July 29th

59º North Podcast: Trans-Atlantic with Clint Wells

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Andy sits down in person with one of his best friends in Oslo, Norway to reminisce about sailing across the North Atlantic. Clint, a non-sailor, joined Andy & Mia in Halifax for the cruise up the Canadian Maritimes and across the pond to Ireland, a 23-day passage, and the first time Clint was at sea. In between jokes and fun memories, Clint comes up with some great pearls of wisdom for anybody looking to cross an ocean, but might not know what to expect. He’s honest, funny and sincere about how the experience changed his life for the better.…

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July 24th

‘Sailing Down the Years’ in Sweden, Podcast

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Essay Friday – I read today the first chapter of a book I just found yesterday in downtown Stockholm on the history of the Royal Swedish Yacht Club (KSSS) and the sailing culture here in Sweden and how it’s evolved over the past 200 years. It’s something I’m interested in myself, and it has a lot of good quotes about sailing in general to take away from it. These Friday essays will be a mix of my own thoughts and opinions, and excerpts like this when I find interesting stuff I’d like to share. Enjoy!…

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July 21st

Matt Rutherford, Landfall in Japan (Podcast)

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Regular guest & sailing legend Matt Rutherford is back on the podcast to discuss his recent landfall in Japan, climbing Mt. Fuji, making his own saki, what it’s like to complete a 7,000-mile nonstop ocean crossing in a 30-foot daysailor, and why he’s so determined to do what he says he’s going to do! Matt & Nicole Trenholm were in Japan when they recorded this, their last day there before returning to the USA, and Andy Skyped them from Sweden, so another international interview. Check out Matt & Nicole’s latest expedition on

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July 17th

Another essay episode for your Friday! This one is a bit more serious than last week, and looks at some of the ‘rules’ of ocean sailing from the perspective of two events from last fall – the Caribbean 1500 rally, and the Salty Dawgs. You’ll recall that six Salty Dawg boats issued distress calls last year, two of which were later rescued by the Coast Guard. The incident made national news, and was a hot button issue among the offshore sailing community. I wrote down my own thoughts immediately afterwards, but didn’t publish them until now, after lots of time to think it over and make a fair assessment of what happened.…

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July 14th

To anybody that’s been near a sailboat, today’s guest needs no introduction. John Rousmaniere is a legendary sailor/writer whose been in the thick of the sport for over 40 years. He’s logged over 40,000 sailing miles, mostly offshore, raced at the highest levels of the sport, and written 15 books and counting on the subject. Andy met John at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club following the Newport-Bermuda Race a few weeks ago. John has been in charge of media for the past three editions of the race, and reprised his role in 2014. Then he jumped aboard the McCurdy & Rhodes designed ‘Selkie’ and sailed back to Newport!…

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July 10th

Naked in Public Podcast

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Welcome! New concept this week borrowed from Tim Ferriss and his podcast, which I’m a huge fan of (check it out). Every Friday I’ll be recording an essay of sorts – stories, opinions, ideas, Q&A if we can get some folks involved, that sort of thing. It’ll be a nice compliment to the interviews I do with guests, which will be out earlier in the week. So enjoy this story of my first experience being naked in Scandinavian-style with my wife Mia, her best friend Johanna, and my best friend Clint in the sauna in Finland.…

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July 9th

Here’s another rerun from Two Inspired Guys…new episode out this Friday, July 11!

Yves Gelinas of Cape Horn Marine Products was on the show last year, coming to us from his office on the Ottawa River in Quebec. Andy was in Sweden and Ryan in Pittsburgh, so it’s the first three-country podcast! Yves is a wonderful guy, a solo sailor, artist, inventor and businessman who gave up a successful career in filmmaking to pursue his dreams of sailing. In 1983 he completed production on ‘With Jean du Sud Around the World’, the film account of his solo circumnavigation via the Roaring Forties.…

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July 7th

Landfall in Sweden (Redux)

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In lieu of my recent arrival to Sweden today (I flew overnight from Newark-Oslo-Stockholm, and am going on one hour of sleep and four cups of strong Swedish coffee), I wanted to re-post this blog from two years ago when Arcturus made her first arrival in Sweden. It was an emotional moment for Mia and I (especially Mia), and it seems simultaneously like yesterday and ages ago.

Arcturus has spent all of last winter hauled out in Öregrund – we’ll launch her next week, and get back to living aboard for the remainder of the summer here in Scandinavia. No plans yet on where we’re headed, but stay tuned.

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July 1st

350 NW of Bermuda…

‘Sleijride’ is nearly halfway back to Newport on the return delivery following the Bermuda Race last week. We’re in cruising mode again, down to four crew (from six), and enjoying single-handed watches steered by autopilot, 9 hours of rest, reading (!), and motor sailing through the calms.

Yesterday we had a very close encounter with a sperm whale that breached not 100 yards off our port bow, then proceeded to meander across the bow and dive off to starboard, showing us his big tail on the way down. Today we’re sailing fast off the wind, fair weather cumulus clouds dotting the blue sky and the hot sun baking the decks.…

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June 28th

Andreas Hanakamp, Volvo Skipper, on the 59ºN Podcast

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Andreas Hanakamp! For the sailors out there, Andreas is a former Olympic sailor and the skipper of Team Russia in the 09/08 Volvo Ocean Race. And he’s awesome! Andy first met him in the 2011 ARC rally, and got a chance to sit down with him this year over a coffee in St. Lucia. Beyond sailing, Andreas is just overall a super inspiring dude – he climbs mountains, runs marathons, skis in the backcountry and just generally takes full advantage of life. It was a privilege for Andy to have had the chance to hang out with him for a couple days in St.…

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