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Broadreach – Coolest Sailing Job Ever – Is Hiring Skippers & Mates!

21 Apr

Hey everybody! I just got word from my friends at Broadreach that they are hiring skippers and mates for the upcoming summer season, sailing out of St. Martin. Mia and I did four seasons with them, and it was the best experience I’ve ever had as a captain. I loved every minute of it. The season starts June 1 and goes through August. Full details, right from Broadreach, follow.


Job Description: 

Sailing Instructors/Skippers needed in the Caribbean for summer live-aboard diving, sailing and marine science programs for teens and college students. Broadreach is an IYT (International Yacht Training) partner school and offers courses from “Introduction to Yachting” to “Flotilla Skipper”.…

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Cuba Ho! Becalmed in the Straights of Florida…

8 Apr

April 8, 7:52am

23, 19 N / 080, 23 W

The sun is rising just off Isbjorn’s starboard quarter. Greg and I are on watch, one hour yet to go. This is the best watch, the transition from night to day, another 24 hours in the bank. The ocean here, now into the Straights of Florida, is mirror calm. You could easily slalom ski.

It’s been motor-on-motor-off for the past 24 hours, and it looks like the pattern might continue for the next. So far, including charging the batteries, we’ve run the engine 28 hours, about 10-12 of that actually under way and propelling us forward.

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Guest Post: Liz K. (the intern: POV)

7 Apr

I’m sitting on the plane for my flight back to NYC, scheduled to land at 11:59pm. Other than the mild anxiety due to the turbulence I don’t know how to feel right now. It feels like so recently I found this passion for ocean sailing and forever that I have had a passion for the sea – yet my dreams are coming true. I feel eager to finish college with as best grades as I can manage with all of the day dreaming I will be doing. This Antigua – Puerto Rico trip does not feel real. All that I know is that I have to get back out there and I am grateful.…

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Light Air Sailing in the Old Bahama Channel

7 Apr

April 7, 4:03am
22 36′ N, 077, 56′ W

Greg and I are on watch. I just had my second cup of coffee, and Greg just re-appeared from the galley with his. Isbjorn is meandering along the north side of the shipping lanes in the Old Bahama Channel, about three miles off the Grand Bahama Bank, sailing slow with just the mainsail up (the jib was slatting too much). In these parts the depths go from the thousands of feet in the channel to less than 20 feet, in under two miles. Some wild underwater topography. The loom of some unknown town in Cuba is visible off to the left, and there’s a lighthouse over yonder too.

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Mid-day swim and afternoon breeze

6 Apr

April 5 2016 14.20 (2.20 pm)
21 19′ N / 073 19′ W

A happy crew on Isbjorn today despite the lack of wind the last 12 hours. As forecasted the wind was predicted to get light during the night and it did. Rob & I held off and kept sailing on our watch during sunset. It wasn’t until 0200 on Dennis and Fred’s watch that the boat actually came to a stop and we officially ran out of wind. The engine was turned on and sails taken down to prevent them from chafing.

Rob and I are watch partners and after our 0300-0600 watch this morning I went down for a quick nap and didn’t wake up until 4 hours later!

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Offshore to Havana: Trade wind sailing

4 Apr

Aboard Isbjorn it’s all fun and games. We just wrapped up a scrambled egg breakfast and are sailing wing on wing at 8.1 knots. By the time we hit the 48 hour mark, we’ll have sailed 350 miles, a blistering pace. And it’s effortless!

We ended up departing Fajardo on Saturday the 2nd, a day ahead of plan. The crew – Rob, Dennis, Fred & Greg – had all arrived by early afternoon, so we had plenty of time on Friday to go over the boat, complete the safety briefing, discuss the passage plan and even have a brewski or two!

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What Happened to Isbjorn’s Rudder?

27 Mar

This post is long overdue, but it’s the first chance I’ve had to sit down and write it. I’m typing this from the nav station on Isbjorn. We’re anchored in Grand Case, a pretty little bay on the French side of St. Martin. The wind is gusting down over the hills to the east, hitting the mid 30’s in the big puffs and whirling us around on the anchor. It’s Easter Sunday. Note: Scroll down to the bottom for detailed photos with captions on the whole repair.

We sailed up from Antigua overnight on Thursday, leaving around 10pm to avoid the superstition of not leaving on a Friday.…

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Isbjorn’s busted rudder bearing & a Caribbean 600 race recap.

27 Feb

I’m going to write a recap of the RORC Caribbean 600 – which I’ll say now, without a doubt, was one of the absolute highlights of my sailing career, even despite having to retire before the finish – but first, I’ll get straight to the higher point I want to make with this blog post. As of this morning, it’s official that Isbjorn will be back at the starting line of the 600 in 2017 in Antigua, hell bent on not only finishing the course, but winning our class. We’re changing our passage schedule to do it, and I can’t wait. 

What follows is how we got to that point, the status of Isbjorn’s rudder, what the next two weeks in Antigua will look like and how awesome and supportive our crew and fans are.…

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