Sacto Bee Reports Delta-Damming Plan

12 Mar

March 12, 2014 Posted by KL

Sacramento Bee writer Matt Weiser reports that California is planning to dam a number of Delta sloughs to prevent, or slow, salt water incursion if the drought of 2014 persists—and I think we know, the drought will persist. The scheme promises positive outcomes for many, negative outcomes for a few, and, as Weiser notes, it heats up the paranoia (or maybe it’s not paranoia?) of those who fear it positions the state one step closer to shipping more water south, when the drought eases.

Recreational users of the Delta will note that one slough on the list for a rock dam (to be removed by November, officials say) is the popular short cut/scenic side trip off the San Joaquin known as False River.


Bound upriver from San Francisco Bay, turning into a transit of False River is my moment of exhaling deeply and feeling I’ve arrived . . .

Read Weiser’s story HERE

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