April 27th

By Kimball Livingston Posted April 27, 2015

Convergence is a book about sailing to Tahiti, and sailing in Tahiti, and breathing in a lifetime of dreams and tales, glittering imaginings, gritty realities, and indelible wanderings.

I read the book, or a lot of it, at 36,000 feet flying the opposite direction from California, en route to the Caribbean and St. Barth. Maybe that’s backwards, but hey, time happens on a plane.

Being acquainted with Sally-Christine Rodgers, the author, and with Convergence, the 66-foot Wylie-designed cat ketch that she sailed to Tahiti along with three children and three other adults, including her husband, West Marine founder Randy Repass, I was inevitably “along for the ride.” And I don’t propose to do a book-review-thingie here.…

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April 22nd

How High Do You Fly ?

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Posted April 22, 2015

“Everybody” wants to foil these days, including racing sailors headed offshore, some of them. Gitana has been talking for a while, and plotting and developing, and Baron de Rothschild’s team is on the cusp of going sailing to find the answers to questions that lab work just doesn’t yield.
Because you can’t really CAD-design to waves.

Offshore, should it be C-foils or L-foils? Howzabout one of each, for testing purposes?

The ride will be different from what we see above. KL

Here’s the word from the Gitana Team:

In refit since her return from the West Indies back in December, the Multi70 Edmond de Rothschild left the cosy atmosphere of her technical base in Lorient this Wednesday morning to return to the liquid element.…

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April 19th

Rightsiding the Wrongsided

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Posted April 19 by Kimball Livingston

“What this will do is scare away the people who didn’t belong in the boat in the first place.”
Peter Johnstone

Boat was upright and back on its mooring in about 90 minutes. There was damage to the mainsail, which may need a new headboard. It’s sailing to St. Maartin tomorrow and later to Antigua for the race week. …

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April 16th

Life Is Too Short to Use Cheap Paint

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A wise man once told me this, and I took it to heart.

While traditional enamels are still around, most modern boat paint is linear polyurethane (LP). Among LPs there are one-part products and two-part products. Two-part products cost a little more, but last longer. When you consider that 80-90% of any painting job is prepping, sanding, fairing, and masking, and this is all fairly onerous work, why use paint that won’t last as long?
AwlGrip_Paint - 400perfection

Probably the best known two-part products are Awlgrip and Interlux’s Perfection. If you paint the topsides of your boat with one of these products it will look good for about ten years, give or take, depending on environmental conditions and crashing into things.…

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April 11th

By Kimball Livingston Posted April 11, 2015

The G4 Gunboat — the first full-galley foiling cat — was already a talking point in St. Barth before it beat its tender over from St. Maarten on Friday afternoon, and before a traveling cruiser dropped anchor too close on Saturday morning, dragged across the G4’s anchor rode, scooped it, rode up on it, wound up bow-to between the hulls, with the rode wrapped around the cruiser’s prop and —

With Peter Johnstone and crew looking on from a hill above the harbor, it did not make for a promising break of day.…

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April 1st

Over the River and into the Woods

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By Kimball Livingston Posted April 1, 2015

Does Russell get his catamaran circuit or not?

That is the question.

I mean, the catamaran circuit he really wants, in the long run, even if it has to drag the America’s Cup with it.

It’s a question underlying all the chatter and all the undercurrents and all the dissension surrounding the outlook for America’s Cup 35 at this stage of the AC potboiler du jour. And, of course, the vote to move to smaller boats closer to the familiar AC45 model, and to keep all of the America’s Cup eliminations in Bermuda.

And you thought the Golden Gate Yacht Club, sixth trustee of the America’s Cup, was part of that conversation?…

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March 31st

Close Call for Some and, for One Someone Else

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Posted by Kimball Livingston March 31, 2015 Photos by Peter Johnstone

Above we see a cruising catamaran sitting in the Caribbean beneath a crane that self-sacrificed on the way down.

It was not supposed to come down.

Below we see the next generation of racer-cruiser catamaran, Gunboat’s G4, launched off the same crane not all that long before. Honest.


So, the latest addition to the Gunboat line just got a reprieve — and came a step closer to a season of Caribbean racing — and it could have been a different story. Work continues . . .


Peter Johnstone’s photos were downloaded from Facebook, where Latitude 38’s Richard Spindler chimed in with, “This is the crane we used to launch La Gamelle just a little while ago.…

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March 30th

San Francisco Cup in View

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By Kimball Livingston Posted March 29, 2015

Since 1967, the San Francisco Cup has been the annual rivalry match-up between The San Francisco Yacht Club (founded 1869) and the outfit that spun off from it, St. Francis Yacht Club (founded 1927).

They live across the San Francisco River from each other.

Today, the joy is on the north side of the river, at SFYC.

I’d tell you the score, except, I don’t want to. It hurts, from an StFYC point of view.

On the other hand, remembering that this is a game, and friends get together and play games and nobody wins Boardwalk in every Monopoly game, it was a great weekend on San Francisco Bay.…

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