January 17th

The net is just buzzing with talk about Cuba since the release yesterday (Jan 16, 2015) of the new US regulations regarding the embargo. Everyone wants to go to Cuba – nothing new there – but just what do the new regulations actually say? That’s the real question, and it’s not being properly answered by most of the people discussing it.
For those of a legal bent, I’m going to include links to the new regs at the end of this article, so you can nitpick to your heart’s content. For the rest of us, it’ll be a bit more ad hoc.…

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January 14th
North channel

I’m a new face here on Sailfeed, but certainly not a new face to SAIL Magazine readers, as I’ve been writing for SAIL for nearly ten years. Nonetheless, I’m very excited about being able to speak with you here on Sailfeed, and I look forward to many conversations with you. First though, a bit of an introduction, to me, and to what to expect from me here.

I’m a full time cruiser living the dream, (and let’s be honest, occasionally it’s a nightmare!), out of Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay – truly some of the world’s best cruising grounds along with the North Channel of Lake Huron.…

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December 10th

The Many-Headed Hydra

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     I am, finally, back home in New Orleans after a long jaunt down the East Coast. The crew and I were completely out of touch with the world for the past few weeks as we explored some of the more remote reefs in the Florida Keys and made the jump out to the Dry Tortugas and home to New Orleans from there. Now we’re surrounded by friends, airing out stale projects, re-combobulating the trappings of life on land. There’s a bicycle hanging in a wharehouse on St. Ferdinand, a few boxes from the attic of a house on Urquhart, some clean clothes.…

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October 21st

Note: The movie makes it’s theatrical debut this Friday in New York City at the Quad Cinema. Click for tickets. Click here to watch the trailer.

Mia and I watched ‘Red Dot on the Ocean’ last night, the film about Matt Rutherford and his historic ‘Solo the America’s’ voyage. In a word: inspiring. If you don’t read any further, just take my advice and watch the film. It deserves to become a classic, and I hope it will.

Matt is one of my closest friends in the sailing industry, and so this review will absolutely be biased. I know Matt’s story, I’ve heard it countless times, I’ve written about it countless times and I’ve been one of Matt’s biggest fans since I first met him in 2009.…

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October 21st

Watch the official trailer of the Matt Rutherford story about his epic voyage around the america’s and his unbelievable childhood that put him on the path to become one of the greatest sailors of the modern world. Red Dot on the Ocean premiere’s this Friday, October 24, at the Quad Cinema in New York City. Look for Andy Schell’s full review later today, Tuesday October 21.

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October 8th

Albert's boat profile

Hank Schmitt of Offshore Passage Opportunities first met Albert the first time he pulled into Dominica while sailing the West Indies several years back. He was the very first islander Hank met, so he took him on as his “boat boy,” though of course Albert is no boy, being all of 47 years old with three grown kids. “What struck me was how Albert was like any dad,” says Hank. “His kids are in nursing school and high school, and his oldest is working in the construction business, but they would come down to the docks and Albert would empty his pockets to give them money almost as fast as he was making it.…

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October 8th

A tale of two sailing podcasters

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It didn’t make any sense to me at first, how two guys from seemingly very different backgrounds, could end up tied to the same place, doing pretty much the same kind of thing at about the same time, without ever knowing about the other, far, far away from the nearest place that the thing they do happens?

Get that?

Right,  let’s see. I come from Lancaster County, PA…  Amish country if you will. Born and raised, lived there my whole life… Right up until last summer.

Andy grew up near Reading, PA, about 40 minutes north. He didn’t even know there was a City of Lancaster, 70 thousand people strong, deep within Lancaster County, just thought it was one big never ending Amish Farm you drove past on the way to somewhere else.…

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