June 14th

MIMI ON THE BLOCK: 15-foot 1977 Drascombe Dabber For Sale

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Mimi 1

I should have mentioned this earlier. I’m looking to find a good home for Mimi, my 15-foot Drascombe Dabber, as the sad truth is she hasn’t been used much in the past few years. This is a seaworthy open boat with positive flotation (Webb Chiles, you may recall, took a larger 18-foot sister vessel much of the way around the world) that has two rowing stations, a 5hp two-stroke outboard motor in a well, and a versatile gunter yawl rig. A great boat for Swallows-and-Amazons adventures, daysailing, camp-cruising, etc.

She comes complete with a trailer, two sets of oars, life-jackets, fog horn, fire extinguisher, and an anchor.…

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June 14th

Position: 37° 45’N, 069° 24’W

UPDATE Tuesday, June 23: To hear what Doug, the owner of the HR43, had to say about his experience from the story below, listen to him on the latest ’59º North’ podcast episode. Click here.


I was sleeping on the port settee, the first time since we started this trip back in NYC that we were on starboard tack and I wasn’t hanging in the lee cloth. So a nice cozy sleep, and I was out cold. We’d been motor sailing all night, and the wind was veering around from SW to an expected NE as we passed through a very weak cold front.…

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June 13th

Busting Forty

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By Kimball Livingston Posted June 13, 2015

I saw only one helmet aboard the trimaran, Lending Club. That’s because only one person at a time goes up the mast. I didn’t notice any divots . . .


The lead photograph comes from Lending Club Sailing, btw. The other snaps are mine.

Originally a Groupama, later one of the Banque Populaires, Lending Club has a hole in the calendar after setting a new 635-mile Newport to Bermuda record that lops 15 hours off the old mark. Next in the racing sked comes a start on July 18 in the Transpac, Los Angeles to Honolulu.…

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June 13th

Chagos archipelago-better than a soap opera

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Cruisers love to love Chagos. They rhapsodize about the picturesque islands, amazing underwater life, and self-sufficient living. They wonder how they’’ll manage for a month without being bored out of their skulls, then wake up months later and reluctantly leave only because they’’re running out of supplies (well, back when you actually could stay that long, but boats now are easily maxing out their permits).The stories, the drama, the cast of characters–you can see why the Cult of Chagos came to be. But some of it reads more like a soap opera than a peaceful little fleet:

  • – Boats kicked out for fighting and general bad behavior (threating other yachties with a machete?!)
  • – Crew being thrown off their boat by the captain (not a lot of options out here)
  • – Silly fiefdom building, along the lines of “”this is my private beach, you can’’t walk through”.” (delusions of grandeur?
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June 13th

Oh Dark Thirty

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Saturday 2015.06.13
osition: 35° 28’N, 067° 50W

Photo by: Jen Lawinski

Photo by: Jen Lawinski

‘I went down to Captain Tony’s
To get out of the heat.
I heard a voice call out to me
Son come have a seat.
I had to search my memory
As I looked into those eyes.
Our lives change like the weather
But a legend never dies…’

That’s of course from Jimmy Buffett’s ‘Last Mango in Paris’ song. There’s a line later in there about ‘It was somewhere past dark-thirty…’, the inspiration for my coffee brand of course. And as I write this, the actual time of day (or night I suppose).…

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June 12th


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2015.06.11, 11.18PM
Position: 33° 19’ N  65° 33’ W

11:18pm. We’re back on NYC time since departing Bermuda this morning. After only one full day ashore, we’re back to sea again on Blue Heron for the return journey to the USA mainland. The short respite was pretty nice actually – not enough time to get fully acclimated to land life again, so we still have our sea-legs.

Jen left us in Bermuda to be replaced by her friend Alyce, who flew out on Monday and met us on arrival. Both girls went to college together and met Doug & Tasha, Blue’s owners, at a sailing class they all took together a few years back in NYC.…

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June 11th

PROVINCETOWN MA TO PORTLAND ME: Doublehanded With Underpants

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Bear front

Lunacy at last, as of early Tuesday morning, is all the way home. I brought along crew for this last mini-leg of the voyage not because it felt necessary, but rather because an old friend, a fellow sailor, Frank “Bear” Gibney, has suddenly reappeared in my life and it seemed the perfect way to reconnect. As you can see in that photo up there, Bear quickly got the hang of Lunacy‘s helm and became adroit at steering with his (well-underpanted) groin.

We blasted over to P-town from Boston on the early morning ferry and dropped the mooring there at noon on Monday.…

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June 11th

Some sailing trivia

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                    All About Sails blogger Brian Hancock at the helm of his own boat Great Circle.

With summer here (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) sailors are out sailing rather than reading blogs about sailing and for that reason I am going to take a break from excerpting my book Maximum Sail Power into blog size chunks and write some lighter, less technical pieces. Here are some lesser known bits of sailmaking trivia to get things started.

Have you ever wondered where the name Nylon came from? Me neither until I found out and it’s actually quite interesting.
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June 9th

How cruisers live differently

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We’’re in our third week at the remote Chagos archipelago. It’’s hard not to compare what living in an uninhabited tropical island paradise is like in comparison to our prior land-based home life…it’s very, very different.


Home: last minute ingredients needed for dinner? Jump in the car, the store is only minutes away!

Cruiser style: Grab the fishing gear and get to it. The problem isn’’t catching a fish; it’’s landing one before the sharks eat it off your line. Otherwise, if you didn’’t bring it with you (you know, a few weeks ago) or the sharks win, you’’ll have to make it: fresh bread (allow half a day for rising + baking), yogurt (8+ hours to ferment, then chilling time), sprouts (2-5 days, depending on the seeds), turtle soup (kidding!

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June 9th

Northwest Passage – Here They Come!

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Arctic Monkey, Lou Morgan’s Exploration 45, has started her long voyage bound for Greenland and Arctic Canada. Accompanied by Zetty and their daughters Zoe, Leah and Rosie this summer they will attempt an east to west transit of the Northwest Passage.

Jimmy Cornell dodging icebergs

Meanwhile, another Exploration 45 – Jimmy Cornell’s Aventura – is getting ready in Seattle, WA, for a transit of the notorious waterway from west to east (Pacific to Atlantic).

On the first leg of the voyage from Seattle to Dutch Harbor, Jimmy will be accompanied by Dunbar Lewis ad Pablo Aguilar. From Dutch Harbour Aventura will be joined by Martin Frey and Chris Eakin.…

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