April 8th

Remember when? Team Korea (RIP) photo by Gilles Martin-Raget/America’s Cup

By Kimball Livingston Posted April 8, 2014

In the quiet before the storm—counting down to the release of a Protocol for America’s Cup 35—I note that the chatter-flurry about a nationality requirement has died away in the expectation that “something” will be done, even at the risk of consigning a raft of Kiwi pros to the unemployment line. The “we’re a highly international team” bit has not played as well as hoped, and yes, the American team was thin on yanks. In one facet of the big picture, however, a nationality requirement is kinda too bad.…

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March 5th

Posted March 5, 2014 by Kimball Livingston

Polluted? Surely not Marina del Rey.

But, out of tests performed in ten harbors in America, on the day of the Rozalia Project’s testing in Marina del Rey, that spiffy enclave four miles north of LAX, and just south of hot, hot, hot Venice Beach, rang the bell as the most polluted harbor in America.

We’ll have to add qualifiers, so don’t stop reading here. But if you care about Marina del Rey, you need to know.



Because, yes, we’re talking about the Marina del Rey that was created in the days when any car worth having sported tailfins to the stars.…

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July 14th

Sailing Small

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People often assume that we are fantastic sailors.  After all, we have made it from the Chesapeake to New Zealand – we must be awesome, right?  Well, I won’t claim that we haven’t picked up a skill or two along the way.  But cruising is a different kind of sailing.  In some ways, your boat turns into your car: a vehicle you use to eat up the miles in order to to reach faraway places.  You can slip into the habit of being destination-focused.  And that is a shame, because if sailing is good for anything, it is good for showing you the world very, very slowly. …

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December 10th

Courtesy of the Sail Magazine Great Escape Contest winner, here is Elliot Crowder’s winning entry top 5 reasons to win a charter in St. Vincent and the Grenadines from TMM Charters:

1. Our family of 3 live and sail on the cold & rugged Oregon Coast. Our love of sailing has us out year round.  When the wind is blowing sideways & the rain gauge shows 20 inches for the month an escape to a tropical paradise torn from the pages of Sail Magazine sounds like a dream come true!

2. Our 8-year old son is on the junior sailing team & is quite good at racing!  He has been on boats since he was days old and loves charts and navigation.…

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August 23rd

Bumfuzzle’s Cruising Buffoonery

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We've often been accused of playing up our lack of sailing experience. People say things like, “They can't really be that dumb.”


To which we reply, “Au contraire, we most certainly can be that dumb.”


And I think, really, we all can be. The difference is that I don't mind admitting it. I got over impressing people a long time ago. What do I care if I appear to be a genius or an imbecile? If you need to act like a genius, it's a fair bet that you aren't one. Isn't it? And don't we all hate that guy anyway?

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August 16th

Sailing’s Seriously Simple Stupid

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After my post titled, Catamarans vs Monohulls, I received a lot of feedback. Most of it positive, because I am the utmost authority and I have now handed down judgement on the subject. But one commenter to our Facebook page said that he stopped reading the article after he read, “Sailing is not meant to be complicated.” He said I do myself and the sport of sailing a disservice by describing it as simple.


My reply was, “BUT IT IS SIMPLE!”


Maybe I should have added, because he may not have been aware, that I am the utmost authority.

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May 7th

Bareboat Dreaming

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As I started writing this note, I believe the sixth storm of the east coast season was piling up on my drive way. I then pondered, “Why exactly do I winter on the East Coast?” At times like these, we all start to google what deals we could find on flights to any Caribbean Island that would take us. And the best (and really only) way to vacation down there is on a bareboat charter. Even the words sound sweet and luscious, bareboat…

But before packing up those flip flops, here is a good check list of things to do.

1) Use a reputable company.…

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