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185: Tom Harkin RECYCLED

28 Mar

Tom Harkin driving Isbjorn south in the 2015 Caribbean 1500.

Tom Harkin driving Isbjorn south in the 2015 Caribbean 1500.


It’s Tuesday, March 28, my sister’s birthday, and I’m home in Pennsylvania at her house enjoying a long weekend off the boat between trips. We’ve had an amazing season so far, four trip down and seven to go! One more Caribbean jaunt next week to Grenada & back, and then we’ll be on our way to Europe in May! I hope it goes without saying, but Mia & I are EXTREMELY grateful to both our Isbjorn crew and our podcast supporters for allowing us to live this amazing lifestyle. ...

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184: Olly Cotterell / Clipper Race

20 Mar


Olly Cotterell is one of the youngest Clipper Race skippers ever, sailing to a podium position in the 2013-2014 edition of the RTW race onboard OneDLL. He currently skipper’s the prototype, foiling racing yacht ‘Maverick,’ which recently won her class in the RORC Trans-Atlantic Race. Olly & I have a connection in that we’ve both worked for Broadreach. We met up to record this episode in person in Antigua, ahead of the Caribbean 600. Olly has an amazing story that includes growing up on a sailboat in Bermuda, working up the ranks as an RYA instructor, surfing at 35 ...

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183: Chris Museler Returns

13 Mar


Chris Museler, NY Times journalist & sailor extraordinaire, has been a longtime friend of the podcast since the early days, and he’s back yet again for another catch-up. Chris has a remarkable journalism career and is one of the few people who get to write about sailing for the NY Times. He crossed the Atlantic onboard Hugo Boss as an onboard journalist with recent podcast guest Ryan Breymaier, sails in most of the major ocean races, and cruises his own cold-molded schooner Magic out of New England. Chris & I chatted in January about his new boat, composting toilets, ...

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182: Alan Block / Sailing Anarchy

7 Mar


Alan Block, aka Mr. Clean, is one of the driving forces behind the hugely popular – and sometimes controversial – Sailing Anarchy website. He’s a staple on the racing scene, traveling far and wide to cover events from the Volvo to the Vendee and lots in between. Alan’s story is a fascinating and circuitous one, and during our 90-minute conversation, we covered the whole thing, from his early days as a lawyer, to his dreams to set off sailing, and ultimately to his serendipitous opportunity to work with Sailing Anarchy. Alan is also the founder and host of the ...

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181: Yves Gelinas

28 Feb


RECYCLED: Yves Gelinas is a French-Canadian single-handed sailor and inventor of the Cape Horn wind vane, the simplest, most robust, and most elegant solution for self-steering on an offshore cruising boat. Yves invented and perfected the gear while circumnavigating nonstop via the Great Capes in his beloved Alberg 30 Jean du Sud in the 80s. During that voyage, he filmed Around the World with Jean du Sud, which quickly came to be considered the greatest sailing movie ever made. Yves still builds the Cape Horn units himself from his workshop in Quebec & still sails Jean du ...

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180: Magnus Ormestad / Husky Podcast

21 Feb


Today’s episode is slightly different. Magnus Ormestad is the host of my favorite Swedish podcast, called ‘Husky,’ where he interviews folks into outdoor sports & adventure. Magnus & I met a few years ago over coffee in a bike shop in Stockholm and became quick friends. We recorded in Sweden in January – it was a back-and-forth talk between two people used to ‘hosting’, with him interviewing me a bit and vice versa. But this episode is really more about what ties together outdoor adventure pursuits – how people find the passion and motivation to pursue their dreams, in ...

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179: Martin Hasselov

14 Feb


Martin Hasselov is a sailor and PHD scientist based on the beautiful West Coast – which the locals call the ‘best coast’ – of Sweden. Martin has a lifelong love for the sea which started as a small boy fishing in his families rowboats. After college he built a steel ketch from a bare hull to explore further afield. Now armed with a PHD in marine science, Martin recently bought an ex-BT Challenge yacht – a steel 67-footer designed for a southern ocean circumnavigation the ‘wrong way round’ – and uses it as an educational platform for promoting marine ...

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178: Rick Tomlinson

7 Feb

178 Rick Tomlinson Art Filter.jpg


Rick Tomlinson is one of yachting’s most accomplished photographers. What I didn’t know before we met, was how accomplished he is as a sailor. Rick was a crew member on four consecutive Whitbread Races, and literally invented the modern concept of onboard reporter. Back in his day, Rick was an integral member of the sailing crew – he took photos onboard as a hobby, on his off-watches, and even developed film in the galley sink offshore! Mia and I traveled to Rick’s beautiful studio in Cowes on the Isle of Wight last September to chat about his career.


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SAILING STORIES LAUNCH: Brave or Stupid, Ep. 1

2 Feb

Introducing Sailing Stories

Tales from the high seas, told week by week. The first three episodes are now LIVE at the Sailing Stories podcast feed – subscribe on iTunes here, or through your favorite podcast app! Season 1 will run to 15 total episodes over the next 12 weeks, releasing weekly on Thursday. Donate to help fund the next season of Sailing Stories!

SEASON 1: Brave or Stupid 
Join Janne Larsson & Kalle Andersson as they set off to sail around the world on a handshake and lots of ambition. Click here to read more.

Hosted by ...

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177: Lin & Larry Pardey RECYCLED

31 Jan

Lin & Larry Pardey need no introduction. They’re cruising legends, inspiring generations of sailors to ‘go small, go simple, and go now.’ I first discovered them through books I found in my parent’s basement – indeed it was the Pardey’s that primarly inspired my mom and dad to first set off on their 32’ sloop for a winter in the Bahamas in 1979. Mia and I read their books in detail when preparing Arcturus for the Atlantic crossing we made in 2011. What follows is a ‘recycled’ chat about their cruising careers that I had with Lin & Larry back ...

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