July 26th

In what has been described as one of the biggest, most complex rescue efforts ever undertaken on the Irish coast, two Irish Coastguard helicopters, three RNLI lifeboats, and a flotilla of various other craft saved all 30 crew and trainees, most of them teenagers, off the Dutch sail-training vessel Astrid after she went up on the rocks near Kinsale in County Cork on Wednesday. Astrid was driven ashore after her engine failed in a Force 6 southerly breeze.

Astrid, originally built as a freight logger in 1918, survived both world wars and a major fire in the 1970s. She sank within minutes, however, after being abandoned by her crew just a kilometer from the safety of Kinsale Harbor.

Astrid wreck aerial

Astrid wreck 1

Astrid wreck 2

Astrid skipper

Astrid‘s skipper, Pieter de Kam (center), comes ashore in Kinsale after the disaster

Apparently Astrid sank in the exact same spot as Falls of Garry, a British four-masted barque that went down in 1911. As with Astrid, all aboard were rescued, which I guess makes this a lucky spot to get wrecked.

Speaking of dead tall ships, you might want to also check out this excellent, very detailed interactive timeline, recently prepared by Mario Vittone, of all the events leading up to the loss of HMS Bounty in Hurricane Sandy last fall.

3 Responses to “TALL SHIP WRECKED: Sail Training Vessel Sinks on Irish Coast”

  1. That was a magnificent boat. Too bad it wasnt saved. But all hail to the rescuers who saved all the crew and trainees.

  2. Tehane Wilson Cooper says:

    Heartbroken!I lived aboard Astrid for the best part of a year and had the privilege of sailing her across the Atlantic and all the way up the Leeward and Windward Isles, as well as participating in the 1990 Tall Ships Race and the festival of sail. I was Bosun’s Mate and knew every inch of her and cannot believe that she is lost. I feel like I have lost a member of the family….I had visions of sailing with my children aboard her and am just mortified. I will be raising all the money I can to salvage her and get her back to enable others to learn how to sail and work in a team again. She will sail again! Long live Astrid….hip hip hooray xxx

  3. Don Dackins says:

    Interesting account and photos. Quite a coincidence with the 1911 sinking near Kinsale Harbor.

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