculum a decade ago, is following suit. [...] Read More

That Sinking Feeling off the Baja Coast

3 Feb
It was 1991, and we were three fools fresh out of San Diego State. Brian had bought an old Catalina 30, and we spent six months fitting her out. Against my protests, Brian changed her name to Break‘n Wind, a boat name I’ve encountered several times over the years, and never liked any better. [...] Read More

Knowing Your Boat: The thing nobody ever talks about

21 Jan
“Uh, how is the boat going to behave when that thing hits us?” Contrary to all the focus on new boats, their features, and their performance, the captain’s knowledge and intimacy with said boat is probably more important. In fact, when it comes to heavy weather sailing, what resides in the captain’s head is probably [...] Read More

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