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Louis Vuitton Cup Explained

5 Jul
If a picture is worth a thousand words . . . Depending on what lens you’re holding to your eye, you can tell me who’s in the middle. Now do you understand? By the way, Louis Vuitton, which has supported this sport and this game—exquisitely—since 1983, deserves better than it’s getting at the moment. The […] Read More

Rush to the Race

4 Jul
Yeah, yeah, I know we have an America’s Cup crisis, real or alleged, but I’m leaving my attempt at a crisis column in its present state of chaos to bring you instead a glimpse of the hurry-up work in progress at Pier 27 on July 3 as an army prepared for July 4 and the […] Read More

Ted Hood: 1927-2013

1 Jul
Sailmaker, designer, builder, skipper of 1974 America’s Cup defender Courageous, Ted Hood in 1994 bought back his 1959 ocean racer, Robin (“Sue, my wife, wouldn’t let me name any of the kids Robin, so it had to be the boats”) for $4,000. If anybody needs a reality check regarding the cost of old, wood boats, […] Read More

The America’s Cup Explained

25 Jun
Define “is.” Define “having.” Define “adjustable while racing.” Take two aspirin. Call me in October. Or please, please, cancel the hysteria about canceling America’s Cup 34 and going to the courts of New York instead. It’s distantly imaginable, I reckon. Define “distant.” I MEAN, I CAN IMAGINE RETURNING TO THE COURTS. And yes, it appears […] Read More

Artemis Has a Word

7 Jun
Leaving still a few questions about the practical implications for the event, Artemis Racing announces— Alameda, CA – June 7, 2013 Artemis Racing is back at work following the memorial service for Andrew “Bart” Simpson. Starting on Monday, June 3 the team resumed its preparation in earnest to compete in the 34th America’s Cup. The […] Read More

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