January 7th

Raymarine Wi-Fish and FLIR One for everyone

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Written by Ben Ellison on Jan 7, 2015 for Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub


Some days I feel like retiring, but wow, the changing technology I enjoy covering just won’t let up. Yesterday Raymarine introduced the wonderfully named Wi-Fish, which seems at least visually even more a sign than Furuno’s DRS4W WiFi radar of how mainstream marine electronics can accomodate our collective fascination with mobile computing. Wi-Fish is essentially a Dragonfly sonar display without the display but with an app that can purportedly do its job and more. And Raymarine didn’t stop there, also introducing a variety of new 4- and 5-inch Dragonfly models, including Pro versions that support the Wi-Fish app while also offering an “All weather viewable” display and GPS plotting on a great choice of chart formats…


The Dragonfly 5 model lineup tells the story, and it’s the same tale for the 4-inch models.…

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January 6th

Bruce Schwab

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Listen Now. Bruce Scwab is the first American sailor to complete the legendary solo, nonstop Vendee Globe ocean race. It was his second solo circumnavigation onboard Ocean Planet, the boat he designed and developed on the west coast. 

Bruce grew up in northern California and started sailing with his dad a young age, eventually working at a rig shop for many years where he honed his skills on the owners boat as a solo racing sailor, winning the first event he ever entered.

DON’T MISS Bruce’s YouTube channel with some incredible footage from the Vendee, including a horrendous Southern Ocean storm.…

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January 5th


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Under sail on Lunacy

Truth be told, I originally resisted the idea of basing Lunacy in St. Maarten this winter, primarily because she previously spent two other winters there, and I was hoping to check out someplace new. Also, I’ve always found the island to be a bit over-developed, with too many people, too much traffic, and too many big-box stores. Inexorably, however, it was the place that made the most sense for the sort of winter cruising we do (in short bursts of a week or so), because the airfares are reasonable and there are often direct flights from Boston. And during our just completed post-Christmas cruise, the island’s over-developedness in fact turned out to be a blessing, as we spent an inordinate amount of time attending to boat maintenance (a price one often must pay when wandering about on one’s own boat), and St.…

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January 5th

Sailing into 2015

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seas between penang and langkawi

By many measures, we did not have a great year. 2014 was not marked by exotic anchorages and interesting cultural exchanges, but routine maintenance (and breakdown, and more maintenance), costly equipment replacements, and attempts at upgrades with varying degrees of success. Gear failures cost us plans for sailing to Borneo and the Philippines, and just much everything we tackled took significantly longer than it could or should. It is marked by complications and aggravations.

But a good year, or not, is mostly what you make of it. And although we would rather not repeat much of 2014, we had some incredible experiences that stand out like fireworks in hindsight- events and encounters and trends that added light to life.…

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January 4th
Georgetown University's Nevin Snow and Katia DaSilva demo a light-air roll tack

Georgetown University’s Nevin Snow and Katia DaSilva demo a light-air roll tack

Posted January 4, 2015 by KL

Rich Roberts’ Rose Bowl Regatta Report:

Sunday’s weather: Sunny; wind 2-8k NW-SW; temp. 61F.

Georgetown Romps While Newport Harbor Ends Pt. Loma’s Reign

Long Beach, California

While Georgetown University coasted to a comfortable defense of its College championship in the 30th Rose Bowl Regatta Sunday — skipper Nevin Snow and crew Katia DaSilva rocking a 37-point win over second-place Coast Guard Academy — Newport Harbor High School kept its foot on the gas to end Point Loma’s eight-year reign in the High School Gold class.…

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January 4th

By Kimball Livingston Posted January 4, 2015

This photo that ran last week on Scuttlebutt Sailing News caused a stir.

Is this really “us” ?

It was shot dockside at the International Orange Bowl Regatta, sponsored by Coral Reef Yacht Club on the shores of mostly-lovely Biscayne Bay. With the US Sailing Center next door running the regatta “in cooperation” with CRYC, it makes you wonder.

Comments on social media ranged from simple outrage that garbage was thus strewn to huffy offense that a photograph was taken and run when the person commenting was sure that all that yucky stuff would have been cleared away quickly, because that’s how things are done at the Orange Bowl Regatta.…

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January 4th

Georgetown Dominating the Rose Bowl Regatta

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Posted January 4, 2015

Here is Rich Roberts’ report:

Sunday’s forecast: Sunny; wind 5-10k NW; temp 67F.

Sunny but Snow-y for Georgetown


Once the 30th Rose Bowl Regatta got underway in Saturday’s light, chilly breeze, “It went well,” Nevin Snow said.

From Snow’s standpoint, that was the understatement of the day.

The skipper and crew Isabelle Luzuriaza of the Washington D.C. school’s A boat won all four of their races in the College A class—a big jump toward defending the championship they won for Georgetown University last year.

The Hoyas’ B boat also led its class with two wins in four races.…

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January 2nd

Gocycle G2, the ultimate boat bike?

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Written by Ben Ellison on Jan 2, 2015 for Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub

Ben_on_GoCycle_in_Lauderdale2_cPanbo.jpgTesting a Gocycle G2 folding electric bicycle outside a tent at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show almost cost me dearly. Aside from the beautifully clean design, I found the bike easy to learn and comfortable to use, and it’s a thrill to get some power assistance when you put extra pressure on the pedals or hit the red boost button. I started picturing all the enjoyable and possibly useful trips I could make around cruising ports and the dangerous internal voice of gadget lust began murmuring about the ample credit in my wallet and how I deserve what may be the coolest boat bike around.…

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January 1st

The Hit at Avalon

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Photo credit KTLA Channel 5

Posted January 1, 2015 by Kimball Livingston

Harbor Patrolman Tim Mitchell died while attempting to save a 65-foot dive boat, the King Neptune, as it was being driven ashore at Avalon Harbor, Catalina on Tuesday night, according to a statement from the City of Avalon. Mitchell, a New Zealand native and naturalized citizen of the USA, had worked as a dive instructor at Avalon-based Scuba Luv which featured excursions aboard the King Neptune, and was close to its owners. He had been a dive instructor for ten years and joined the Harbor Patrol in May, 2014.…

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December 31st

Of light, pressure, Jewish DNA, and lobster trap Christmas trees

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Written by Ben Ellison on Dec 31, 2014 for Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub

Lobster_trap_Christmas_tree_Rockland_Maine_2014-cPanbo.jpgI hope that Panbo readers everywhere enjoyed Hanukkah, the winter solstice, Christmas and/or any other way you celebrate the holiday season. We deserve all the light and cheer we can find, especially when the shortest days are as dreary as they were here on the coast of Maine this year. Instead of cold gray drizzle my almost-Christmas-eve photo above might have shown sparkly snow highlighting the Rockland Public Landing and the islands across the Bay, but, hey, our area does lay claim to the “World’s Largest Lobster Trap Tree“…


This photo taken Christmas afternoon tells more of the weather story.…

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