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Dilly & Tony Save the Day

27 Jul
Zero dark thirty. I'm on radar watch at the nav station. Thus far, the coast is clear. Our new crew David is on deck, fighting off the first signs of seasickness. The fog has come and gone all day. Just now its rolled in thick, visibility down to zero.  Read More

Exploring NewfoundLAND

24 Jul
Finally, around midday, with 40 or so miles to go, the weather changed for good. The fog lifted and stayed lifted and the first chink in the low layer of clouds opened up suddenly to reveal a blue sky filled with the puffy cumulous so common with the onset of fair weather. Almost as suddenly a westerly breeze tickled the water and immediately filled in at a gusty 15 knots, propelling Isbjorn along the coastline at nearly hull speed in the flat, sheltered water along the cliffs. Read More

Isbjorn Offshore: Newfoundland-Ho! Rounding Cape Race

18 Jul
The rain poured down this morning. Lightning struck in the distance and the thunder rolled on and on through the fog, a deep groaning like a distant freight train, at once a little frightening, but more so overwhelmingly beautiful. We're rounding Cape Race as I write, only a few miles offshore, though we don't yet have land in sight. Birds surround the boat, swooping and diving and swimming. Read More

Isbjorn Offshore: Fog-Bound for Newfoundland

16 Jul
Well that was the right decision. Sitting out Friday in Louisboug seemed such a tough call while we were still at sea. When I wrote that last blog post about our diversion, the weather was perfect - Isbjorn was broad reaching in 15-20 knots of wind from the SW and a gentle swell lifted the boat as it glided past. Read More

Isbjorn Offshore: Tough Decisions, Heavy Weather

14 Jul
Isbjorn is bound for Louisbourg, a small former French outpost on the tip of Cape Breton Island to wait out tomorrow's forecast heavy weather. At one point in history, in the 1700's, Louisbourg was the 4th busiest port city in North America after New York, Boston & Philly. That's something. Read More

Isbjorn Offshore: Upwind to Lunenburg

8 Jul
It was spinnaker sailing for the first day out from Newport. Once around Nantucket, we opted to route the boat outside around Georges Bank in the hopes of keeping the following breeze for longer. Fog would be in the mix regardless, as WRI warned in their briefing prior to departing Newport. Read More

Offshore Medical Emergency: Dealing with Appendicitis 90 Miles Out

7 Jul
Andy gets appendicitis on Isbjorn's Leg 6, from Annapolis to Lunenburg. They were 90 miles south of Newport when the symptoms got bad enough to warrant a diversion. Here's the story of what happened onboard, how the surgery went, where the business stands and how Andy made it back onto the boat only 12 hours after entering the hospital. This will post as a podcast on Tuesday July 12. Read More

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