April 13th

The next generation will look much like this 2013 generation challenger from New Zealand, but they’re a new breed

By Kimball Livingston Posted April 13, 2014

Gino Morrelli believes the next generation of America’s Cup catamarans will revolutionize upwind tactics. He foresees the boats foiling through tacks without slowing down, and if there is no price for tacking, that’s a new calculus, isn’t it? A new game.

Smaller, faster, safer. It’s quite a package that Morrelli is talking about, and he knows a bit. His firm of Morrelli & Melvin wrote the design rule for what we will call, for now, the AC62.…

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April 9th

The New Andrew Simpson Sailing Centre

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The Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy (WPNSA) has announced a prestigious new collaboration with the ‘Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation’ (ASSF). The ASSF founded by the Academy’s Director, Sir Ben Ainslie, Iain Percy OBE and Andrew’s wife Leah to honour his life and legacy, will be opening the ‘Andrew Simpson Sailing Centre’ at the same venue where Andrew ‘Bart’ Simpson competed during the Olympic Games.

The Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy, based in Andrew’s home county of Dorset, will act as a hub for all of the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation’s activities, helping the Foundation fulfil its charitable objectives. The RYA accredited Centre will open in May 2014 offering a range of sailing courses for young people, community organisations and adults; including programmes for schools, as well as club sailors.…

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April 8th

Remember when? Team Korea (RIP) photo by Gilles Martin-Raget/America’s Cup

By Kimball Livingston Posted April 8, 2014

In the quiet before the storm—counting down to the release of a Protocol for America’s Cup 35—I note that the chatter-flurry about a nationality requirement has died away in the expectation that “something” will be done, even at the risk of consigning a raft of Kiwi pros to the unemployment line. The “we’re a highly international team” bit has not played as well as hoped, and yes, the American team was thin on yanks. In one facet of the big picture, however, a nationality requirement is kinda too bad.…

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March 26th

Four Emmy Nominations for America’s Cup

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Released from ACEA on March 26

AC-screensMedia production for the 34th America’s Cup has received five Emmy Award nominations, including for Outstanding Live Sports Special.The five nominations come on the heels of a previous Emmy Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement for AC LiveLive.“When we started planning for the 34th America’s Cup in 2010, one of the initial priorities was to create an exciting television experience for viewers,” said Stan Honey, Director of Technology for the America’s Cup. “These nominations from the media production of the America’s Cup in 2013 are a clear signal that the America’s Cup is now being recognized as a compelling television sport.”The five Emmy Award nominations are for:Outstanding Live Sports SpecialOutstanding New Approaches – Sports Event Coverage – Official AppOutstanding Technical Team RemoteOutstanding Live Event Audio/SoundThe George Wensel Technical Achievement Award – AC LiveLine, “WingWash”The America’s Cup Official App, for iOS and Android, was nominated in the Outstanding New Approaches – Sports Event Coverage category.…

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March 11th

By Kimball Livingston Posted March 11, 2014

TBATM_cover_largeIn her just-released paperback update of The Billionaire and the Mechanic, Julian Guthrie set tongues to wagging, quoting Larry Ellison on Honolulu’s wonderful attractions for an America’s Cup.

Yep, Dennis and Malin wanted to take the Cup there, back in the day, when 12-Pounders would have made a brave sight pounding upwind in the Molokai Channel. AC60-65 catamarans on foils? I don’t think so. Elsewhere off Honolulu? I’ll believe it when I see it. But it gets stranger when you look beyond location, location, location.

Julian goes on to describe Ellison’s plan for two seasons of international racing in AC45s, 2015-2016, with a Pacific division and an Atlantic division qualifying four teams for sailoffs in “AC60s” in the spring of 2017.…

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December 11th

France & America’s Cup

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Raoul Dobremel-AFP-Nautic2013Don’t expect a lot of activity here until the new year, but on impulse I am dropping in a cut-and-paste from a press release sent out by the Paris Boat Show.  The stand-up paddle board race on the Seine, pictured above, was the show’s opening act. Later, some familiar names went public with plans for AC35:

Presentation of the Team France Project
The announcement of the Team France project was eagerly awaited and logically it drew in a huge crowd around the French Nautical Industries Federation stand this afternoon. Among Bruno Bich, President of the Board of Directors at the Bic Group, Thierry Martel, Managing Director of Groupama, Bertrand Meheut, Chairman of the Board of Directors at the Canal+ group, Stéphane Kandler, Team France, Yves Lagane, President of the Yacht Club de France and Jean-Pierre Champion, President of the French Sailing Federation, sailors Franck Cammas, Michel Desjoyeaux and Olivier de Kersauson, who have joined forces for the better and for excellence, revealed their aim: to enlist a French team in the 35th edition of the America’s Cup.…

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October 21st

Out of the Murk

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Once upon a time, the path to finding a cure for leukemia looked just about as murky as San Francisco Bay on the morning of October 20, 2013.

Now the story at the Leukemia and Lymphona Society is rising success rates. And tragic failures. And did we mention, rising success rates, thanks to research and the funding that keeps research going.

The San Francisco Yacht Club version of the now-widespread Leukemia Cup network continues to set records as the top-grossing regatta in the country. Some $800,000 this year, and the numbers are still moving. And how can you top a story like that of Gary Jobson, who devoted himself 21 years ago to fundraising, and encouraging sailors to add charity to their lineup of events—and only later discovered that he would have his own bout with the disease, and benefit from the continuing and even astounding output of new therapies.…

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October 15th

Dirk Kramers on Nova

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America’s Cup racing rang enough bells to become part of the Nova program, Making Things Fast, that runs Wednesday evening, October 16, on PBS. Dirk Kramers, engineer and design executive for Oracle Team USA, is the go-to guy for David Pogue as Nova explores the techniques and implications of moving humans and machines ever faster. Pogue asks, “Is it possible to go too fast? Have we hit a point where innovation outpaces our ability to keep up?”

DirkKramers-300x199Recognizing an opportunity for a conversation with Dirk, I interrupted his packing up post-America’s Cup 34—goodbye, Tiburon CA, hello Newport RI and home—to talk foils and wings and boats and how dramatically the America’s Cup catamarans made leeway.…

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October 10th

Neither There Nor Here

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Random thoughts on a hasty Thursday—

AinsliePhoto via Laurie Fullerton, Argo Group Gold Cup

Is it perhaps ironic that Ian Williams came out on top of his go-at with Ben Ainslie in Bermuda in the Argo Group Gold Cup, though both have advanced to the quarter finals? Ainslie is of course the guy who has medaled in the last five Olympiads—I’ll save you the arithmetic, that’s a 20-year run—and is just coming off a stint as tactician in AC34, while Williams set out very publicly, years ago, to win his way into an America’s Cup campaign through results on the match racing circuit.…

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September 28th


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Congratulations to anyone whose Facebook account has not been hammered with postings about an alleged, illegal, computer-driven hydrofoil-stability system aboard Oracle Team USA. Once these things get loose, you can’t kill them.

Jan-1-1Photo by Jan Pehrson

But, if you want to get a grip on reality, there are two ready touchpoints.

On Friday, Team New Zealand boss Grant Dalton told the New Zealand Herald that he had no thought of legal action.

And, you can read the International Jury’s Public Interpretation No. 49 (read it here: PI-49) which was dated August 8. At ETNZ’s request, the Jury—including one Kiwi and zero Americans—considered the legality of the board-control system installed on the US defender.…

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