July 25th

Shaken and Stirred?

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Posted July 25 by KL

The announcement that the America’s Cup Challenger of Record, Australia’s Hamilton Island Yacht Club, will withdraw from further participation shook things up and unloosed an avalanche of negative press.

That stirred up a counter-push that is now under way, and it is being led by other challenging teams.

The joint statement reproduced below affirms a commitment to race, and if I read it correctly, holds open the likelihood of some serious horse trading yet to come, behind closed doors, shades drawn. But where in the “joint statement” is Team New Zealand?


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July 22nd

By Kimball Livingston Posted July 22, 2014

There’s a movie I’ve seen too many times.

Scripts vary, but in movie-talk, the “arc of the story” is the same.

First, there is an America’s Cup match that is riveting, thrilling, inspiring and enthralling to a huge audience. It can’t get any better than this, you think. The sequel will be just as good, meaning great.

Then everything goes to hell.

In 2013 we went from (former San Francisco Supervisor) Aaron Peskin’s assertion that, “There is no record of a crowd showing up for a sailboat race” to race seventeen on September 25, when so much of San Francisco tried to pour out onto Pier 17 to watch the finish that the fire marshall closed the gates.…

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July 18th

Aussies Pull Out of America’s Cup 35

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By Kimball Livingston

Let’s start here.

The Hamilton Island Yacht Club/Oatley family issued the following release on Friday, July 18, 2014:

Hamilton Island Yacht Club today announced its withdrawal from the 35th America’s Cup.

The Hamilton Island Yacht Club became the Challenger of Record for the 35th America’s Cup upon the completion of the 34th America’s Cup in San Francisco in 2013.

In commenting on the decision not to proceed with the challenge, Sandy Oatley said “When we entered the Cup we had the intention of trying to change the Cup in many ways.…

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July 15th

Stuart Alexander, writing in The Independent, recounts a weekend meeting in Los Angeles between Oracle Racing and the six committed, or would-be committed, challengers for America’s Cup 35. The challengerslaid down a number of peeves.

The lack of an announced venue.

The lack of San Francisco.

The lack of an announced PRO.

The plan to split the venue, possibly between hemispheres.

The absence of (my words) adult supervision of the process, with a deadline for entries mere weeks away and all the above making planning and fundraising harder than they have to be.

Stuart is a consummate veteran of Cup matters, and his information comes by way of his contacts at Ben Ainslie Racing.…

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July 8th

Chicago Dropped from AC Venue List

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By Kimball Livingston Posted July 8, 2014

If you’re shocked, you’re probably from Chicago.

The America’s Cup Event Authority today announced that it has winnowed its AC35 venue candidates from three to two, with Chicago out, Bermuda and San Diego still in the running.

That’s Bermuda in the pic above. San Diego below . . .

Gilles Martin-Raget/ACEA

The release did not include a pic of Chicago.

San Francisco partisans who wonder if this might be, perhaps, strong-arm negotiating toward an eventual deal with the 2013 host city will no doubt continue to wonder.

Please do not call.

I’ll let the official voices pick it up from here.…

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June 15th

The One-Off “San Francisco America’s Cup”

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Posted June 15, 2014 – Photo by Gilles Martin-Raget/ACEA, slightly edited at BPT

Many moons ago, Tom Blackaller declared, “If we ever get the America’s Cup to San Francisco Bay, we’ll show the world how good sailing can be.”

Tom could not have imagined how right he was.

Looking forward, Mayor Ed Lee enthused, “This will be remembered as the San Francisco America’s Cup.”

For reasons he did not exactly foresee.

And neither imagined a followup to the triumph of AC34 in which negotiations for AC35 would be summed by the San Francisco Chronicle with a quote from an unnamed San Francisco city official, “They didn’t want the hassle, and neither did we.”

I hope the dog has beautiful puppiesKimball

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June 10th

AC-n-SF, Game Over or Game On?

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By Kimball Livingston Posted June 10, 20145

San Diego-based Bernie Wilson is reporting for the Associated Press that San Francisco Bay is out of the running as a venue for the 2017 America’s Cup match, so you have to believe that, just maybe, San Francisco Bay is out of the running as a venue for the 2017 America’s Cup match. Or, this could be the final-final point of leverage. It’s not as though there haven’t been talks, very recently, at City Hall. And it’s not as though anybody thinks there is a better place to run the races.

But, as the Godfather’s folks would say, “It’s just business.”

Ask Ben Ainslie, seen above with a fellow sailing enthusiast, the Duchess of Cambridge, announcing that the elements of a British challenge have fallen into place.…

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June 4th

The “Match” is Back

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By Kimball Livingston Posted June 4, 2014

It’s far from the most important feature of the newly-released Protocol for America’s Cup 35, but it just jumps out. The word, match.

After a long, belabored attempt to get people to speak of the 2013 match as the “America’s Cup Finals,” this time out, the powers that be have let the verbiage slip back to tradition. As in what it is, a match. A match between two boats following whatever runup, trials, eliminations are required to get there. And no, barring an intergalactic spasm, there will be no Louis Vuitton Cup awarded to the winner of the 2017 challenger selection.…

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May 7th

An Emmy for America’s Cup Mobile App

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No surprise here. The word from our friends at AC—

The America’s Cup Mobile App has won an Emmy Award in the Outstanding New Approaches – Sports Event Coverage category.

The win, coming in a new category at the Emmy Awards, recognizes a seismic shift in how the sport of sailing is covered and consumed.

Through the America’s Cup mobile app, fans could get race results, video, race animation graphics, wind and tide information, and photos, as well as engage in chat, all in real time – on their tablet or phone, from anywhere in the world.

The America’s Cup Mobile App was developed with Animation Research Limited.…

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May 6th

Dishing with Iain Murray

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Hamilton Island in the Whitsunday chain, Queensland, Australia, home to the Challenger of Record for AC 35

Hamilton Island in the Whitsunday chain, Queensland, Australia, home to the Challenger of Record for AC 35

Sail-World’s Richard Gladwell recently interviewed Iain Murray, and he came away with not a lot that is groundbreaking, but a lot that echoes or confirms what has been rumored, bandied, leaked or guessed at in the long wait for a Protocol for America’s Cup 35.

MurrayMurray, most recently CEO of America’s Cup Race Management, has been many things in the sailing world, from skiff champion to Cup designer and skipper. He has deep background with the Oatley family, which owns Hamilton Island Resort and the Hamilton Island Yacht Club, and he was the choice to head their effort as Challenger of Record.…

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