September 18th

The Question Department is Open

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In a few short weeks, we will reach our third anniversary aboard Papillon.  Not bad for a trip that was only supposed to be two years long.  And although I’ve baked enough cakes lately to last me until the end of time, I come from a birthday/anniversary/Groundhog Day-celebrating tribe.  What to do to mark the occasion?

Lightbulb!  What better way to say: Happy Anniversary Papillon! than to make you do all the heavy lifting?  So I am opening up a Q&A.  What is it you want to know, dear reader?  Are you curious about cruising?  How to get started?  What you need to know?  What you will figure out later?  How to deal with hearing impairment?  Vision impairment?  Seasickness-related mental impairment?  What bad advice have we ignored to our advantage?  What dumb things will we never do again?  Are there really pirates out there?
The only good pirates are birthday pirates.

Or maybe you are interested in the family angle.  Can four people really stay cooped up together for a thousand days without serious injury resulting?  How do you deal with picky eaters?  How do you find other nice families to hang out with?  How do you teach school?  Why are beads the most hated toy aboard?  Would you ever do this again, knowing what you know now?

Want to know what seasickness feels like?  I can tell you.

Even the rumor mill is up for grabs.  Were you really approached by a casting agent for a cruising reality show?  Why are you more afraid of seas snakes than of sharks?  Did your family really have 43 cavities between you on your last trip to the dentist?  Is it true that you are a pathetic sailor?

Sailing, life aboard, our trip – any and all (polite) questions will go in the grab bag.  So leave a comment with your burning questions below (the shy among you can feel free to email me at sailing dot papillon at gmail dot com instead), and let’s see what Sailing Papillon readers have on their minds.

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5 Responses to “The Question Department is Open”

  1. Amy Schaefer says:

    It is good to hear from you again, Nicolas! And I’ll be sure to cover our plans in a post.

  2. Nicolas Turcotte says:


    I had a similar question. I was curious on what is your current best guess on where Papillon will take you in the next 3 years.

    Always a pleasure to follow your adventures, thanks for your assiduité!


  3. Amy Schaefer says:

    Hi, Mike. Did my mom put you up to that? Just kidding. I’m adding your questions to the pot.

  4. Mike says:

    Hi Amy: Do you have a planned end to your cruise? When you get to a particular place? After a set number of years or when you (or the girls) get to be a particular age?


  5. Amy Schaefer says:

    I’ll be checking the comments here on SAILfeed as well as on my regular site, so if you have a question, don’t hesitate to leave it here.

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