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ISBJORN OFFSHORE: Scotland Highlight Reel

8 Jul

Scotland has been simply too incredible to take time to write! With daylight until midnight, we’ve been having non-stop fun and taking some amazing footage! Check out this short highlight reel which only scratches the surface of what we’ve been up to in the Hebrides!


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PHOTOS: ’17 Leg 7: Azores to Scotland

27 Jun

Leaving Sao Miguel and the Azores behind us…

‘The downwind run from the Azores to Scotland’. Not at all as we expected, this trip has been the one that we thought we would encounter the most weather of the year and we had prepared the crew for it. In Ponta Delgada, the day before departure, the long-term weather forecast looked too good to be true. We started of with an evening and night of motoring but pretty quickly the wind picked up from behind and we sailed downwind most of the way.

Due to some light wind and that we ...

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ISBJORN OFFSHORE: Sail fast, to get to the pub!

18 Jun

June 17, 2017

A grey evening 120 miles off the west coast of Ireland. Grey ocean, grey horizon. A very fine mist hangs in the air, and while the fog has come and gone over the past 24 hours, the visibility is good currently. A variety of seabirds circle the boat, gannets among them which is a sure sign of land drawing nearer. As are the fishing boats. We’ve had a dozen or so at any given time appear on AIS, meandering around haphazardly at 2-3 knots, only one coming close enough to get a visual on. It was ...

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16 Jun

Friday, June 16. Day 7

I woke at 0345 to Martha & Bruce rousting Mia, who in turn rousted me. I’m not taking an ‘official’ watch this passage, but promised to do Mia’s first half this morning. Getting up to see the sunrise sounded like a great idea last evening when I tucked into my warm bunk in sweatpants and a hoodie…

A clear horizon was already visible by 0400 in the grey dawn, and it’s light out now (it doesn’t get fully dark until 2300 in the evening). A waning but bright half moon peeks through low, scudding ...

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ISBJORN OFFSHORE: Alone in an empty sea

14 Jun

14 June, 2017


I’m a manly, manly man. Just took an ice cold shower in the cockpit outside. I sent the crew below so I could be comfortably naked. But man is that refreshing! The seawater temp is 62, and the tank water perhaps a degree or two warmer. Wakes you up!

It’s cleanup day on Isbjorn. We’ve been at sea now almost 4 days, have sailed 575 miles and been through some rough weather. The skies finally cleared around 0300 this morning and the wind & seas have abated slightly, so time for showers and a boat cleanup ...

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HARD TRAVELIN’: Mac’s Atlantic Crossing Part 2

9 Jun

This is Isbjorn crewmember Kevin ‘Mac’ McMahan’s second installment about his trans-Atlantic with us, taken from his blog Mac is on a solo, round-the-world by land and sea journey, and one of his ‘rules’ was to cross at least one ocean by sailboat…

Mac will claim not to be a sailor, but after what he’s been through from Bermuda-Azores, and what he’s about to go through to get to Scotland, he’ll have some saltwater running through his veins for sure! Honestly, Mac truly evolved as a sailor over the course of our 12-day crossing, and I can now ...

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HARD TRAVELIN’: Isbjorn Crew ‘Mac’s’ Trans-Atlantic Blog #1

9 Jun

The following is an excerpt of our crewmember Kevin ‘Mac’ McMahan’s travel blog, Mac joined Isbjorn in Bermuda to sail across the Atlantic with us, all the way to Scotland. But the sailing passage was just a tiny portion of his larger plan – to travel around the world by land and by sea. Mac is a Texan, through and through, a gentle, kind-mannered and mellow soul with a smooth southern drawl that seems to match his smooth, mellow pace.

“I walked out of my ranch on May 1 with my pack on my back, hitch-hiked to the train ...

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1 Jun

We navigated to Bermuda without GPS and just with a sextant and Celestial Navigation!

We navigated to Bermuda without GPS and just with a sextant and Celestial Navigation!

The start of a bigger adventure! Many times this year, we have started our trip in the BVI but every time we have come back after exploring the southern parts of the Caribbean. This time we left the BVI knowing we won’t be back from may years! Back in the Caribbean on 2019, but maybe not the BVI, a bit hard to wrap our heads around since this been our ‘base’ for a while!

Our crew, Tom & Cheryl, Mike and Thane, joined us a ...

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Isbjorn Offshore: Astro Push-ups & Spinnaker Blasting

30 May

29 May, 2017


Mia’s in the galley making oatmeal, and it’s a good morning for making oatmeal indeed. Low, scudding grey clouds hang over the boat and horizon. A damp, cool westerly breeze. Droplets of dew on everything, stuck fast to the crystallized salt that cakes most parts of the boat after nearly two weeks at sea. The Portuguese man-o-wars continue to glide by our stern in regular procession. Sea turtles eat them, I’m pretty sure.

I’m in black sweatpants and a black t-shirt, doing morning exercises in the cockpit. Mostly ‘sumo squats’ and what Mia & I have ...

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Isbjorn a Offshore: An Ocean Thick with Phosphorescence

28 May

28 May, 2017


I put too much hot sauce on my leftover rice & beans just now. ‘Jack’s Bay Pepper Sauce’ from St. Croix. Really tasty, but runnier than anticipated out of the bottle, which I shook with a tad too much fervor. My lips are tingly.

Isbjorn is running down the miles on the home stretch. 300 miles to Horta. Under another dark black sky, just a few stars peaking out through some misty cloud cover, she veritably FLIES along, touching double-digit surfs and doing a steady 8.5 in the lulls. We bravely have the spinnaker up, ‘Ol ...

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