November 25th

Podast: Carib1500 Sailors Frank & Patty Fabian

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Frank & Patty Fabian are the philosophical opposites of last week’s guests, Ted & Claudia Reshetiloff. But their story is no less inspiring. Where Ted & Claudia packed up their working lives, yanked their young kids out of school and set off for new lives in the Caribbean, Frank & Patty took a more deliberate route. Learning the ropes for 17 years on their Catalina 30, they taught themselves ocean sailing, worked hard and saved harder, and finally bought a Leopard 48 catamaran – for cash – to set off with the Caribbean 1500 rally and realize a nearly lifelong dream. 

Newly retired, the Fabian’s told me their story from the luxurious cabin of Sunsplash.…

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November 24th

STANLEY PARIS: Record-Breaking Non-Stop Solo Circumnavigation, Take Two

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Kiwi Spirit

Let the record reflect (no pun intended) that on November 9, just one day after I finally departed Bermuda aboard Lunacy, Dr. Stanley Paris left Fort Lauderdale on his second attempt to circle the globe non-stop aboard his fancy custom performance-cruising sled Kiwi Spirit. I’m not really sure how I feel about this. I mean, I think it’s great he’s trying again, but I’m not sure I’m interested in the voyage. What I am, frankly, is a little annoyed that Dr. Paris has never given us a coherent account of what went wrong on his last attempt. I don’t see how he can expect us to follow his exploits when he doesn’t bother to tell us what’s really going on.…

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November 24th

The View from Team Alvimedica

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Amory Ross is the media guy aboard Team Alvimedica in the Volvo Ocean Race, and Amory is drawing kudos for this shot of the proceedings.

I like the pic.

I knew him when.

During the 2007 America’s Cup in Valencia, Amory was a talented kid looking to get his nose in. When Ford had a media day at the local race track, we got our hands on a then-new Mondeo and quickly proved that it wasn’t the car we really wanted for playing on the track. But you take what you can get.

This is Amory at the wheel . .

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November 24th

By Kimball Livingston Posted November 24, 2014

Apparently, it’s easy to cast stones at the Golden Gate Yacht Club, sixth trustee of America’s Cup, as we confront the prospect of a 35th defense to be sailed (apparently) outside US waters.

What? Not in the Alcatraz Channel, the spectators’ grand arena? With the big winds, the mountains and the backgrounds that the cameras just love? Right under the windows of GGYC? What are they thinking?

I’m pretty sure they’re thinking


Remember, GGYC back in the day had finance problems and —

GGYC in its moment of distress glommed onto the only lifeline in the water.…

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November 23rd

At the Fishing Competition

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When I was eleven years old, a friend invited me up to her cottage one summer weekend. We had a great time – swimming in the lake, riding around in her dad´s motorboat, running around in the sunshine. And fishing. I´d never been fishing before, but I understood the basics: add worm to hook, drop in water, wait for bite then reel in. Pretty easy.

So my friend and I took our bait and our rods and plonked ourselves down at the end of the dock. The wooden boards were pleasantly warm beneath us. We dangled our feet over the edge, wormed up and threw in our lines.…

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November 21st

San Francisco’s America’s Cup, the Legacy

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By Kimball Livingston Posted November 21, 2014

There are forces afoot that, if the rumors (AC in Bermuda, 2017) are correct

And even if they’re wrong

Take to a new level

The old phrase, flag of convenience.


Not to name names.

And that picture doesn’t quite get it. Must keep searching.

And —

The triumph that the San Francisco America’s Cup competition became in its final few days never fully made up for years of high promises made along the cityfront, especially, but also to citizens’ groups citywide keen to pitch in, keen to build partnerships, keen to do the hard work to create the touted legacies sure to grow out of the the world’s greatest sailing event in the world’s greatest sailing venue.…

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November 21st

Strangers at Sea

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Video Feature: Two Men Cross the Atlantic, Sailing Together for the First Time

by Chris Museler

Chris Museler’s excellent documentary on the double-handed New York-Barcelona Race came out today on the New York Times. “You’re the first to get the link,” says Chris. What follows is the complete documentary that Chris filmed and helped produced. It was the first time someone had documented a double-handed race as such. Hear Chris talk about the experience on the podcast by clicking here. Thanks to the NY Times for letting us run this. Click here for the original piece.

Ryan Breymaier is hardly known outside the national sailing community.…

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November 21st

Podcast: Across the North Sea, Pt. 3

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This is Part 3 of Andy & Mia’s last big offshore passage on Arcturus from 2012, when they sailed direct to Sweden from Scotland. If you missed Parts 1 & 2, it was last  the last two Friday episodes, so you’ll want to hear these in order.

Thanks to the Blaggards for the music! Check them out at

Want to come ocean sailing with Andy? New passages for 2015 announced on a Shnnon 43 ketch, a Swan 57 and a trip to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia on Sojourner! Visit for details and to register.…

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November 20th

2014 SOUTHBOUND LUNACY: Goodness Gracious Great Mats of Weed!

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Wrongway sunrise

As I had expected, we encountered mostly headwinds after we finally left Bermuda bound for St. Maarten on the morning of Saturday, November 8. Even worse, early on in the passage, when our headwinds were most vigorous, we spent about a day and a half pounding our brains out sailing continuously in the wrong direction. The photo up top says it all. When voyaging south, you do NOT want to see your bow pointed at the sunrise with deep reefs in your mainsail. This never smells like progress and is very bad for crew morale. At first, as skipper, I felt rather virtuous, getting all my easting in early in the game, regardless of the pain, but then later I got nervous.…

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