Selling Arcturus

20 Apr

Arcturus under full sail in the Baltic, 2012. Scroll down for more photos at the end of the post.

Arcturus under full sail in the Baltic, 2012. Scroll down for more photos at the end of the post.

1966 Allied Seabreeze Sloop/Yawl, Hull #56

Mia and I never really thought this day would come. But just yesterday, we delivered Isbjorn to Annapolis from Connecticut, and our sailing careers officially evolved. Alas, like a good woman, my heart can’t be with two boats. I only hope I can find the perfect owner for Arcturus so she can continue the adventures we started on her.

So here’s the deal – whoever buys Arcturus is getting the deal of the century. ...

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Rightsiding the Wrongsided

19 Apr

Posted April 19 by Kimball Livingston

“What this will do is scare away the people who didn’t belong in the boat in the first place.”
Peter Johnstone

Boat was upright and back on its mooring in about 90 minutes. There was damage to the mainsail, which may need a new headboard. It’s sailing to St. Maartin tomorrow and later to Antigua for the race week. ...

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True Solitude

17 Apr

The expedition yacht Seal lies at anchor in a shallow bay on Isla Navarino, on the Chilean side of the Beagle Channel, while its crew of charter guests explores an isolated homestead. In the background, on the other side of the narrow channel named after HMS Beagle, loom the mountains of Argentina. Captained by Robert Fitzroy, the Beagle charted this remote part of Patagonia in the 1830s before heading up the South American coast to the Galápagos Islands. It was on this voyage that the ship’s naturalist, Charles Darwin, developed his theory of evolution.

Fitzroy too made a singular ...

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Free range cruising kids

17 Apr


At the moment, we’re with four other kid boats including thirteen kids between our little fleet. All five of us are sharing an anchorage in the Maldives, bound for South Africa by the end of the year. They’re on Totem, Utopia, Ceilydh, Morning Glory, and Evita. The kids range from 9 to 16, and about half of the junior fleet is comprised of teenage cruisers. This is really tremendous!

DSC_7820 (2)

Of course, this is fantastic for the kids, who love having a group of compatriots. And while cruising kids are accustomed to making friends across a range of ages and regardless ...

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Life Is Too Short to Use Cheap Paint

16 Apr

A wise man once told me this, and I took it to heart.

While traditional enamels are still around, most modern boat paint is linear polyurethane (LP). Among LPs there are one-part products and two-part products. Two-part products cost a little more, but last longer. When you consider that 80-90% of any painting job is prepping, sanding, fairing, and masking, and this is all fairly onerous work, why use paint that won’t last as long?
AwlGrip_Paint - 400perfection

Probably the best known two-part products are Awlgrip and Interlux’s Perfection. If you paint the topsides of your boat with one of these products it ...

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SPERM WHALE, UP CLOSE & PERSONAL: Gulf of Mexico ROV Video at 1,962 Feet

16 Apr

Sperm whale close

Time for a little wildlife admiration. Evidently this sort of thing doesn’t happen very often. As in a submersible ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) gets closely inspected by a live-action sperm whale at considerable depth. For the whale, though, it’s not really that deep, as they can dive down to over 7,000 feet when actively searching for snacks.

The video, captured aboard Dr. Robert Ballard’s expedition vessel Nautilus, was shot the day before yesterday and was streamed live to a worldwide InterWeb audience. A big treat for all the viewers at home. You can check the incessant Nautilus Live video ...

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Navico WR10 Wireless Pilot Controller & BT-1 Bluetooth-to-N2K gateway

15 Apr

Written by Ben Ellison on Apr 15, 2015 for Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub


Last week Navico introduced a Wireless Pilot Controller that can be added to B&G, Simrad, and Lowrance autopilots that connect to their control heads (and/or MFD controls) via NMEA 2000. It can do more than the keys indicate — like tack a sailboat that’s being steered in wind mode — and it will retail at $349 with a BT-1 Bluetooth Base Station. The WR10 remote will also be available by itself for $150 as four can work with one BT-1 at once, and eventually the remote ...

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CH 4 – A Primer on Panel Layouts

14 Apr


Different Layouts for Different Fabrics

There are two equally important aspects to sail design: aerodynamic shape and engineering. Aerodynamic shape refers to the curved foil that the sail will present when it is flying under certain conditions. Engineering refers to the various fabrics and fibers that will be used in building this foil and the precise manner in which they will be put together. In fact, these two aspects of sail design go hand in hand since a perfect shape is useless if it distorts when a load comes on the sail. Similarly, an over-engineered sail is equally useless if ...
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Offshore Passage Debrief

13 Apr

At about 0200 in the morning last Wednesday, after we’d tied the dock lines up in Little Creek VA, I got out the recorder and we debriefed the passage north on Sojourner from Marsh Harbor to Annapolis. The crew were myself, my dad, and Les and Jim, two podcast fans who’d signed up for the expedition online! The trip was ideal sailing – broad reaching under a full moon for most of the way, and warm, dry and comfortable (at least until we got back into colder water on the Bay). Aside from one night, that is. Early Easter Sunday ...

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