August 18th

LV FINALS RACE 1: Busted Board and MOBs

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Is this a harbinger of what’s to come? First race yesterday of the Louis Vuitton finals to determine who will challenge Oracle for the America’s Cup and the Italians are crippled straight off with a busted daggerboard. The Kiwis, meanwhile, stuff their bows, lose two guys overboard, yet still finish the race.

They get credit for the win… and I’m wondering: isn’t there a rule about having all your guys onboard at the end???

Guess not.

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  1. Mark Mongold says:

    The standard rules say overboard or swimming crew must be recovered before continuing to race. They changed the rules for this AC to say that if you loose guys overboard you can’t get them back on board. They also have a rule that each boat is required to have a saftey chaseboat, I guess that is to be sure somebody picks up the crew as they get thrown overboard!

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