Cheesiest Lines Spoken by America’s Cup Announcers

23 Sep

I can’t say I’d do any better at coming up with witty repartee on live TV, but there have been some real stinkers. I can’t tell who’s saying what, but the announcers have been Todd Harris, Ken Read, and Gary Jobson. I think Todd Harris uttered all three of these great pillars of sailing wisdom:

3. “Let’s not forget that just a few months ago seeing a boat foiling was like spotting Sasquatch.”

2. “So the lead is back up to 300 meters for the Americans! They rolled the dice and it came up Yahtzee!” (Note cheesy metaphor, grammatical error, and bad pun, all in one.)

And the all time cheesiest line of this America’s Cup (in my book):

1. “These guys have nine lives! No wonder they’re sailing catamarans!”

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