MIBS 2017: Furuno standalone 1815 radar, DFF-3D multimodal sonar & more

13 Mar

Written by Ben Ellison on Mar 13, 2017 for Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub

MIBS17_Furuno_1815_standalone_radar_cPanbo.jpgWhile Furuno USA had a lot to show off at the Miami Boat Show, let’s start with the new 1815 standalone radar. Recent Panbo entries about Raymarine’s sleek new Axiom Series multifunction displays and Navico’s ambitious systems integration strategy drew some keep-it-simple skeptics. But it is still possible to find single function marine electronics if that’s your preference, and the 1815 may be an excellent small radar choice packing a whole lot of performance for the price…

Furuno_1815_standalone_radar_aPanbo.jpgThe Furuno 1815 radar retailing for $2,500 includes the ...

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PHOTOS: ’17 Leg 2: RORC Caribbean 600, Antigua

13 Mar


Welp, we did it! Isbjorn, finally, and one year later, completed the brutal and exciting RORC Caribbean 600 race in Antigua! If we took it for granted and failed in 2016, we had nothing of the sort in 2017, and showed up more prepared, more rested and better equipped than the year before by a long shot.

Big thanks to 2016 and 2017 crewmember Dan Shea for encouraging us to compete again in 2017. At first, the race wasn’t on our radar for 2017. But after failing to complete the course in 2016, Dan said he’d signup “immediately” if ...

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Chapter 7 – The Devil is in the Details – Part 3

10 Mar
Chapter 7 is close-up look at the individual parts of a sail. We will examine all the bits and pieces that go into making a good sail from whether you should add a foam luff and sunshield to a headsail or have full length battens in your mainsail. Understanding the make-up of your sails is key to getting the most use and performance out of them.

In the previous chapter we looked at in-mast furling mainsails and some of their drawbacks most notably the amount of sail area that is lost
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182: Alan Block / Sailing Anarchy

7 Mar


Alan Block, aka Mr. Clean, is one of the driving forces behind the hugely popular – and sometimes controversial – Sailing Anarchy website. He’s a staple on the racing scene, traveling far and wide to cover events from the Volvo to the Vendee and lots in between. Alan’s story is a fascinating and circuitous one, and during our 90-minute conversation, we covered the whole thing, from his early days as a lawyer, to his dreams to set off sailing, and ultimately to his serendipitous opportunity to work with Sailing Anarchy. Alan is also the founder and host of the ...

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JURGEN KANTNER: German Cruiser Beheaded in Philippines, Body Recovered

6 Mar

Kantner and Merz

Kantner and Merz in happier times

We have some very grim news here. That Jurgen Kantner, taken hostage by the Filipino terrorist group, Abu Sayyaf, late last year, was beheaded last week after a ransom demand of $600K was not met. Just yesterday there came follow-up reports that Kantner’s remains have been recovered by the Philippine military. Reportedly, Philippine armed forces suffered fatal casualties during operations conducted in an effort to rescue Kantner and other hostages held by Abu Sayyaf. Evidently, no details on these casualties are available.

A video recording of the beheading was released by the terrorist ...

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Poised for the Bahamas

6 Mar

0 Miami skyline

“I hear you’re putting Totem on the hard.” “Will you go out again?” In fact, we have no plans to park Totem for an extended stay on land (or in the water), and have never considered remaining in the US. But given the dearth of information in this space about what 2017 holds I can understand the speculation. We are on the cusp of departure and thrilled to be heading out for more adventures afloat.

Cascading events prolonged our departure, but the boat’s been humming, and legged out timing has shaped our direction. Routing clarity comes slowly after many shuffles ...

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OUT OF AFRICA: Harmattan Days in the Cape Verde Islands

3 Mar

Carie in cockpit

[Editor’s Note: After spending most of the winter of 1997 in Senegal and Gambia on Crazy Horse–see earlier posts on this here–I sailed out to explore the Cape Verdes before sailing to the West Indies. An earlier version of this account was published in Cruising World.]

AS WE LEFT the city of Banjul behind us, we could see that the swollen mouth of the Gambia River, a vast grey fairway, was studded with fishing pirogues. Most of the fishermen were tending charcoal fires in their bilges and thus were easily distinguished from a distance, lurking under dark ...

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Aventura on her way north

2 Mar

After spending the best part of the winter in a small marina close to Bergen on the west coast of Norway, Aventura is now heading for the Arctic.

Her sale was completed last week and the new owner, Oystein Storslett, and his crew are sailing her to their base at Tromso in the north of Norway.

Oystein’s company Arctic Explorers has been running a successful operation in recent years and the purchase of Aventura will allow them to expand their range by offering charter voyages to Spitsbergen (Svalbard) starting in late June.

The actual handover of Aventura was done in ...

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No sailing is not broken

2 Mar
Flying sailboats are not boring

I recently read an article by a man named Bill Canfield. It was titled “Sailing is Badly Broken.” Of course it got my attention. I don’t know Bill but it seems he has vast experience in the sport and he comes to his point of view from a very thoughtful perspective. I too come at this from a thoughtful perspective and here is my response; sailing has never been so alive, so vibrant, so exciting and so extraordinary, at least in my lifetime which, I cringe to say, is approaching six decades.

There is a ...
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181: Yves Gelinas

28 Feb


RECYCLED: Yves Gelinas is a French-Canadian single-handed sailor and inventor of the Cape Horn wind vane, the simplest, most robust, and most elegant solution for self-steering on an offshore cruising boat. Yves invented and perfected the gear while circumnavigating nonstop via the Great Capes in his beloved Alberg 30 Jean du Sud in the 80s. During that voyage, he filmed Around the World with Jean du Sud, which quickly came to be considered the greatest sailing movie ever made. Yves still builds the Cape Horn units himself from his workshop in Quebec & still sails Jean du ...

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