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Add Foils, Add a Theoretical Future, Stir

17 Sep
By Kimball Livingston Posted September 17, 2014 Want to host a foiling AC45 regatta in 2018, the year after America’s Cup 35? Bidding is now open, but you needn’t sharpen your elbows. The real goal for America’s Cup developers (notice my phrasing) at the moment is setting venues for a racing circuit between now and Read More

BLUE PLANET TIMES 2014-09-09 11:30:15

9 Sep
G'day. As many of you know, there was a press conference last night (I mean, today) in London (London?) regarding plans for the next competition for the alleged America's Cup, allegedly held in trust by the Golden Gate Yacht Club of San Francisco. Read More

Sweden Makes AC Campaign Official

19 Aug
Where will Rod Davis pop up next? The word from Artemis— STOCKHOLM, August 19, 2014 – Today, Artemis Racing officially launched its challenge to win the 35th America’s Cup at an inspirational event in Sweden’s capital. Guests were treated to a rare chance of seeing the America’s Cup trophy first hand at the Moderna Museet, Read More

Shaken and Stirred?

25 Jul
The announcement that the America's Cup Challenger of Record, Australia's Hamilton Island Yacht Club, will withdraw from further participation shook things up and unloosed an avalanche of negative press. The counter-push is now under way, and it is being led by other challenging teams. Then, reading between the lines . . . Read More

The America’s Cup, Explained

22 Jul
There's a movie I've seen too many times. Scripts vary, but in movie-talk, the "arc of the story" is the same. First, there is an America's Cup match that is riveting, thrilling, inspiring and enthralling to a huge audience. It can't get any better than this, you think. The sequel will be just as good, meaning great. Then everything goes to hell. Read More

Frosty Defender/Challenger Relations in AC?

15 Jul
Stuart Alexander, writing in The Independent, recounts a weekend meeting in Los Angeles in which the six challengers for America's Cup 35 laid down a number of peeves. The lack of an announced venue. The lack of San Francisco. The plan to split the venue, possibly between hemispheres. The lack of an announced PRO. Read More

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