June 12th

I spent over a year on and off, anchored right at that spot, and jumped off those rocks many times. It looks like since then somebody’s put an (ineffective) fence around them. The very first time I dropped anchor there, after entering the Heads for the first time, and old salt advised me on the holding, and advised me not to swim. I asked why, and he made the the big mouth sign with his arms. Throughout the year+, and many hours of lovely swimming around that bay, bottom scrubbing, etc., I came to dismiss all the the rumors about man-eating sharks in Sydney Harbour/Port Jackson. Hmm… What a video!

This article was syndicated from The Adventures of the Vessel Condesa

One Response to “GoPro: Great White Shark In Sydney Harbour”

  1. Clark Beek says:

    Unfortunately this video has been shown to be a fake, but you’ve still got to hand it to them for good editing.

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