April 22nd


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By Kimball Livingston Posted April 22, 2014

And not really, of course, but it’s not all that often that the Coast Guard’s Commander of the Pacific Area, Defense Force West, is promoted to the office of Commandant. That part doesn’t become official until ceremonies in Washington, D.C. a few weeks hence, but—

three-admiralsToday, the process began with a Change of Command ceremony at Coast Guard Island, Alameda, in which Vice Admiral Paul Zukunft, Commandant-to-be, handed off the Pacific Area command to Vice Admiral Charlie Ray.

(Go Razorbacks)

We’re in good hands. In the pic we see, left to right, Zukunft, Admiral Robert Papp, Commandant, and Ray.…

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April 21st

By Kimball Livingston Posted April 21, 2014

Eventually, someone is going to get “wind assisted” transport right.

Don’t bet against Richard Jenkins.

The same Richard Jenkins who spent his first ten adult years figuring out how to set a wing-powered landsailing speed record of 126.2 mph.

The same Richard Jenkins who recently, remotely, sailed a 19-foot, wing-and-solar-powered prototype drone from San Francisco Bay to Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, then to the South Pacific, and back, and who is now neck deep in developing his next generation Saildrone, capable of carrying a complete array of oceanographic research instrumentation to any coordinates on the blue reaches of the Blue Planet.…

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April 17th

Thank you ladies and gentlemen

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Jan Photo.jpgThe visit count to my blog has shot up the last few days. I guess it helps if actually blog once and a while. I’ll try to keep it up. I hope my Taiwanese friends are enjoying the posts.
I think I might blog the Baba’s next. I’m thinking about doing it on WORD then pasting it here. There are some odd idiosyncrasies to this blog program  that are annoying. I’ll see what I can do.

But for now I feel the need to get this photo of FRANCIS LEE published. The photo was taken by Jan of Jan’s Marine Photography last Saturday when she was out photographing the regatta.…

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April 17th

Coast Guard Boardings: My Number Was Up

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After writing the posts about Coast Guard Boardings, I was wondering when my number would come up again. It came up last weekend.

The boarding and paper-checking were routine, but some of the things the boarding officer told me were not.

To backtrack a bit, from some of the comments from my posts, some think I’m taking a crack at the Coast Guard, but this is NOT the case. I’m taking a crack at Title 14 section 89 of the United States Code, which I think should be repealed or revised, especially with regard to recreational craft in domestic waters.…

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April 15th

Erik on 'Bagheera'

This is a difficult one to post, because Erik first asked Mia and I to sail with him, south from Baffin Island to Halifax in September. Alas, we’ll be in Sweden (sailing on our own boat), but what an experience this could be! All the photos here are courtesy of Erik de Jong.

Anyway, I’ve been talking with Erik a lot, and he’s got several bunks available for his summer cruise to Greenland starting May 18. (By the way, Erik was on the podcast a few episodes back – listen here for more info on him and what he does with Bagheera).…

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April 14th

Proud Ye ye

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two beautiful boys.jpgMy two beautiful boys.

“Ye ye”is mandarin for grandpa and yes I am obviously a very proud grandpa. I’m “Grampy”.
This weekend I got even more proud with the arrival of my first grandson, Drake Shaw Perry, 8lbs. 5 oz, a strapping young fellow. Looks just like me. Basically.

I never knew a grandpa. My maternal grandfather, Angelo Dante Guiseppi Nanelli died  at 42 well before I was born. My father’s dad, Howard Elmer Perry, I didn’t meet until we moved here from Australia. I was 12 years old and “Grampy” was a handsome old vegetable in a chair. I’m pretty sure he never said two words to me.…

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April 14th

Naked in Public: Sauna Etiquette from the Swedes

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No, that's not a sign meaning old ladies can sit in the shower...that's a sauna! This is the public showers at the marina in Mariehamn, Åland.

No, that’s not a sign meaning old ladies can sit in the shower…that’s a sauna! This is the public showers at the marina in Mariehamn, Åland.

Disclaimer: there is lots of naked talk in this post! No lewd photos or harsh language, but we’re going to talk about being naked in public. Sound uncomfortable? Well, now you know how I felt the first time I went in the sauna with my wife and her best friend.

This piece has been a long time in the making, and it starts with a story from Finland. My first winter in Sweden was in 2007/08.…

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April 9th

Does it happen to you?

These shots were made early this week by onetime Stanford sailing coach Blake Middleton, now removed to, as Bob Dylan once described it, “the North Country, fair.”

Blake gives us the scene as, “Nine Z-420s from the University of Minnesota and area high school teams in a narrow band of open water. Say, 200 yards X 25 yards?”

And that is the report from 44° 54′ N X 093° 38′ W.


Spring is here. Posted 4/9/2014 by KL…

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April 4th

CAT PPALU: Great Salvage Video

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Ppalu sunk

Gotta hand it to Randy West. He knows how to bounce right back after getting slapped down hard. You’ll recall his classic 75-foot Peter Spronk catamaran, Ppalu, sank last month in St. Maarten during the Heineken Regatta. (This right after Randy got done with a 7-month refit of the boat.) Now you can watch a properly produced Rick Moore video on how the old girl was salvaged:

You’ll also learn a bit about the history of the boat, starting with when Randy was one of 200 people who helped pick her up and walk her into the water when she was first launched in St.…

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