San Francisco Cup in View

30 Mar

By Kimball Livingston Posted March 29, 2015

Since 1967, the San Francisco Cup has been the annual rivalry match-up between The San Francisco Yacht Club (founded 1869) and the outfit that spun off from it, St. Francis Yacht Club (founded 1927).

They live across the San Francisco River from each other.

Today, the joy is on the north side of the river, at SFYC.

I’d tell you the score, except, I don’t want to. It hurts, from an StFYC point of view.

On the other hand, remembering that this is a game, and friends get together and play games and ...

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Passage to Maldives

30 Mar


Why leave on a passage when there’s very little wind in the forecast? Having a breeze matters, when you have 700 miles to go. But the seasons are changing. It’s light, because that’s the shift in the seasonal pattern as the NE monsoon draws to a close. Waiting for wind isn’t necessarily going to bring us any wind. In fact, ideally, we’d be at least a month further into our Indian Ocean passagemaking at this point. But we wouldn’t leave Malaysia before we were ready. And we didn’t want to shortchange Sri Lanka. And both those were worth the tradeoff ...

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Wemar Nautipad, why not e-paper instrument displays?

29 Mar

Written by Ben Ellison on Mar 29, 2015 for Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub


They look like excellent instrument displays, especially when you realize that they’re portable, wireless, waterproof, touchscreen tablets that rarely need charging and shouldn’t be wicked expensive. Unfortunately, though, they’re not currently available. I hesitate to write about a discontinued product, but the seemingly well-developed Wemar Nautipad system above could come back on the market if another company wants to give it a go, and e-paper screens seem like an interesting idea for boats anyway…


Information about the Nautipad system is still up on the site of ...

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The $500 day trip

28 Mar

DSC_5256Experiencing some of Sri Lanka’s ancient cities was one of our goals during a month-long stay. Two of the outstanding examples are within day-trip distance of Trincomalee: the 9th century city of Polonnuwara, and the 1500+ year old fortress of Sigiriya. If you’re a product of the 80s (*cough*), you know these ancient sites- trust me! If your memory needs a jog, watch the Duran Duran video for “Save a Prayer.”


Climbing to our view of Sigiriya

So while we waited to embark on more extended touring, we organized a jaunt to the sites with two other boats, ...

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26 Mar

Aventura aerial

O how fickle the Wind Gods! A couple of weeks ago while aboard Lunacy with the family in St. Martin you’ll recall we had far too much of it. Wind, I mean. Then just two days after returning from that venture, I sallied forth to join Jimmy Cornell aboard his new Garcia Exploration 45 Aventura (same name as his last three boats) to crew on a 1,300-mile passage across the entire breadth of the Caribbean during prime-time tradewind season, and what do I see on prognosticatory WX charts while waiting to board a flight to Florida? A most emphatic lack ...

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We are sailing!

25 Mar

We are sailing

After several days of calms and very light winds, something that I had never experienced in the Caribbean Sea before, the wind finally came up… as did our Parasailor spinnaker. Dave could not resist the temptation to film and take some photos of the colourful sail, so we hoisted him to the top of the mast.

View from the top

The major attraction of this special design is that it acts both as a classic tri-radial spinnaker and also doubles up as an asymmetric. The main features of the Parasailor are the wide slot that runs from ...

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Wireless autopilot controls: Madman for Raymarine, Si-Tex SRS-100 for any brand?

25 Mar

Written by Ben Ellison on Mar 25, 2015 for Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub

Madman_ap_control_for_Raymarine_cPanbo.jpgSome people think it’s crazy to run an autopilot with a smartphone, so maybe it’s fitting that a company called Madman Marine is the first to make this possible with Raymarine pilots. But then again Madman’s AP-WRC3iF comes with two fobs that run on a separate wireless frequency and that can also make course changes, initiate autotacks and change pilot modes. And it only costs about $235 U.S. plus shipping from Australia (with the fob-only model at about $190)…


What Madman has done is to figure ...

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Sri Lanka’s wild side

24 Mar


Traveling Sri Lanka’s interior meant some long days on the road (or railway tracks). Between that, and the likelihood of many “educational” stops, we thought the best way to end our adventures on a high note with potentially templed-out kids was to splurge on a safari. This isn’t a big country- the land area is similar to West Virginia- but it has the greatest biodiversity density in Asia, including the truly exotic, the beautiful and endangered, and a high proportion of endemic species. We especially hoped for a glimpse of the endangered Sri Lankan leopard. So we took a ...

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Victor Hempel

23 Mar

Paul Exner talks to single-handed sailor Victor Hempel aboard Paul’s boat ‘Solstice’ in Tortola. Paul and Andy also announce their partnership between 59º North & Modern Geographic to offer sailing expeditions aboard the Swan 48 ‘Isbjorn’ and Paul’s ‘Solstice.’

Paul will be regularly co-hosting ’59º North’ during the normal Tuesday releases. What do you think of the new co-host?

Want to go ocean sailing with Andy or Paul? Book a berth on the Swan 48 ‘Isbjorn’ or the Cape George 31 ‘Solstice’ at and

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