2011 ARC: Dock Walk

15 Dec

ARC fleet at St. Lucia

I'm hitting the rally beat hard these days. After recently not sailing in the Caribbean 1500, I'm now down in Rodney Bay, St. Lucia, checking out the end of this year's Atlantic Rally for Cruisers. To get a feel for things, I took a long stroll yesterday around the docks. I don't know about you, but walking around a marina or boatyard ogling boats is something I never get tired of.

There were two in particular I was looking for. The first was a Class 40 Akilaria named Vaquita. She turned in a stellar performance, crossing the ...

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Awesome Ocean Advocacy By The TankBangers

14 Dec

For anyone who loves the big, blue ocean and wishes we were better stewards, this wildly creative music video will move you (and sometimes make you smile, and sometimes make you mad).

But no matter what, it will make you care. Which is why it works. Share it around and maybe some other people will care, too. Waterworld needs a break from the fishing, the trash, the pollution.

It's brought to you by The TankBangers, the worlds first underwater music group. Follow their exploits on Facebook.

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Dog Tired

14 Dec

We're remodeling our kitchen. We wash our dishes in the bathtub. We've been saying for a week, hey, let's just move onto the boat, where we'll have a kitchen and be perfectly comfortable. The wind has been from every which way lately in San Francisco, making for a choppy, surgey mess. In the best of times my marina is rough, but it was particularly rough over the weekend. The rocking wasn't so bad, but the surge was terrible. Every time the boat surged, the dock lines creaked, squeaked, and groaned. Every time there was squeaking and groaning, the dog sat bolt upright and ...

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Vestas SailRocket: Foiled Again

14 Dec

A bad day for Paul Larsen and his intrepid speedsters. Their latest speed sailing session is over and they were plagued by the strange behavaior of every speed foil they plugged into their otherworldly craft. Here's a summary of the final day action (full report here):

We did 5 runs today. 3 slow, 1 grounding and 1 moderately fast run. I'm not happy. I can't believe we didn't even achieve a 50 knot average throughout this record attempt. I really can't believe it. Well it wasn't for lack of trying… or pushing.

I'll summarise the whole session in

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The Story Of PUMA’s Leg 1

14 Dec

You never need to miss anything these days. The creative team at PUMA puts out a nice video summary of how PUMA got to Cape Town despite dropping its rig in the South Atlantic.


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Cruisers Occupy Oakland

14 Dec

Yesterday, one thousand members of the Occupy Movement once again shut down the Port of Oakland. Nearby, truck driver Javier Johnson said, “What are these idiots protesting? This day is costing me $600 and I’ve got a family to feed.”

An Occupy spokesman said, “We are mainly targeting SSA Marine, which is partly -owned by Goldman Sachs.”

Protesters beat drums and yelled “We are the 99 percent!” and “Die Capitalist Pigs!”

But far in the back, a smaller, but more militant group yelled, “And stop running over sailboats!” The unruly rabble, dressed in oilskins and canvas hats, held signs that ...

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Banque Populaire Truly In The South

14 Dec

The big maxi-trimaran has had a dream run so far, and is passing New Zealand after just 20 days. But now it gets trickier as they are at 56S and the Southern Ocean threatens BP's 2000 mile lead over Groupama 3 with strong winds and boat-threatening conditions, then light air, and, to top it all off, a big depression as they descend toward Cape Horn. But that's what they (and we) signed up for.

For the first time, their daily video really looks as if they are in the Southern Ocean. 

And here is the report from the boat, via ...

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My little house

14 Dec

bob's house.JPGI originally posted this on Cruising Anarchy but then I thought it might be fun to put it on my blog. We had been discussing small houses and I had this design sitting around for the past five years. It combines my own life style with my ability to work with small spaces. Hope you like it.

My house

560 sq. ft. not counting the upstairs office.


My house was designed at a time when I was reacting to sciatic pain and the stress of building what to me was a huge and overly complex new house, the Taj ...

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Dept. Of Sublime Moments: Double Rainbow

13 Dec

The Volvo Ocean Race is as hard-core as sailing gets. But when there is no wind, there is no wind, and you have to take what the sea gods give you.

In this case, the sea gods have seen fit to bestow a beautiful double-rainbow on the long-suffering crew of PUMA. They no doubt are grateful. But there is one thing, and one thing only, that they care about after dropping their rig in Leg 1: winning this leg to Abu Dhabi and clawing their way back into the running (which is possible only because two other boats–in other ...

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