April 2nd

I’m trying something new today

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Boats and Gear,

sails 12m.JPGThese wonderful; photos of FRANKIE were taken by our pal Boomer Dep. He and his lovely daughter spent the day on a chase boat covering every angle of FRANKIE. Thanks Boomer. Thanks Boomer’s daughter.

sail me.jpg

sails at dock.jpgHere are some photos of FRANCIS LEE on her first sail. It was a wonderful day, with no rain and just a light breeze. Maybe we saw 8 knots of wind at one time. There was a race starting so we sort of tagged along without getting on anyone’s air. Frankie is very fast, well balanced and very close winded. As far as I can tell in less than 8 knots of wind anyway.

sails 9.JPG

sails 21.jpg

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3 Responses to “I’m trying something new today”

  1. Stan says:

    She looks like a big 210, especially with the elongated stern! How does she handle large seas? Does she lift to them or just submarine straight through?

  2. Bruce Kirby says:

    A real beauty Robert ! I hope you sell one to a member of our club so I can look at its while boozing on the patio.

  3. Beautiful boat! Makes me a touch homesick. Love seeing these pictures!

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