August 18th

Borneo passage days

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We do have our fair share of squalls (really, it’s a daily event) but most of the time we have spent making our way from one part of Borneo to another has been mild and mellow. We aren’t catching any fish, but we aren’t trying hard- the fishfinder (the best cheap depth sounder you can buy!) rarely shows anything but the bottom, a mere 30-50 feet below. Crossing a river outflow can be the most exciting part of the day.

crazy river outflows

That’s OK with me. There are hours to read in the shade of the cockpit.

passage reading

We have picked up small friends.…

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August 17th

This isn’t quite as cool as Dorade winning the Transpac, but it’s close. A French Corinthian father-son crew, Pascal and Alexis Loison, sailing Night and Day, a 33-foot JPK 1010, beat out an enormous fleet of 336 boats to become the first doublehanded crew ever to win the Fastnet Race (on corrected time, of course). Not too shabby, considering they were sailing against some biggest, fastest multi- and monohulls on the planet.

A great summer for underdogs on the ocean-racing circuit!

2013 Fastnet fleet

The fleet beating up the Solent to the Needles

Jolie Brise

Competitors included the cutter Jolie Brise, first winner of the race back in 1925 and only boat to win three times

2013 Fastnet winners

The victors in their moment of glory.

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August 16th

Superfluous Adults

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I spent a lot of my childhood with my siblings down the ravine behind our house.  In summer, we found salamanders under rocks and built dams across the foot-deep stream.  In the winter, we slogged our way down the snowy slope to crack through the ice and always came home with wet snowpants.  And while my mom knew where we were, she was hardly lurking behind every tree.

Solving fractions and finding popcorn words.

So I kind of feel bad for my kids.  Living aboard means we get to spend a lot of fun time together, but it also means that they have a tough job escaping us. …

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August 16th

And then the Lamborghini drove off the dock

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Fancy cars come to Miri

When I returned to the Miri marina from provisioning with a friend, there was an entirely new class of transportation lined up in front of the well-used sailboats and Malaysian Marine ships. One metallic blue machine edged out onto the wooden
platform over the water, wooden boards creaking loudly underneath. OK, it didn’t actually go off the dock, but I’m sure I’m not the only person to hold my breath and visualize it happening when they cracked just a little. Even the driver
of the most pedestrian Proton sedan knows better than to leave the sandy scrub
of the parking lot, but they aren’t usually after a photo op.…

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August 15th

Rödhamn: Remembering a (not so) distant past

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Caption: The "6" on the red tag is the number of bread loaves that we'll<br /><br />
get delivered tomorrow morning here in Rödhamn.

Caption: The “6” on the red tag is the number of bread loaves that we’ll get delivered tomorrow morning here in Rödhamn.

I got inspired today by reading old journal entries. I happened to bring along the logbook that we keep on Arcturus – the journal logbook, the one with stories in, not the official navigation one – on a short walk Mia and I took this afternoon, and started from the beginning when I stopped to have a seat in the outhouse (these are everywhere in the archipelago I’m learning.

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August 15th

ANDERSEN WINCHES: Secrets of the Disc Spring Revealed

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Andersen winch

I spent Monday out on Lunacy again and revisited Wills Gut, or McMansion Cove, as I’ve come to think of it, for the first time in three years. Before the sun went down I installed the new “disc springs” on my Andersen winches, a seemingly easy job that turned out to be not so easy after all.

Fortunately, thanks to the exploratory surgery I performed last time I was on the boat, I did at least succeed in acquiring the right parts. What I hadn’t realized is that the seemingly innocuous black plastic lids on these winches actually do serve a purpose, which is why they’re called disc springs.…

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August 14th

Eva-Dry your boat interior

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Written by Dan Corcoran on Aug 14, 2013 for Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub

EvaDryArticle1_cDCorcoran_for_Panbo-7436l.jpgOne of the products above has proven itself a far superior option in keeping my 39-foot sailboat pleasantly dry and odor free, despite an occasional need to close up the boat with wet sails or gear down below.

When I first purchased Breeze Pleeze, I read a great article in support of using continuous airflow assisted by solar driven fans. The article promoted the use of two fans, one on each end of the boat, forcing air in one end and out the other. It sounded like the way to go, but I was not keen on blocking the view through a couple of hatches and resisted the temptation to follow that advice.…

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August 14th

For anyone who thinks the one-tack-or-gybe-and-make-a-timed-run-to-the-line prestarts of the current America’s Cup is an affront to all AC lovers; for anyone who yearns for dial-ups, penalties, and close boat on boat action; for anyone who thought the IACC class could be thrilling to watch, I give you this pre-start from the 2007 Cup.

It almost helps that the commentary is in excitable Italian.

Ah, the good old days.


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August 14th

Sat around with your neighbors lately?

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How different would communities be if the neighbors all sat down together
to relax and talk for an hour or so- say, once a month? Once a week? In the
Miri marina, there’s a nightly bring-your-chair-and-beverage gathering at the
end of Dock B.

the marina speakeasy
We didn’t solve the world’s problems, but we speculated about the marina’s illicit gambling den, shared  great stories, and helped each other from our diverse knowledge base while the sun set. As is the way of stateless sailors around the world, we
fast tracked building our own community. During this week in Miri, Jamie and I
were the lone Americans in a group of Aussies, but the makeup shifts with the
boats that come and go.…
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