Watch Captain

20 Jan
Our friend Ty has accompanied Totem on significant passages . We’re very excited that he’s booked a flight to Namibia next month, and will join Totem again to cross the Atlantic to the Caribbean. A little backstory on Ty and our history together seems appropriate: this is a piece Jamie wrote about our indomitable seafaring companion. […] Read More

Beautiful Sri Lanka

16 Mar
Sri Lanka has captured our hearts and minds: one month has flown by. There has been fascinating history, culture, food, and more for us to learn about and experience. But it was so much more than that: more than any country, it’s been about the people that we meet. You can’t walk down the street […] Read More

Your day is about to get better

13 Dec
Get ready to smile! You know how when you smile at someone, it’s hard for them not to smile back? When someone passes along a good feeling, it’s hard not to share it and pass it along yourself? That’s pretty much how the kids & kittens fundraiser happened. It all started with a picture of the cute little boy […] Read More

The Many-Headed Hydra

10 Dec
       I am, finally, back home in New Orleans after a long jaunt down the East Coast. The crew and I were completely out of touch with the world for the past few weeks as we explored some of the more remote reefs in the F... Read More

Friendships and cruising

7 Dec
Ponnusamy, or Sam as we call him, prepared chicken curry at his home in Penang, Malaysia for us to share on Totem recently. He called it “a simple curry” although was anything but simple, with so many different spices that even chili-fueled fire didn’t overwhelm the complex flavors. Other than love of good chicken vindaloo […] Read More

Podcast: Jeff Wettig Interviews Andy, Part 2

22 Oct
Part 2 of Jeff Wettig's chat with Andy at 'the center of the sailing podcast universe,' in Lancaster, PA. They continued their chat from Part 1, and talk about Andy's boat Arcturus, who's coming up on the 59 North podcast, what's happening over the next few years and more! Read More

Podcast: Jeff Wettig Interviews Andy, Part 1

21 Oct
Jeff Wettig, host of the 'Shooting the Breeze' sailing podcast, turns the tables on Andy and interviews him on his own show. Jeff and Andy sat down at Andy's kitchen table in Lancaster for an in-person interview to talk about Andy's sailing history, how he came to Lancaster, what it's like living in Sweden and much more. Catch Part 2 tomorrow. Read More

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