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Interviewing Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

26 Sep

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston - that look! Toughest guy I've interviewed, in many ways!

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston – that look! Toughest guy I’ve interviewed, in many ways!

Big news! Mia and I just got back from the Southampton Boat Show in the UK on Friday, and I’ve been DYING to tell everyone about it! The purpose of our trip was to get in some in-person interviews. It started by reaching out to Bob Shepton, 2013 Yachtsman of the Year and known to me from the Vertical Sailing Greenland video series. He immediately said yes! Then I asked photographer Rick Tomlinson, and finally Sir Robin Knox-Johnston himself! Sir Robin airs October 4. In ...

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Isbjorn is Northbound & Headed for the Arctic!

22 Sep

Isbjorn is heading NORTH in 2018. After wintering in Sweden & preparing Isbjorn for the Arctic, we’ll set sail for Scotland, Norway and the far north. After exploring the Lofoten Islands in Norway, we’ll stage in Tromso for the 500-mile passage to Svalbard, that mythical land of polar bears, walrus and icebergs. From there, it’s 1,200 miles to Reykjavik, Iceland, then back across the Atlantic to Ireland. Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime to join us and visit one of the last great wildernesses on Earth – before it’s gone.

Are you in?


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Iconic interviews & some cool new boats in Southampton.

22 Sep

Frers-designed Swan 54.

Frers-designed Swan 54.

Mia & I flew down to England for a few days and are back at the Southampton Boat Show. I’m writing this from the RYA Member’s Lounge area in the Holiday Inn lobby and am shocked at how fast the boat show free wifi is.

The mission of our journey was to record, in person, some legends in the sailing world for my ‘On the Wind’ podcast. Two out of three of them are in the bag – Rick Tomlinson & Bob Shepton – and the biggest one yet is happening in a few hours (that one’s ...

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PHOTOS: ’16 Leg 9: Lunenburg to Annapolis

13 Aug

Photo by Liz from the top of the mast

Photo by Liz from the top of the mast

The final leg of the Canadian summer started in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. This was the forth time Andy & Mia have been up there, twice on Isbjorn and once on Arcturus. Lunenburg is such a sweet little town with everything a sailor could want. The trip south was fairly uneventful with some upwind sailing towards the end before we entered the Delaware Bay and sailed back home to Annapolis

2016 Leg 9: Lunenburg to Annapolis

Below is a selection of the trip from Lunenburg to Annapolis, please click on them ...

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Delaware Bay Bound

11 Aug

We’ve officially been headed enough now that the Chesapeake Bay is out of the question. In Lunenburg, we plotted two routes on the chart, for each scenario, and had always kept the Delaware option in our back pocket. I had a hunch that south was key in this leg, so we kept going that way and I’m glad we did.

Isbjorn is about level now with the entrance to the Delaware Bay, 130 miles offshore, and we are barely laying the course. The wind is up to 18-20 knots, but the sea is sell relatively calm. It’s hot & humid ...

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The Magic of Light-Air Sailing

10 Aug

0900 Wednesday August 10. We’re sailing again, close-reaching on the port tack now, careful to stay south of our rhumb line in anticipation of a SW’ly shift as we approach the Chesapeake. It’s beautifully warm outside now. The sun is strong enough to require the bimini again, but it’s not the humid, stifling heat of the Bay. Yet. We’re far offshore, 155 miles SSE of Nantucket and 275 miles E of Cape May, 10,000 feet of ocean under our keel.

The past 36 hours have been an exercise in patience as the wind gradually got lighter and lighter. But it’s ...

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Into Deep Ocean

9 Aug


Hey all, friend of the crew Rory Finneren writing. I was pleasantly surprised when Andy contacted me yesterday via his YellowBrick from offshore. He asked if I could post blogs during this passage since Liz, who would normally do so, is currently onboard. Recently having returned home to Taiwan after my own 5500 nm offshore voyage from Tahiti to Alaska, I’m happy to help. Here is the latest from Andy & the crew of Isbjorn, homeward bound to Annapolis from the cool fog of Nova Scotia.  — Rory

We’re off soundings now. A quick look at the chart shows Isbjorn just off the ...

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PHOTOS: ’16 Leg 8: St. John’s to Lunenburg via St. Pierre

8 Aug

Sun's out, guns out! Leaving St. Pierre under a blue sky! Dan and David ready to hoist the main!

Sun’s out, guns out! Leaving St. Pierre under a blue sky! Dan and David ready to hoist the main!

After a fun and relaxing week up in St. John’s, Newfoundland, David and Dough arrived a few days early to explore the town before departing south towards Lunenburg. Dan, our 3rd crew, sailed with us up from Lunenburg and stayed onboard during the stop over in St. John’s. As we departed, the fog rolled in pretty quickly and we had a nice cruise down to St. Pierre, arriving early in the morning in thick fog. St. Pierre really surprised us and ...

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30-Hours Under Spinnaker

6 Aug

We last left off after a magical ‘recce’ past mythical Sable Island. While the scenery was dramatic and the mood aboard Isbjorn at perhaps an all-time high, the actual sailing left much to be desired. We’d been motoring for almost 24 hours through a very flat calm and very heavy fog. That all changed after our visit to Sable.

Click here to see a selection of photos on our Facebook page from Leg 8.

At 2100, David & I took over the watch from Mia. The sun was setting in the west, already over the horizon but the sky was ...

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An Afternoon ‘Recce’ to Mythical Sable Island

1 Aug

“It’s like hearing about this legendary place, and not totally trusting that it’s really there. Then when you see it for yourself, and it really does exist, what a cool feeling!”

Those were Mia’s excited words this evening as Isbjorn ghosted along the beach just off Sable Island, that mythical sand spit at the confluence of the Gulf Stream and Labrador currents, 150 miles from mainland Nova Scotia. Even the Sailing Directions, normally straight and to the point, reserve a bit of hyperbole for the place. After explaining how the wild horses that Sable is known for got here in ...

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