May 11th

And We’re Off!

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The neighborhood blimp pays me a visit a couple days before the big send-off
I’m writing this from a beach house in Grayton Beach, Florida about 250 miles and nearly an entire BBA chartbook east of New Orleans. After close to three years of work the boat is finally… well, certainly not done, not even in the shape I was hoping to leave in, but good enough to go sailing. It was, predictably, a hectic start.
Actually, our plan (as I told it to my enormously patient crew) was to leave New Orleans on the 10thof April or thereabouts.…
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May 11th

From Halfway Around the World

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I am advised that the Newcastle Herald story, previously linked here, is a “grossly inaccurate” account of the Artemis crash, from halfway around the world. It is duly removed.

I remind all involved that a void will be filled.

For a bit of perspective on the America’s Cup as a development platform, and the risks of pushing the envelope, here is an essential read from 1995. And then (and only then) you should relive the drama at OneAustralia swallows the ocean.

Yes, it’s hard to look at Erik’s pic.…

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May 10th

A Long Night in Bermuda

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No rest for the weary. I went to bed last night at 7pm, knowing full well that we’d be up again at 2 the next morning to cover the early morning shift. That’s how it goes when we have boats coming in one after another and have to be there on the dock to greet that. No matter how tired you are though, it’s pretty invigorating greeting crews on the dock who have just completed an ocean passage. They’re always thrilled to be there and provide a little boost of energy with their excitement.

It’s very nice here in Bermuda running these events, thanks to the watchful eye of Bermuda Radio high on Fort George Hill.

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May 10th

DEATH BY SAILING: Andrew Simpson and Luke Stimson

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Artemis AC72 crash

I was planning next to bore you with some details of Lunacy‘s recent passage from Puerto Rico to Bermuda, but the breaking news is far more compelling. And not just to sailors it seems. In my recent post on the America’s Cup I noted that the general public only seems to follow the Cup when there are intriguing characters involved, but now, unfortunately, we’ve found something else guaranteed to pique their interest. No one seemed terribly interested in AC72s when they were just sailing fast, but now that someone’s been killed on one, all the major media have perked up their ears.…

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May 10th

Memo to All Crewmembers

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To:      All residents of s/v Papillon
From:  Amy Schaefer
CC:     Any interested parties
Date:   May 10, 2013
Re:      Land-Visit Policies and Procedures
It has come to my attention that we are experiencing compliance issues with Boat SOP 57: Completing a Visit To Your Land-based Home.  It is essential that all crewmembers master this procedure.  This memo is intended to review the skills we need to make our land adventures as successful as our sea ones.

Section 2.3.1 states: “Crew may not be ill for any time exceeding 13% of their total visit length.”  In a month-long visit, this is equivalent to approximately four days. …

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May 9th

Marine fuel prices, why so hard?

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Written by Ben Ellison on May 9, 2013 for Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub



I’m so close to home!  But good old Maine welcomed me with a full menu of fog, rain, and wind — topped off with a foul tide — so it seemed wise to take a break behind the Rockland breakwater, make some tea and discuss marine fuel prices. One of many things I learned on this trip to South Carolina and back is how much diesel prices can vary, even within the same harbor. So I was quite keen to give the new IOS app a spin.

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May 8th

Andy sat down with Merrill aboard his Shannon 43 'Serenity' in Tortola, two days before the start of Atlantic Cup / ARC Europe 2013. Merrill is a sailor, furniture builder, wine collector, beer brewing enthusiastic and really just a super active, thoughtful and inspiring guy! The talk meandered from sailing – and Merrill's reconstruction of the old Shannon – to lawn mowing, wine, coffee and more in between. Best of all, Merrill is an optimist, and his enthusiasm is infectious. Enjoy!…

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May 8th

paddling out
A few months ago I started asking myself how to justify dumping all my free time and money into a boat I can’t afford. April alone included six days in the boatyard, at about $2000, including an insurance survey, plus berthing fees, a robbery, and about ten days of my life. The answer was more boat adventures.

The plan would be to sail to Bolinas, just 15 miles from my marina, where we’d paddle in and surf. On the way we’d drop off a crab trap in hopes of catching some Dungeness crabs, the “Maine lobster of the West.”

In short, total success.…

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May 7th

ARC Rally Announces 2nd Start Date, plus Cape Verde Stopover

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Okay, busy day for Andy & Mia today on SAILfeed! We just got the official word from the main office in Cowes that the World Cruising Club is expanding the ARC Rally, something Mia and I have enjoyed working on for the past four years. Here's the official press release…


'Demand from sailors world-wide for spaces in the 2013 Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC 2013) has been unprecedented. The thirty extra boat slips recently installed by the Las Palmas Port Authority has enabled the ARC to grow to a maximum of 245 yachts for 2013; despite this, the ARC was full by the end of January, with the waiting list closed a month later.

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