December 16th

Thane & Brenda Paulsen

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Brenda and Thane Paulsen spoke with Andy from their Bavaria 39 ‘Asylum’ at Rodney Bay Marina in Saint Lucia. They’d just completed their first Atlantic crossing, sailing in the ARC+ rally, which departs Las Palmas and stops in the Cape Verde islands en route to the Caribbean.

Brenda and Thane sailed double-handed, and spoke about the challenges of short-handed sailing. They delved into their sailing history, gave some practical tips on shipping their boat to Europe and cruising the Med, and talked about what it’s like to sail in a rally.

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December 13th

ARC 2014 Podcast: Leopard by Finland

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Andy sits down with Samuli & Timo in Saint Lucia to talk about Leopard’s record-breaking run in this year’s ARC. Nearly 3,000 miles in just over 8 days! While the boat was long gone, Samuli and Timo were still on island with their families and graciously chatted with Andy at Elena’s Cafe in Rodney Bay Marina for an in-person chat. They talk about sailing culture in Finland, Samuli’s pro racing career, Timo’s adventures in the mountains and of course what it’s like to sail a 100-foot maxi at 30+ knots offshore.

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December 9th

Scarlet Oyster & Captain Blind Duke it out to the ARC Finish

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The Racing Division doesn’t get much tighter than the battle between veterans Scarlet Oyster and Captain Blind. Both yachts finished early this morning off Pigeon Island in St. Lucia within an hour of each other. That wouldn’t be so remarkable, except for the fact that they’d be dueling for thousands of miles previously.

Already on Day 7, Scarlet Oyster began referring to their rivals on Captain Blind in their at-sea blog. At the time, the French boat was leading Ross and crew on Scarlet.

“After 1200nm of racing and in the very middle of the Atlantic Ocean we have just met up with Captain Blind, who are only 4nm ahead of us,” wrote skipper Ross, a wily veteran of the ARC and class winner in his previous three attempts.…

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December 8th

Podcast: Matt Rutherford on his movie

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Matt Rutherford is back, and joins Andy via Skype from the R/V Ault, the Ocean Research Project’s Colvin schooner in Annapolis. They discuss Matt’s tumultuous history as a youngster, which was depicted in the newly released documentary ‘Red Dot on the Ocean.’ Matt touches on living in a cult, spending weeks in prison, living on and off the streets and how he relates to money (or lack thereof). 

“At the end of the day you die,” says Matt. “It’s not about how much money you have, but what you’ve done with your life.”

They also discuss the ORP’s last expedition across the Pacific in a Harbor 29 daysailor.…

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December 5th

Podcast: Evolution of a Dream Essay

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I wrote this piece in 2008, long before I got into any of this sailing stuff professionally (or even otherwise). I was dreaming of going offshore, and this is how I put that initial dream into practice. It’s read in the present tense, but remember, was written in 2008, so it’s not what I’m thinking now, but what I was thinking then. Hopefully it can inspire you to put your own dreams into action!

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December 3rd

ARC Course Record Smashed by Maxi ‘Leopard of Finland’

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Unprecedented in the 29 year history of the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers, the ARC Course Record has been broken for a second consecutive year following ideal trade wind sailing for the largest transocean rally. Leopard by Finland crossed the finish line in Rodney Bay Saint Lucia this morning at 01:09:51 UTC (02/12 21:09:51 Local time) smashing the ARC Course Record by 2 days 6 hours 45 minutes and 19 seconds.
Sailing across the Atlantic from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia in a total of 8 days 14 hours, 39 minutes and 51 seconds, the 10 Finnish adventurers alongside Leopard’s regular ‘pro’ crew headed by skipper Chris Sherlock, celebrated successfully completing the Finnish-led transatlantic record attempt that has been over a year in the planning.…

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December 2nd

LIVE Podcast: Down-Island Caribbean Cruising

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We recorded this one live in Tortola at the end of the Caribbean 1500 rally. Andy gives an informal chat on his favorite places to visit down-island in the Caribbean. Basically St. Martin and south – the Eastern Caribbean’s Leeward & Windward Islands. (By the way, that sound you hear in the background? It’s the waves at the beach where we recorded this!)

If you want to follow along graphically, it’s a good idea to listen to this one near a computer and just Google Earth the places I mention here to get an idea of what we’re talking about geographically.…

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November 28th

Podcast Across the North Sea, Pt. 4: Landfall

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This is Part 4 of Andy & Mia’s last big offshore passage on Arcturus from 2012, when they sailed direct to Sweden from Scotland. If you missed Parts 1, 2 & 3 they were  the last two Friday episodes, so you’ll want to hear these in order.

Thanks to the Blaggards for the music! Check them out at

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November 25th

Podast: Carib1500 Sailors Frank & Patty Fabian

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Frank & Patty Fabian are the philosophical opposites of last week’s guests, Ted & Claudia Reshetiloff. But their story is no less inspiring. Where Ted & Claudia packed up their working lives, yanked their young kids out of school and set off for new lives in the Caribbean, Frank & Patty took a more deliberate route. Learning the ropes for 17 years on their Catalina 30, they taught themselves ocean sailing, worked hard and saved harder, and finally bought a Leopard 48 catamaran – for cash – to set off with the Caribbean 1500 rally and realize a nearly lifelong dream. 

Newly retired, the Fabian’s told me their story from the luxurious cabin of Sunsplash.…

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November 21st

Strangers at Sea

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Video Feature: Two Men Cross the Atlantic, Sailing Together for the First Time

by Chris Museler

Chris Museler’s excellent documentary on the double-handed New York-Barcelona Race came out today on the New York Times. “You’re the first to get the link,” says Chris. What follows is the complete documentary that Chris filmed and helped produced. It was the first time someone had documented a double-handed race as such. Hear Chris talk about the experience on the podcast by clicking here. Thanks to the NY Times for letting us run this. Click here for the original piece.

Ryan Breymaier is hardly known outside the national sailing community.…

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