Best Of The Louis Vuitton Cup

28 Aug

Okay, stay with me here, even if you think “Best Of” and “Louis Vuitton Cup” placed in close proximity is a laughable oxymoron. Because if you just watched these videos, you might think the LV Cup was pretty exciting. You would be wrong, but you could think it, and that’s at least in contrast to what you might think if you watched the races live, or in full replay.

Ah, it is always nice to see what good video editing can achieve.

Here’s best of the LV Cup Finals between Emirates Team New Zealand and Luna Rossa:

Two unfortunate quotes from the intro that don’t stand up so well in light of, well, reality:

1) Announcer: “The Kiwis already knows how to beat Luna Rossa after the Round Robins, but past results mean nothing.”

2) Chris Draper: “If we can lead them at Mark 1, then we are in with a chance.” Probably not, but it wouldn’t have hurt to execute the leading-at-Mark 1 part of the strategy in at least ONE race.

If spending 46 minutes on the above video is spending entirely too much time on an anti-climactic showdown (and it is), then perhaps this video is more suitable. It boils the highlights of the entire LV Cup down to just under two minutes. Sounds about right.


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