September 15th

Many thanks folks!

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Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words about my early drawings. They were labors of love.  The “client” names you see in some of the title blocks are usually names of my friends or people I made up. I was trying to look “official”.

People have been asking if the drawings are for sale or are prints available. Yes on both counts. The original will sell for $2,500 each and prints can be had for $100 a print. While I am not keen to part with the originals I’d rather see them mounted and framed rather than just to roll them up and stick them back in a tube in my archives to be forgotten again.…
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September 14th

Up And Down Mountains Named "Beer"

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I huffed and puffed my way up the trail. I had forgotten how little I like walking uphill. I assume this is some sort of self-preservation mechanism, because I get marched up mountains with depressing regularity. Erik and I, sadly, are walking-incompatible. I can walk forever on flat or gently rolling terrain. And I enjoy it. But when things get steep, the fun factor drops dramatically. Erik, on the other hand, hates walking on flat land.  This is because he is secretly a mountain goat. The steeper the grade, the happier he is, and he will gladly spend a day (or weekend, or month) skipping from crag to crag, pausing only to land in the odd cow pat.

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September 13th

50 Years on San Francisco Bay

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The S&S yawl Athene, winner of the inaugural St. Francis Perpetual Trophy

Posted September 13 courtesy of RegattaNews.Com

There is one person who can tell the full story of the Rolex Big Boat Series, in amazing detail, starting from its humble beginnings. It is the man whose idea it was to start it back in the 1960s: St. Francis Yacht Club’s Staff Commodore (1975) Robert C. Keefe, who at the age of 84 has been a member for 65 years and remembers the early days of the then-called St. Francis Perpetual Trophy Series as if it were yesterday.

As a traveling sales manager for (and eventually President of) Barient Winches, Keefe spent plenty of time in Southern California, getting to know the area’s principal yachtsmen.…

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September 12th

Gunboat 55

I spent yesterday cruising the docks at the show in Newport and was particularly pleased to have a chance to get aboard the new Gunboat 55. You’ve got to hand it to Peter Johnstone–he is not one to rest on his laurels. After sailing the Gunboat 60 last year at Annapolis, I was impressed by how willing he’s been to rethink what a Gunboat might be. Given the great success of the first generation of boats, a lot of builders would have been very happy to just do more of the same. The 60 is definitely a different sort of Gunboat, but the new 55, a very elegant open-bridgedeck design, is something else entirely.…

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September 12th

This week in ocean sailing (and other cool stuff)

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As we head towards the re-launch of in the next few weeks, I’m starting something today that I plan to continue and make a feature of the new site/newsletter. In short, I learn a lot about what I talk and write about when it comes to offshore sailing by voraciously reading others. I’d like to share that. Here’s new original content from, plus what I found most interesting this past week around the web and in print:

On Ocean Sailing

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September 12th

Podcast Essay: Fit & Healthy Onboard

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Andy discusses how he and Mia stay fit and healthy onboard. From eating right and paying attention to ingredient labels, to why German beer is better for you, to how to create a workout around a deck of cards, Andy covers his own methods of keeping fit and healthy on Arcturus. Have your own ideas? Share them with us!…

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September 11th

Boats are meant to move

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Totem sailing across Malacca

Two months and change. 71 days, actually (who’s counting?). During the last six years of cruising the only other times we’ve stayed in one place more than two months were when we parked in Australia, and earlier this year in Langkawi. That’s it. Even the places we’ve stopped for more than a month only amount to a handful: we may not move quickly, but we like to be moving. Nomadic living is our baseline.

Of course, we didn’t have much of a choice this year. Sitting in the marina was a far cry from our grand plans of cruising in Borneo and the Philippines, but it’s great peace of mind to have worked through our engine troubles.…

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September 11th

Antenna masts: Edson Vision & more

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Written by Ben Ellison on Sep 11, 2014 for Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub


So far, so good. Finishing up Gizmo’s antenna mast was the last minute task before heading south, but nothing fell on our heads during the often lively passage to the Cape Cod Canal and around into Long Island Sound. Most of the new installs up there worked too, though we experienced a couple of very odd MFD issues that I’ll write up once I understand them better. For the time being I’ll just repeat a venerable adage: Do not rely on any one source of navigation information.

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September 10th

3 for 3 in 86

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Catapult-ed to the Top of the Standings
Opening Day Action of Inaugural J/70 World Championship. By Jan Harley/Media Pro

NEWPORT, R.I. (September 9, 2014) – It may have been mostly cloudy for the opening day of the 2014 J/70 World Championship presented by Helly Hansen, but one standout bright spot was the performance of Joel Ronning of Minneapolis, Minn. Sailing Catapult with long-time crew Victor Diaz De Leon of Venezuela, and San Diego sailors Willem Van Waay and Bill Hardesty – the latter the 2011 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year – Ronning drove to win three out of three races sailed on a lumpy Rhode Island Sound.…

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