Andy & Mia

An emotional day offshore for Andy.

10 Nov

0500. Wind SW at 8-12 knots, and Isbjorn is going smooth on a close reach at 7.5 knots. This is the first time the wind has been forward of the beam since leaving Hampton Roads!

We’re expecting a frontal passage sometime today and have rehearsed the plan. Reef down early before the wind builds too much, then try not to get caught off guard during the windshift and follow the breeze around to the NW. Then setup the downwind rig again (we’ve gotten remarkably good at setting & stowing the pole by now), and we’ll be off on our way ...

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Our morning aboard Isbjorn began with this message from Rally Control.

9 Nov

“Hello. Time is 0345AST.  I am sure that aside from the weather the hot topic onboard in the past couple of days has been about the presidential election.  We might not be the first to inform you, as your friends and family may have notified you already, but the next President of the United States is:

Donald Trump

Something to discuss on your night watch!
(Clinton called Trump to concede the election when she had 210 and he had 248 in the race to 270)

Regards & safe sailing,
Rally Control”

I’d had a similar message from my sister, with ...

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“Hey! It’s been super windy with big seas! The real deal!”

8 Nov

This blog has nothing to do with politics. We’re just all curious on the big day today!

0545. I’m taking my first solo watch of the trip. Typically I don’t stand watches – rather, our crew pair up, Mia takes a solo watch & I’m on-call, the crew doing three-on, six-off rotations. Tom, though, is majorly seasick and hasn’t taken a watch since Day 1. For a while Ed & David and Mia & Bruce did 4-on, 4-off, but it’s finally calmed down a bit so they’re getting a needed break.

We predicted it’d be gnarly out here for the ...

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Caribbean 1500: Isbjorn to Sojourner

6 Nov

Hey Everyone! Liz here! Andy, Mia, and Dennis are on their way to Tortola in the Caribbean 1500 (as you may have heard). This is the first time Andy, Mia, & Dennis have done a rally on different boats! Here is an email from Isbjorn to Sojourner!

Howdy boys! How’s life on Sojourner? Pretty nice night last night, eh? We motored for like three hours around sunset, then set the pole and started sailing again, and have been doing so ever since. Gybed the whole rig over this morning, so we’re on port tack now, and expect to be for ...

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Back to Sea: Caribbean 1500 Passage South

4 Nov

Andy's Dad Dennis on Isbjorn during last year's landfall in Tortola.

Andy’s Dad Dennis on Isbjorn during last year’s landfall in Tortola.

A very short update – as of Saturday, November 5th, Isbjorn will be headed back to sea with the Caribbean 1500 rally! Follow our progress on, or view the entire fleet on Our crew for this leg is Ed, Bruce, David, Tom, Mia & Andy!

See you in Tortola!...

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Dilly & Tony Save Day Zero dark thirty

20 Oct

I’m on radar watch at the nav station. Our new crew David is on deck, fighting off the first signs of seasickness. The fog has come and gone all day. Just now its rolled in thick, visibility down to zero. The glow of the tricolor light reflecting on the heavy fog casts an eerie shadow to either side of the boat, just at that transition angle between the colored, red/green lights that shine forward, and the white light that shines astern. The wind just shut down again and we are motor-sailing on a course parallel to the coast, some twenty ...

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Interviewing Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

26 Sep

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston - that look! Toughest guy I've interviewed, in many ways!

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston – that look! Toughest guy I’ve interviewed, in many ways!

Big news! Mia and I just got back from the Southampton Boat Show in the UK on Friday, and I’ve been DYING to tell everyone about it! The purpose of our trip was to get in some in-person interviews. It started by reaching out to Bob Shepton, 2013 Yachtsman of the Year and known to me from the Vertical Sailing Greenland video series. He immediately said yes! Then I asked photographer Rick Tomlinson, and finally Sir Robin Knox-Johnston himself! Sir Robin airs October 4. In ...

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Isbjorn is Northbound & Headed for the Arctic!

22 Sep

Isbjorn is heading NORTH in 2018. After wintering in Sweden & preparing Isbjorn for the Arctic, we’ll set sail for Scotland, Norway and the far north. After exploring the Lofoten Islands in Norway, we’ll stage in Tromso for the 500-mile passage to Svalbard, that mythical land of polar bears, walrus and icebergs. From there, it’s 1,200 miles to Reykjavik, Iceland, then back across the Atlantic to Ireland. Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime to join us and visit one of the last great wildernesses on Earth – before it’s gone.

Are you in?



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Iconic interviews & some cool new boats in Southampton.

22 Sep

Frers-designed Swan 54.

Frers-designed Swan 54.

Mia & I flew down to England for a few days and are back at the Southampton Boat Show. I’m writing this from the RYA Member’s Lounge area in the Holiday Inn lobby and am shocked at how fast the boat show free wifi is.

The mission of our journey was to record, in person, some legends in the sailing world for my ‘On the Wind’ podcast. Two out of three of them are in the bag – Rick Tomlinson & Bob Shepton – and the biggest one yet is happening in a few hours (that one’s ...

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