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192: Susie Goodall / Golden Globe 2018

22 May

Susie Goodall is a badass. Mia & I met her in Antigua in February after she’d just completed a solo trans-Atlantic crossing in her Rustler 36. At just 26, she is the first woman to enter next year’s Gold Globe Race, essentially a reenactment of the famous race that Sir Robin Knox-Johnston won in 1968, establishing nonstop solo ocean racing. Susie was prepping for the return voyage to England when we spoke, which will fulfill the races qualifying passage requirement. Despite her youth, she’s an accomplished sailor, having worked as a skipper with Rubicon 3 in the Arctic and has ...

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191: Kristoffer Appelquist

15 May

Kristoffer Applequist is kind of a big deal in Sweden. One of the countries premier comedians, Kristoffer is also a sailor, and a longtime fan of the podcast. He reached out to me a while back, and we’ve since become friends. Mia & I visited his beautiful house in the Sunne, in central Sweden, to talk to Kristoffer about his comedy background & his sailing ambitions. Since this conversation, his sailing goals have seriously ratcheted up – he recently bought a Hallberg-Rassy Monsun 31, and has even bigger cruising plans. Follow him on Instagram @appelstoffe.



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190: How to Sail Across the Atlantic

8 May

Crossing the Atlantic is at the top of my mind at the moment – by the time you hear this, we’ll be at-sea, en route to Bermuda, the first leg of what will be my 3rd, Mia’s 4th trans-Atlantic passage. I recorded this seminar about our two previous trans-Atlantic experiences the Toronto Boat Show in 2016. Mia & I discuss weather routing, seasonal route options and best practices, and call on our friends David & Isabelle, who completed an Atlantic Circle on their Hunter 42 ‘Morning Haze’. To follow along with the slides, go to the show notes page at ...

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189: Clint Wells RECYCLED

1 May

Clint Wells is one of my best friends, and Isbjorn’s first mate when Mia can’t make a passage. He was there when I first met Mia in New Zealand, and he sailed across the Atlantic with us on Arcturus back in 2011. Clint is NOT a sailor – or at least wasn’t, until joining us. I spoke to him a few years back about our Atlantic crossing together and the challenges he faced – both physically, and even more so mentally – as a new-to-sailing crew member stuck on a 35-foot boat for 23 days in the North Atlantic. For ...

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188: Hammarberg Family Circumnavigation

24 Apr

Linda Hammarberg & her husband Ludvig recently returned to Sweden after a multi-year circumnavigation with their two young kids, Otto & Lovis, onboard ‘Mary af Roverhamn,’ their Joshua-type steel ketch. During parts of the voyage they were followed by a film crew from Swedish television for the first season of the show ‘Familjer pa Äventyr’ – which basically translates to ‘Families on Adventure.’ The Hammarberg’s are typically Swedish, in that they’re very humble, and yet very accomplished sailors. Mia & I spoke to them in their shoreside home in Marstrand in January about their adventures sailing around the world and ...

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187: Matt Rutherford Charts Greenland

17 Apr

#187. Matt Rutherford is a longtime friend of the podcast and founder of the Ocean Research Project. Matt became famous, of course, for his legendary Solo the America’s voyage, during which he sailed a 27’ Albin Vega around both American continents. In our latest chat, recorded in Sweden back in January, Matt recalls the summer of 2016 in Greenland, where he & his partner Nicole piloted their research schooner Ault into the uncharted waters of the far north, nearly coming to grief in a wild Arctic storm and subsequently being rescued by the Danish Navy. Matt is one of the ...

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186: Heavy Weather Sailing w/Andy Schell

10 Apr

Today’s episode is a recording I made of my seminar on Heavy Weather Sailing I gave at last weekends Ocean Sailing Seminar, hosted by World Cruising Club in Annapolis. While I’m lucky not to have too many gnarly heavy-weather sea stories of my own, I’ve studied the subject for years and enjoying talking about it theoretically. What follows is a discussion on what I feel are the ‘best practices’ for handling heavy weather, of course brought to life by a few of my own sea stories. Follow along with slides from the presentation at 59-north.com/heavyweather.

Attainable Adventure Cruising // morganscloud.com

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185: Tom Harkin RECYCLED

28 Mar

Tom Harkin driving Isbjorn south in the 2015 Caribbean 1500.

Tom Harkin driving Isbjorn south in the 2015 Caribbean 1500.


It’s Tuesday, March 28, my sister’s birthday, and I’m home in Pennsylvania at her house enjoying a long weekend off the boat between trips. We’ve had an amazing season so far, four trip down and seven to go! One more Caribbean jaunt next week to Grenada & back, and then we’ll be on our way to Europe in May! I hope it goes without saying, but Mia & I are EXTREMELY grateful to both our Isbjorn crew and our podcast supporters for allowing us to live this amazing lifestyle. ...

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184: Olly Cotterell / Clipper Race

20 Mar


Olly Cotterell is one of the youngest Clipper Race skippers ever, sailing to a podium position in the 2013-2014 edition of the RTW race onboard OneDLL. He currently skipper’s the prototype, foiling racing yacht ‘Maverick,’ which recently won her class in the RORC Trans-Atlantic Race. Olly & I have a connection in that we’ve both worked for Broadreach. We met up to record this episode in person in Antigua, ahead of the Caribbean 600. Olly has an amazing story that includes growing up on a sailboat in Bermuda, working up the ranks as an RYA instructor, surfing at 35 ...

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