April 23rd

Don Street Stories: It’s a miracle he ever got published!

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The Don Street article started at the Annapolis Sailboat Show in 2011. I met SAIL’s editor, Peter Nielsen, at a World Cruising Club party. We started discussing Don Street. I was adamant that despite his age, he was still relevant to my younger generation of ‘real’ sailors. He sometimes talked in ancient terms, referencing long-ago obsolete technology. But the substance was still at the core. Street speaks in sailing Truths – it’s just a matter of wading through the history to uncover them.

I started writing this piece the following February. Street himself was cooperative, sending me pages and pages of personal histories he’s either written or had written about him.…

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April 22nd

Don Street Stories: A strange cup of coffee in Glandore

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I was very excited to see my newest article, “Don Street is not Dead” out in the May 2014 issue of SAIL Magazine, which just got delivered yesterday with the mail. Normally writers cringe when their editors get a hold of their work, but I was very pleased with the work that Peter, Charlie and Meredith did on this piece, which was over a year in the making. The left my ‘voice’ intact.

That said, we had to cut a lot! The published piece is something like 1,500-2,000 words. My first draft, on the other hand, was over 5,000! The podcast I did with Don, which gave me a lot of material for the article, ran at nearly 90 minutes.…

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April 16th

Matt Rutherford’s 7,000-mile Pacific Voyage set to depart California

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This is a bonus episode of the 59º North sailing podcast, plus a press release from Matt and Nicole and the team at the Ocean Research Project. Thanks to Weems & Plath for sponsoring this episode of the podcast! Welcome onboard!

Matt Rutherford joins the show with Andy once again to discuss his imminent departure for Japan and the whirlwind of a time he’s had in California for the past fortnight getting the boat ready. Matt and Nicole Trenholm arrived at the WD Schock facility on April 1 to find their loaner boat, hull #1 of the new Harbor 29, still in the mold!…

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April 15th

Arctic Sailing with Erik de Jong on ‘Bagheera’

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Erik on 'Bagheera'

This is a difficult one to post, because Erik first asked Mia and I to sail with him, south from Baffin Island to Halifax in September. Alas, we’ll be in Sweden (sailing on our own boat), but what an experience this could be! All the photos here are courtesy of Erik de Jong.

Anyway, I’ve been talking with Erik a lot, and he’s got several bunks available for his summer cruise to Greenland starting May 18. (By the way, Erik was on the podcast a few episodes back – listen here for more info on him and what he does with Bagheera).…

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April 14th

Naked in Public: Sauna Etiquette from the Swedes

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No, that's not a sign meaning old ladies can sit in the shower...that's a sauna! This is the public showers at the marina in Mariehamn, Åland.

No, that’s not a sign meaning old ladies can sit in the shower…that’s a sauna! This is the public showers at the marina in Mariehamn, Åland.

Disclaimer: there is lots of naked talk in this post! No lewd photos or harsh language, but we’re going to talk about being naked in public. Sound uncomfortable? Well, now you know how I felt the first time I went in the sauna with my wife and her best friend.

This piece has been a long time in the making, and it starts with a story from Finland. My first winter in Sweden was in 2007/08.…

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April 14th

59º North Podcast: Nicole Trenholm, Ocean Research Project

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Andy chatted with Nicole Trenholm last week just before she and Matt Rutherford departed for California, the Strictly Sail Oakland boat show, and their voyage across the Pacific to Japan. Nicole talked a lot about her life before the Ocean Research Project, how she got into sailing, what it was like working on a tall ship and later as a scientist for NOAA, and finally, how she met Matt and got involved with the ORP. She wasn’t much of a sailor before she moved to the Chesapeake area, but certainly has the chops now – she’s done 6,000+ miles already with Matt and the ORP, recently got her captain’s license and is about to set out again for another 7,000 miles in the Pacific!…

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April 8th

59º North Podcast with Etienne Giroire

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Etienne Giroire! Andy and friend Billy Rudek (the third voice you’ll hear) sat down with Etienne in his home in Ft. Lauderdale on their way to Marsh Harbor to deliver a sailboat back to Annapolis. Etienne is most know for his namesake sailing company, ATN Inc. (get it?), which produces spinnaker sleeves, trampolines for catamarans, the ‘mast climber’ harness system and other bits and bobs. But more interesting, Etienne is a sailor in the truest sense of the word. Raised in France on Eric Tabarly and Bernard Moitessier, Etienne became in his own right a single-handed hero just like those heroes he grew up with, winning his class in the famous OSTAR race and going on to sail maxi multihulls with some of the most famous sailiors in the game.…

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April 3rd

Rounding Cape Hatteras

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It’s 0823 on Thursday morning. Sojourner is in position 35 09 N, 75 19 W. Plot that on the chart – it’s as close to Cape Hatteras as you’d ever want to be.

We made it here this morning, the outer edge of Diamond Shoals, a full three hours ahead of my most optimistic prediction of a day or so ago. That was based on six knots of boat speed, and assuming we’d be motoring to keep that, as the weather was calm and likewise the forecast. Shortly after my little math project to see if we’d have enough fuel, the SW breeze filled in and we’ve been sailing wing on wing ever since, the big genoa poled out to starboard and the main squared off to port.…

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April 2nd

Take the Long Way Home

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It’s 0600 on Wednesday morning. April 2nd. Sojourner is in position 33 28 N, 77 53 W, motor sailing ENE and headed straight for Cape Hatteras, which lays about 100 miles over the horizon ahead. Venus, now the morning star, is about ten degrees above the horizon off the starboard now, to our east. A glimmer of sunlight, the new day dawning, is visible just below. But to me, in the dark cockpit, it’s still night, and I’ll savor it’s last death throes while all remains quiet on board. While my dad and Tom sleep, this is my time. The time at sea I treasure the most.…

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March 29th

Hurricane Eggs & Tornado Warnings – Day 3 Offshore

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Mmmm, hurricane eggs! My friend Andy Staus taught me about these last year during the delivery of Susie Q on this very same route at this very same time of year. We picked up a couple of loads of fresh-made Bahamas bread in Marsh Harbor (unsliced of course). For the last two mornings I’ve been slicing off big chunks of the stuff, cutting a hole out of the center and grilling the bread with 2-3 eggs cracked in the hole in our cast iron skillet. There is just something about the combination of grilled bread, gooey eggs and butter that creates something truly greater than the sum of its parts.…

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