March 23rd

Victor Hempel

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Paul Exner talks to single-handed sailor Victor Hempel aboard Paul’s boat ‘Solstice’ in Tortola. Paul and Andy also announce their partnership between 59º North & Modern Geographic to offer sailing expeditions aboard the Swan 48 ‘Isbjorn’ and Paul’s ‘Solstice.’

Paul will be regularly co-hosting ’59º North’ during the normal Tuesday releases. What do you think of the new co-host?

Want to go ocean sailing with Andy or Paul? Book a berth on the Swan 48 ‘Isbjorn’ or the Cape George 31 ‘Solstice’ at and

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March 16th


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You know that intro music you love from the podcast? It’s Blaggards! Andy spoke with lead singer and co-founder of the band, Patrick Devlin just in time for St. Paddy’s Day. Patrick’s story is a classic one of following your passion into a passable career, and he’s had remarkable success with it. Patrick talks about not drinking, starting a band, U2, growing up in Ireland, sadness in his family, touring and playing all-day shows on St. Paddy’s Day! Check out Blaggards music at or on…

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March 9th

Introducing ‘Isbjorn’

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Buying a bigger boat and using it to take people across oceans has long been a dream of mine. I can’t pinpoint when exactly this happened, but it was probably in the mid-2000s when I was working on the schooner Woodwind in Annapolis. That was the first time I realized that it might be possible to have a career not in sailing, but as a sailor. 

So at Christmastime I did a search, just for fun. I typed in ‘Swan’, set the length to 40-50 feet, and capped the price at $150,000.00. Mia and I had been able to save a fair amount of money over the past couple of years, to the tune of about $35,000.00, and this was a number I thought we might be able to afford.…

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March 3rd

Across the Atlantic…& Back!

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Andy’s seminar about sailing to Europe and back from the 2015 Toronto Boat Show in January. Recorded in front of a live audience!

Episode includes Q&A at the end, tips on weather routing, northern versus southern routes to Europe, and how to get back!

Want to go ocean sailing with Andy? Book a berth on at…

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February 24th

Another fast day at sea…

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It was another fast day for Serenity on their way from Grenada back to the BVI. So fast that the crew has decided to stop in St. Croix on the way to Tortola..

Serenity in Grenada

Serenity in Grenada

Position February 24, 2015 8am
16°41’N 63°49’W

When i spoke to Andy, they were about 80nm from, St. Croix and since it the island is almost on the way to the BVI, and since the trip has been way faster than expected, they have decided to stop there for a day. They expect to arrive sometime tonight, and leave for Tortola on Thursday.

On the way out of Grenada they saw a big sea turtle, and there has been plenty of sea birds hanging around the boat.…

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February 24th

Offshore to the Bahamas

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This week’s episode features another LIVE lecture from the Toronto International Boat Show about sailing offshore to the Bahamas! The tried and true route is down the ICW from the Chesapeake. But that takes weeks! Which ic great if you have the time to meander and enjoy the nice towns along the way.

But if you’re really keen to get to the islands and enjoy that time there, there’s a much faster way, and it’s in the ocean. In five days from Norfolk or Beaufort, you can be sipping rum and laying back in the Abacos! The focus of today’s episode is getting over the fear and trepidation of going offshore in general, and then planning specifically for a Bahamas-bound passage.…

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February 23rd

Fast sailing on Serenity

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Serenity had a great first 24hr run from Grenada. When i spoke to Andy at 9am this morning, they still had 1 hr to go until they had been at sea for 24hr. And they had already covered 160nm! Very impressive! 

Position at 9 am, 2013.02.23
14°30’N 62°52’W
Wind: 15-20 kt

Last evening and night was a bit squally, with gusts above 30kt. During Tom & Jake’s watch, they got the speed record for the trip of 10.7kt! When i spoke to Andy, they were having a lovely sail under full genoa and 15kt of wind on the beam!

The crew really enjoyed to read the comments when they arrived to Grenada, so if you read the blog, please remember to add a quick (or long) comment.

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February 22nd

Serenity update 2015.02.22

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Captain Andy on the beach in Grenada

Captain Andy on the beach in Grenada

After a few days in Grenada Serenity is now back at sea again. They departed St. Georges, Grenada at 10 am this morning (Sunday February 22), a beautiful beam reach and sunny sky! Next stop will be BVI, where the trip first started about a week ago.

Grenada was a nice break for the crew, they stayed in St. Louis Marina in St. Georges, enjoyed some hiking, the beaches, good food and the pool that belonged to the marina. Jake managed to send me a few photos through the very unreliable wifi.

In Grenada they also changed up the crew a bit.…

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February 19th

Serenety has arrived to Grenada!

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Serenity arrived to Grenada last night around 1.30 am in the morning! When I spoke to Andy this morning I asked if they were having a good time and if everything was alright. His answer was ‘Oh yes it is great, Jake is cooking an omelette, I just went for a swim off the boat and we have rainbow above us’.  Sounds pretty nice to me!

I am sure Andy will post a blog himself here during their days in Grenada, this is just a quick update from me that they have arrived!

I spotted Serenity on the website via their AIS signal. 

I spotted Serenity on the website via their AIS signal. 

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February 18th

Serenity update 2015.02.18

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Hi everyone!

Once again I have an update from the Serenity crew. Andy called me around 10am, the wind had eased of a bit and they could raise full sail for the first time in two days. The night was a bit rough with up to 30 kt of wind, so the light wind was a nice break for them. They also spotted some dolphins just before they called!!

Position at 2018.02.18 10 am
13°04’N 62°16’W
12 kt of Wind

They were only about 65 miles from Grenada so they are expecting to arrive sometime tonight. They will have a few days in Grenada before heading back to the BVI again.…

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