20 Jul

This is about it around here right now. Spending time luxuriating in the grass (Mexico often appears to be completely devoid of green grass), eating popsicles, and hanging out with good friends. Somehow, despite having only spent a grand total of a few months in Portland over the years this is where almost all of our friends are. Portland just seems to be a hub for wanderers and we are constantly meeting other travelers who’ve either taken a break here or are just passing through.

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We took the kids to the Central Library downtown again this morning. To mix it up we took the train—knowing that the kids would enjoy it. They did. It was a typical Portland sort of morning, dreary and drizzly, and the homeless were queueing up outside waiting for the doors to open. Once inside it seems they either ran to stake a claim to a particularly comfortable seat or to get into the public bathroom. If you ever need a jolt to show you just how good you’ve got it, 9:45 a.m. out front of the library should do the trick.

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