February 18th

Serenity update 2015.02.18

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Hi everyone!

Once again I have an update from the Serenity crew. Andy called me around 10am, the wind had eased of a bit and they could raise full sail for the first time in two days. The night was a bit rough with up to 30 kt of wind, so the light wind was a nice break for them. They also spotted some dolphins just before they called!!

Position at 2018.02.18 10 am
13°04’N 62°16’W
12 kt of Wind

They were only about 65 miles from Grenada so they are expecting to arrive sometime tonight. They will have a few days in Grenada before heading back to the BVI again.…

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February 17th

Serenity update 2015.02.17

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Hi everyone!

Here is today’s update from the Serenity crew. Andy called me once again early in the morning, at 8 am this morning they were just west Dominica, so not too far to go to reach Grenada.

Position 2015.02.17, 8am local time/EST
15°00’N 62°53’W
Wind 15-20 kt

They had a wonderful sail yesterday with 15 kt of wind and full sails. The wind picked up a bit over night to about 25kt, but were back down to 15-20 again when i spoke to Andy.

Last night the enjoyed Spaghetti Bolognese with Garlic bread for dinner thanks to ‘Chef Tom’. Still no swimming but they were planning to slow the boat down and go for a swim today if the wind dropped a little.…

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February 17th

MIBS 2015: Ocean Signal, ACR, C-Map, Garmin GNX, Lumitec and Veethree

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Written by Ben Ellison on Feb 17, 2015 for Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub

MIBS2015_Ocean_Signal_James_Flynn_cPanbo.jpgIt’s often hard to organize the news from a busy event like the Miami International Boat Show (MIBS), but this year a few of my photos stood out because they also portray the people behind the electronics. So say hello to Ocean Signal founder James Flynn, seen here showing off their latest ultra compact rescueME safety devices. The MOB1 personal AIS beacon with its added DSC alarm seems impressively simple to fit and use, and thanks to recent FCC approval, it’s now available here in the USA.…

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February 17th

Passage making: Malaysia to Sri Lanka

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Coastal Cruising has dominated the last couple of years in Southeast Asia. Our passage making skills are rusty. Before we left, I wondered: what habits would we have to relearn? What would come back like muscle memory?

Day 0

When you take off for a voyage, sometimes, it’s best just to tuck around the corner instead of going directly into the event. The final weeks we spent in Langkawi, Malaysia, were so jammed with projects and shopping runs and goodbyes: our last hike to the waterfalls, our last evening with friends at Mare Blu, our last barbecue on the harbor islet.…

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February 17th

Drew Hardesty

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This one is for the sailors who are also skiers – Drew Hardesty is a forecaster with the Utah Avalanche Center. How does he relate to sailing? Drew is the definition of an outdoorsman, and the wilderness envrionment that is the backcountry in the mountains of Utah is strikingly similar, philosophically, to the wilderness that is the high seas, and both are blessed and cursed with the same adventure and the same problems.

Drew and Andy discuss his career as a rescue-climber and backcountry avalanche forecaster, as well as Drew’s ideas on how to manage the influx of people into the backcountry, how those same problems plague the ocean sailing community, his hopes and fears to the future of backcountry use, and what he thinks we can do about it.…

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February 16th

MID-BLIZZARD EVACUATION: Australians Rescued Off $10K eBay Boat

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Sedona hoist

Yet another mid-winter North Atlantic Coast Guard helicopter rescue. Not off a new boat this time, but off an old 43-foot Carroll Marine racing sled, Sedona (built in 1995), that an Australian, Jason McGlashan, age 37, bought on eBay for $10,000 US. Apparently the price was too low to resist, and Jason and his dad, Reg, age 66, flew into Rhode Island a while back to prep the boat for a delivery back to Oz. The eyebrow-raising bits are that a) they departed from Jamestown last Friday, right in front of the huge blizzard we endured this weekend, and b) apparently the Coast Guard, as well as someone who had worked on the boat, strongly warned the duo not to leave.…

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February 16th

Serenity update 2015.02.16 8am

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Hi Everyone!

Position 2015.02.16 8am (13 local time in Sweden where I am at the moment):
17°00’N 63°45’W
15 kt of wind

I got a phone call from Andy today with their updated position. They are having a great time, had a lovely sail with 10kt of wind during the night and 15kt of wind when he called at eight in the morning. The night was pretty dark with no moon, but they all enjoyed it.

One of the crew got a little seasick (not sure who) over night but according to Andy recovered quickly. No swimming yet but I think that’s only a question on time, I am sure they will slow the boat down one of the days and go for a swim in the ocean!…

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February 15th

Serenty has departed Tortola

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Serenity before departure in Nanny Cay marina, Tortola BVI

Serenity before departure in Nanny Cay marina, Tortola BVI

Hi Everyone,

This is Mia, Andy’s wife.  I will be updating this blog every time I hear for Serenity,  so keep checking back here for updates.

I spoke to Andy today and they were planning to depart Nanny Cay marina around noon today Sunday February 15. All crew arrived yesterday, Andy & Jake has filled up some great food and the only thing they needed to do today before departure was to fill up the water tanks.

I hope to hear from the boat tomorrow, so check back sometime in the afternoon or evening for an update! …

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February 14th


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Kitts cruise under sail

This was my primary personal goal for Lunacy‘s winter season in St. Martin. Together with fellow SEMOSA members, Phil “He Of Many Nicknames” Cavanaugh and Charles “May I Cast Off Now?” Lassen, I had previously sailed Lunacy south from St. Martin to explore Saba and Statia. Also, of course, I have voyaged with the immediate family north and east to the more immediately neighboring islands of Anguilla and St. Bart’s. But this year I wanted to get to St. Kitts and Nevis, to the southeast, which are probably the furthest islands you can easily reach from St. Martin during a one-week round-trip cruise.…

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February 13th

Hello, Young Lovers

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By Kimball Livingston

It’s such a common phrase, such a common feeling, that we take it for granted. The romance of the sea. Even those who dwell far from the sea are not immune to it. Red sails in the sunset. The very notion of sailing away to paradise. Those who heed the call, those who love the sea and sailing, will not find it strange that a sailor would choose Valentine’s Day to write a love letter to the sport.

rosesOnce upon a time there lived a young man so enamored of sailboat racing that he couldn’t look out from the deck of one raceboat to another race going on over yonder without wishing he could be part of that race, too.…

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