May 5th

Top 10 signs it’s time to leave the island

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We may not be with the fleet heading to Africa (this year), but it’s time to go. Here’s how to know when you really should move on to a new place:

10. Gooseneck barnacles reach the toe rail.

9. The latest charts show your vessel as a hazard.

8. Baby birds emerge from nests under the solar panels…for the 3rd time.

7. A waitress at the nearby restaurant invites you to her wedding. Again.

6. A proposal is floated to use your boat as the gift shop for the planned “Pirates of Asia” theme park.

5. Fish under the boat form a home owner’s association, requesting 60 days notice before departure.

4. Tour guides come to you for advice on cool spots.

3. A new government study on plate tectonics includes your boat as a key marker.

2. Fishermen begin to wave back.

1. Everybody knows your name!

Friends who read this on the Sailfeed website always know not to overstay at the island.

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7 Responses to “Top 10 signs it’s time to leave the island”

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  2. Elaine and Tucker- perfect additions!
    Brian- we’ll see you in Palawan- can’t wait to get to the Philippines.

  3. brian tennant says:

    dont have anything clever to add, very funny,we arrive back at stella next wensday, this is the longest we ever left her, a little apprehensive. but very excited. after attending to her plan a route to palawan south of cebu to palawan via cagayan islands and maybe tubatha reefs.come check out the philipines

  4. Elaine says:

    Your keel is stuck in a mound of coffee grounds and local tourist guidebooks have pictures of your boat and it is used as a reference
    point for scenic places.

  5. …when your boat’s location has been noted on Google’s satellite view :)

  6. Seven Cs says:

    Lol! Love it!

  7. Paul Brooke says:

    That’s funny, but familiarity, comfort and security can combine to make a plausible siren song to stay. A lovely spot, can’t blame you for staying- looking forward to hearing more, though.

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