21 Jun

Ouest wore a polka-dot shirt today which prompted what has become my favorite word out of her mouth—poke-a-knot. Grandmas, next time you’re buying Ouest a dress, please look for poke-a-knots.

Went in to Guaymas this afternoon. Not much to say really. It’s a city. It’s got Home Depot, McDonald’s, and all the rest. All we did today was eat and grocery shop. These kids of mine are really ridiculous with the eating. I mean, they’re kids, they’re small, they shouldn’t eat ten dollars worth of fruit a day should they? When I was a kid I ate ten dollars worth of bologna a day—I doubt if I ate ten dollars worth of fruit in a year. Nowadays I eat like one banana. The kids? They eat two mangos, three kiwis, a pound of grapes, a banana, a melon, an apple, and maybe some pineapple. People ask us what the hardest thing about cruising with kids is. I’ll tell you—and it has nothing to do with sailing. Feeding them is the hardest part of cruising with kids.

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