September 11th

Antenna masts: Edson Vision & more

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Written by Ben Ellison on Sep 11, 2014 for Panbo, The Marine Electronics Hub


So far, so good. Finishing up Gizmo’s antenna mast was the last minute task before heading south, but nothing fell on our heads during the often lively passage to the Cape Cod Canal and around into Long Island Sound. Most of the new installs up there worked too, though we experienced a couple of very odd MFD issues that I’ll write up once I understand them better. For the time being I’ll just repeat a venerable adage: Do not rely on any one source of navigation information.

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September 10th

3 for 3 in 86

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Catapult-ed to the Top of the Standings
Opening Day Action of Inaugural J/70 World Championship. By Jan Harley/Media Pro

NEWPORT, R.I. (September 9, 2014) – It may have been mostly cloudy for the opening day of the 2014 J/70 World Championship presented by Helly Hansen, but one standout bright spot was the performance of Joel Ronning of Minneapolis, Minn. Sailing Catapult with long-time crew Victor Diaz De Leon of Venezuela, and San Diego sailors Willem Van Waay and Bill Hardesty – the latter the 2011 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year – Ronning drove to win three out of three races sailed on a lumpy Rhode Island Sound.…

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September 10th

canoe logo

Here’s a class that holds a world championship every three years—only.

Here’s a class that’s not right for everyone.

And here’s a class that’s addictive for a certain few. Their newsletter is called The Sliding Seat.

Erik Simonson/PressureDrop.US has been following the action, hosted by the Richmond Yacht Club. There’s a “Richmond Riviera” thing going on, but the breeze has touched twenty at times, so everyone will go home knowing they have sailed on San Francisco Bay . . .




This video is a few years old, but if you’re intrigued, here’s where you will find the International Canoe story.…

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September 9th

Maritime industry and safety at sea: infographic

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I’ve been thinking a lot about safety at sea lately, as we get ready for next year’s Indian Ocean transit- waters that have a well earned reputation as dangerous to mariners. So when Bracken Foam Fabricators sent me this infographic on maritime safety, it got  my attention. (Mum, I promise we will stay away from any “piratey” waters, even though the trend is in our favor- as the graphic shows!) Thanks Max, for sending this along! When we make it to Ireland, I hope you’ll come visit Totem.

Bracken Foam Fabricators - Safety at Sea - Infographic
Safety conscious folks know we love it when you read this on the Sailfeed website.

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September 9th

Podcast: Chris Museler, Round 2

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Chris Museler is back for another inspiring chat with Andy. Last they talked, Chris had just returned from an Atlantic crossing aboard HUGO BOSS, covering the double-handed race as a media crew for the NY Times. Chris explains what’s happening with all the video footage he took (it’s very cool). They continued to chat about how he got into sailing journalism, the big-time sailing he’s done competitively, and lots more.…

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September 9th

BLUE PLANET TIMES 2014-09-09 11:30:15

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G’day. As many of you know, there was a press conference last night (I mean, today) in London (London?) regarding plans for the next competition for the alleged America’s Cup, allegedly held in trust by the Golden Gate Yacht Club of San Francisco.

The affair was attended by the skipper of the defending team, Jimmy Spithill, and the skippers of five challengers representing Italy, France, New Zealand, Sweden, and the UK. Apparently the organizational structure of the event does not presently support someone who could deliver a summary of events. Meanwhile, I have other matters on my plate and little interest in sitting through a video of the proceedings.…

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September 9th

Expect the Unexpected Offshore

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Originally published here on Click to see the comments chain, just as interesting as the article itself.

Freezing and alone, three-hundred miles at sea in the dark, rescue swimmer Mike Odom lashes his arms to his life raft. He knows he’ll be dead soon and wants us to find his body – If he gets thrown out again we’ll never find him. The three sailors that he put in the back of the helicopter with me don’t know that we don’t have enough gas to get back. Not into this headwind. Pilot Jay Balda is thinking that his crew might be dead soon and its all his fault.…

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September 8th


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Liz Clark sailing

Just because I’m aware of (and somewhat amused by) the fact that many, if not most women on cruising boats have been lured aboard by the men in their lives doesn’t mean I think this is proper or desirable. Au contraire. It is not nearly as common as I wish it was, but it is certainly not unheard of for women to sail boats of their own alone and unaided. Of course, we can all tick off the names of several solo women racers, but there are also a few solo women cruisers out there who aren’t nearly as well known.…

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September 7th

1 Year. 25 Years. Remembering Blackaller

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It was one year ago as of September 7 that race one of the 34th America’s Cup launched on San Francisco Bay.

It was 25 years ago on September 7 that Tom Blackaller died of a heart attack at the wheel of a race car. Being Tom, he got the car off the track and safely shut down, first.

And it was Blackaller who agitated for catamaran racing for America’s Cup, and it was Blackaller who told us, “If we ever get the America’s Cup to San Francisco Bay, we’ll show the world how good sailing can be.”

He was right.…

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